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[Applause] [Applause] By going here We got rid of the Dead weight Josh Jones Is sleeping in he knows we're shooting The Rocky Mountain no Foundation course Which I potentially now I'm just playing And then Jeff he's sleeping in but we Got the legend Bob lagosa Travis from Maybe Oregon or Dalton maybe from Oregon And will is also going to help us film He's Australian I want to get him on Camera because I love his accent we're Gonna shoot him up boys bring you guys Along today day two tack hopefully he'll Pull out tonight I gave him a knife Where are you from halfway Halfway so Baker City Oregon yes Oregon Oregon Baker City 53 miles east of the Middle Travis and what was your Bodyguard's name it's my little brother Oh cool so you're filming yeah I'm gonna Try are you taking photos or filming oh They're kind of full all right good deal Let's get up did you guys sign waivers Yeah I did it yesterday no perfect Uh Travis stillaboo from Lakeview Oregon Worked for Lake County School District Archery hunting for 20 years or so no Just tell them to go hang out there and We'll take them if there's room in the Load they miss their time like we got a

Lot of people signed up hey guys it's Mike dudes how's it going Isis most Positive guy ever you'll never see him In a bad mood Rick Pierce buddy for a Long time elk killer extraordinaire all Right how'd you find archery I've been Doing it my whole life actually as soon As I could uh pull a little Walmart Youth bow my dad had one in my hands and I've loved it ever since so According to my parents the first Hunting season after I was born they had Me at Elk Camp so that's worthy of Autographs Get off the mountain he doesn't even Know what hot dog is yeah that's Terrible gosh Smoked it so is it that time of the Month is that where you're living In the Navy Okay took two Targets uh before we had a Casualty How are we feeling about tack hey at Least I got the first one out I think We'll see how well we do the rest of the Day you just tell Donald Dalton what Branch to hit and he'll get it for you Don't worry No foam but But I need Eastern Washington and I'll even Include the Dallas on the Eastern Oregon Side need us to combine into our own State but you know what I mean we gotta

Combine that yes and maybe even steal Some in North Idaho they're working on Trying to get part of Northern California Eastern Oregon part of Washington unfortunately California I'm Out Stroke guys 97.5 These were the hardest shots in the Beginning and then it kind of Smooths up My heart rate up so uh is it more Nerve-wracking waiting on the cameraman A little bit so I just went in there how Many are way out of shape so that Doesn't help much Any arrows down zero down so far number Five oh wait speaking of down there what We got there uh the Idaho twos from Crispy so far love them sexy time best Most comfortable boots I've ever worn That sun pokes through I can feel later A lot of different jobs one of them I Was a milkman And I drove around with the milk truck And you know delivered milk and this one Uh one day I pull up into the Neighborhood I go up to the door open up The box there and look at the menu that She wants 25 gallons of milk I'm like This is not right knock on the door and Say Mrs Johnson your menu says he want 25 gallons of milk she goes I know I Read in Vogue magazine if I take a milk Bath it'll just stop the aging process

I said that's pretty cool I said you Want that pasteurized she goes no just Put up to my tits I'll Splash into my Own eyes First bear I killed with my bow we were Actually coming out of the hills it was Getting late still within shooting light Happened to see him off Coming down the hill off the road so I Got out walked down the hill aways Caught him about 35 yard shot sounded Good barked real good we found him I was Too excited to leave him overnight much More peaceful any ideas why that might Be peaceful uh I'm enjoying today a lot more I don't Know I haven't figured out why yet it Just seems got a good vibe it's got a Good vibe I love the elk course it's my Favorite course But this is Oak shape I mean any Surprises these guys are awesome again We're undefeated hanging out with badass Subscribers kudos to all y'all you're Amazing of course Yeah He's got an arsenal of jokes yeah okay Okay I'm always busy good good yes Now he'll listen private places Focus on like date night with my wife we Go back we go e-bike riding yeah up in The mountains watch the sunset drink a Beer or two and then ride out of

Drinking and driving folks yeah that's All I can hear handsome Bryce you kill it Maybe Pops when I'm older He will I heard you had the clap so bad They called it Applause Well well how does your family feel the First time you got chlamydia from that Koala I didn't even know how to respond to That Which one is that You live here you gotta get a Muzzleloader because there's a thing Called the Montana Muzzleloader okay Oh That didn't sound so good You got internet where you live Nice that sounded good looks good it's a Will Dog [ __ ] that much Tell them how did you find that shape ah Bow nut Um I enjoy the tinkering and the playing Trying out new things getting better so How is Elk shape changed you as an Archer I didn't know all the say all the Fine tuning details and whatnot and I've Learned a lot about it on the channel Arrow weights sight positioning third Axis that type of thing finding what Works for you and stick with it and if That starts to fail you find something

Better I don't trust other people to do My own stuff so I'd prefer to do it Myself kind of person because I know I I'm very OCD in a sense in that way so I know if I set it up and something's wrong I can Blame myself and not somebody else but The course has been awesome the chatter No negative down puts real hard you know I mean it's been light and uplifting Which is nice to have this Rocky Mountain course has been awesome Um I'm doing some good elk hunting this Year got some great tags and wanted to Hit it to practice up for the The hopefully successful season that I Have what was it like when you got the Phone call from Dan I actually missed it Um I was at a benefit and couldn't Answer the phone with no service so I Listened to the voicemail it was awesome To hear the voicemail so how far did you Drive to get here 12 and a half hours and did you have a Pretty good time today it was great yep You know it's actually the camaraderie And you think these people are so Different than you and you come out and You shoot with them and it's just like Shooting with your buddies actually There's been jokes flying all day Meeting lots of new people from all over The country in the state it's been great So I know black gold

But I don't know what he's got going on Right here I'm going to want to ask him About this and then he's got some cheat Codes in writing down here that he Didn't think I was going to notice but The dude's doing something Um what the hell is going on here bud so This is a rangefinder and I've got it Set up for Elk this is the code to Change the pins for whatever you're Hunting that's who makes this I can't Remember who makes that and who turns You on to it um I was looking for a Cheap inexpensive Rangefinder for in the In the moment yup type yup it sticks to The side you the cool thing is whoever's Watching this video people will know They'll comment they'll tell everybody What it's about yeah but you got a Little cheat code down here for Different species yep so what is that You got it's set up for Elk right now Okay so you got an elk there's mule deer There's white tail I think that's all I Have on there so 50 yard hold 15. yeah So what does that mean so you count 15 Pins down from the top okay and that's Where your your your nugget goes over Here your this is the Tinker you're a Tinkerer that's why Alex Channel we like Tinkers we're not changing stuff to just Change stuff we're pursuing Perfection And we're honing our craft and we're Trying to show up fully prepared so that

We can stack that freezer and I think How many oak tags you got one and you've Never killed a bowl never killed a bull And you're gonna do it this year we're Hoping all right man yep friends thanks For watching Total Archer challenge love The challenge and the repetition in the Mountains and God's country and we love The people the community never have I Been disappointed shooting with the subs So yes we will do this again next year I Don't know where we want to give back to You thanks for watching look at that Last period of the weekend Eight years yep so legit does Eric get In the way of the shot no not yeah the Shot process now yeah give it a little And then you know [Music] [Applause] Where are you from I love Canadians what part of BC Cranbrook I was just driving through There not too long ago beautiful That's awesome is this your squad is That your brother What's his name Colleen Cohen who's Better They both say they're better Can you guys beat dad Smoke dad what are you headed oh Like her yeah good Mia Let's go man let's talk about Archery Country

Elk Foundation to make it the absolute Best course about Hunter I just don't Want to carry that thing on target bro You are professional I don't know the Target it's space capacity of the Trailer You know what I'll just do 25 elk minis I would I'm in but you are elk shaped so Yeah kind of nice and when I get a Little more loot I'm gonna sponsor it It's gonna be the old shape course Perfect Shoulders you help me out with the Shoulder workout brother I appreciate it You bet I started when I was 49 90. Yeah brother that's the best they've Ever felt oh this is his father this is The guy this is his deal thanks for Being here absolutely you won't ever Know he's very shy so I tell him that's Awesome oh you filming this is Caleb Perry Matthews this is my dude but he Decides to do Murph yeah Way out of shape don't try that at home Kids so what are we doing to get it Healed up all right Thank you man are you getting scraped or No manipulated Where are you from [Applause] You've never heard this I'm getting hard you guys sure I'm Getting drunk Now

White claw yeah Josh we're here to talk about your Drinking problem later It's all over you The leading expert on Cox talk about up Cox let's talk about Fletching up down Oh you like [ __ ] up you like [ __ ] down Really long ways right if you put your [ __ ] feather those dirty buggers like This and turn it straight down it'll Give you the most clearance over this so If you hit this your arrow is going to Fly crazy you can gain five to ten yards If you're shooting [ __ ] feather up by Shooting [ __ ] feather down and most Follow away Arrow rests will give you Full clearance no matter which way you Point it are you second against yourself Too if you had a receding Mohawk like Him How much roll we got still got a lot of Load on it Derailed Holes greatest Tech he's the best man You like watch YouTube at all YouTube uh Podium Archer and Elk shape Later Shape that's okay guys you've seen in All my videos see you guys on channel Two he's like I just didn't think you Were that short right I did thank you I still thought you were Talking yeah Mike's playing his whole life

I get it all the time too I'm like man I Thought you were going to be way bigger I'm like yeah sorry sorry to disappoint I make the camera guy shoot at a low Angle so I look okay last year was the First year that Dan got to ride the ride I know and when you try to let it Forward it's on YouTube The tourniquet don't worry okay Straight we're gonna go ahead and Straighten your peep for you while we're Here Yep a little rotate the string it'll Rotate a little twist twist so you're Gonna do one of these one of those it's A very dangerous tool Strongly encourage people to use this as A last resort only which is where we are Officially have put your blood Allen out For that now I can look at your cams and Make sure they're not bent so you don't Derail it as soon as you drop back And you're going to tighten that cord Because that stretched out because your Limb moved in fact it looks good yeah It's okay I just need to tighten it That's fine Um yeah so if you're a vertically Challenged which I'm obviously not uh at 67.1 yards with a 15 degree slope and we Have a slight thermal going uphill and I'm going to not worry about any of that Bury the pan let her eat oh my God is That you

Come on When you go up to the top it'll stop and It'll spin because the teeth underneath Here I can show it to you Down here now look at the top You pulled the teeth out of it right Yeah that's not great yeah so when you Go up and then try to move it up really Hard or when you lock it in place and Try to move it pulling the teeth out so You when you need to go up you can go All the way up but you're only going to Get it to go down by pushing it a little Bit and then it'll bite so you can still Use it yeah and if you send it back to Black Gold they'll repair it for you we Probably get three or four a year where Somebody just did that if you put a box Send it back and you're good and now YouTube will even know about your Mystery are you recording that fixing All this stuff your [ __ ] sucks Find out if my site's messed up or not Because it just I just can't believe That that guy if I'm out of you know who You were because you're such a big deal I mean God I can't believe that Just to make sure that's happening here Hey can you get more Aussie sound bites Hey do you want to narrate this Josh's Shot like the Aussie guy Yeah Aaron just sent me that can you Handle it oh I did it moved my wrists oh

Okay now Josh yeah it's happening at every Tournament crikey look at that Burger She's spinning oh look look at that Right Yes hold on Work I had some SeaWorld It's okay it's not bad because it's in Australia can you respect my wife please We did preface if this was okay we asked Yeah I will I need you come on all right I'm gonna shoot this useless Come on hey get out of the way Josh did You get a little integrate get out of The way hey please don't touch it does It say Podium Archer on the back you Want me to move I'm sorry what happened I said it fell on my wrist see my wrist Moving It fell on the rest when the antlers Fell off the deer knocked my bow over And some rest that just sounds like an Excuse to me Josh you want me to drop my Bones I'll shoot it right now yeah are you Sure you wanna get closer nope I'm sure Okay but if I if I miss by a lot then um Unbolting it off my bow and bolt it back On in a minute okay but has anybody got A Sharpie anybody yeah I carry one Around for autographs Johnny watch and tell me where this is Josh Jones can I have your autograph You're such a big deal

It looked a little high are we good a Little bit no one are you going to Completely miss it all together with Those four van arrows man Very much There you go there you go You think yes okay Better eat what are you shooting I have no Of the release release There you go what else If you can get your new bow but that was My birthday which was like on June 14th You're just not ready at all good shot Here okay everybody's shot great we're All in the vital team I read in Vogue not here why are you so Tired Josh Valley Yeah we've got the Aussie Oh guys day two attack run into this Guys Joe with BP born primitive on the Outdoor side of things you're the Director of operation that's right you Wear mini hats yeah you guys are tapping Into the hunting Vibe a lot of guys have Heard of born primitive you've got the Workout side of stuff training what are You excited about on the like the Outdoor side of things yeah I think with The athletic side of things like we've Come we're coming from that performance Side so I think that gives us a little Bit of edge for fit and functionality

When we're out and then we have a big Military presence and background so that You know being in the field and then Partnering with Aaron and putting you Know bringing all that together I think Is giving us just a touch of an edge Um and then we're sticking with solids You know we're not going to go into the Camera we're going to stick in the Solids game Um but we're bringing some new products This year we had a really good year last Year which is really our first year that Was kind of your beginning yeah that was Really our beginning solids no camo What's your rebuttal to those that like Think they need camouflage clothing for Honey cut a lot of stuff without camo I Think a lot of people kill a lot of Stuff I kind of like wearing cool Hunting gear that does have camo when I'm on a date well I think that's the Thing it's cross-functional it's Multi-purpose if you're gonna buy you Know a 200 pair of pants why should they Just sit until you're hunting like let's You know take it on date night go to Work do whatever you got to do do you Have a flower tattoo All right job let's talk Mfjj let's talk lubrication So most people don't know this or don't Pay attention to it it's very common When you're shooting in a 3D shoot to

Put air Lube on your arrow and inside of 50 yards that really doesn't matter That's not a big deal but if you're Shooting from you know 50 to 130 like Some of these tack events that's Actually adding weight to your arrow so If you are going to use it past those Distances you better make sure when you Slide it in your bow that you actually Lubed your arrows every time because It'll add weight and make you hit lower Food For Thought What are you doing boom I'm inventing a New clip onto your bow so you can just Sit there [Applause] [Music] My face [Music] [Music] This is true He's a lot he's a lot taller in person [Music] Small deal instead of a big deal That was good [Music]

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