Welcome to our annual TAC Big Sky Series where we bring our subscribers along to shoot the course with us! Everything is better with archery!
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Welcome to the total archery challenge 2023 YouTube series this is where we Bring our subscribers along to hang out Shoot bows tell jokes and have a good Time and of course film the whole thing So you guys can maybe learn something Definitely entertain you and make you Feel like you're part of our crew we're Down to earth normal guys who have an Extraordinary passion for archery elk Hunting and archery in general our cast And crew has changed a little but we Still know how to have a good time and Want to bring you guys along hopefully You'll learn something hopefully you're Entertained and hopefully you have as Much fun as we do here we go we have Bob Lagassa Legendary Legendary in my own Mind in my mind in my heart Jeff Bynum These are my Idaho Brethren mfjj what's Up 44 years old with the mohawk Probably gonna whip our ass today and Then we're gonna meet the subscribe Justin and Jesse so let's go meet Justin And Jesse it's early and I think we Might avoid the thunder showers maybe Knock on wood let's go [Applause] Justin from Missoula yep nice to meet You Josh hey Jessica So what time did you leave your house 1am That sucks yeah I don't it's about the Time we went to bed I think so a couple

Cups of coffee you're good though yeah I'm sure you had a few so good oh my God You got three three dude I had one and I Was like I need four right now I went Last year I put a Bob's truck archery [Laughter] You just walk a shame off the mountain You don't say anything no if we see you We're like okay he's done let's film our Total Archer challenge uh employee here I'll be doing everyone uh Connor Brockhouse and I'm uh the shuttle driver This morning what's up I'm from Western South Dakota Yeah buddy that chick actually is off uh Yellowstone right there yeah yeah which One was that that's a great show she's The one who uh Um Is like together with Jamie like when They're uh She's like Oh wow I forget her name she's that lawyer yeah Yeah right on are you staying in the Hotel here yeah I stayed in the Huntley Right here yeah I'll tell you a little Story about my uh trip here this winter At the Huntley so I came out here in uh March and I got here a day early before My friends and I went down to the bar And I'm hanging out down there and it's Probably around eight o'clock

Hi Sean that's Sean get him on camera This is the reason right here You're my hero I'm the reason well that you asked if You could come yeah that's true Hey guys have fun look at that back to Book all right so I'm down there in the Lobby uh not in the lobby but I'm Sitting at the bar and I'm just up there Kind of having some appetizers and Having a cocktail and this lady she's About mine she's like 16 or something Comes and sits down next to us My buddy leaves and I'm sitting there With her and I'm telling her jokes and Then she looks at me and she goes uh Your thought about a mother-daughter Thing And I'm like are you sure I'm like yeah I've thought about it just as well If you're interested Follow me so we get in the elevator go Upstairs she opens up the door and she Goes hey Mom So we're gonna go shoot attack Decided to go bear hunting and I was Pretty rough on my bow he's been on my Back hiking riding a dirt bike maybe Crashing Foreign Boys yeah that's pretty significant Point left I thought that phone was like well you Put on the back of a dirt bike and go

Bear hunting for weeks that's enough You'd probably move your top hat she Wouldn't move your wrist and that's a Lot oh you want me to return your bow Before we go yeah So if you like I need to move my cam to The left correct yeah hold on Yeah I think you're right if you have to Do that how could I ever be good at this I get backwards in my head uh that's no Point left should be the ups I don't Guys welcome to Tech we're doing some Effrey Josh's uh Basically whatever I do he's just coming Fixed we got Jeff Bynum shooting with us That's scary we got Bob Lucas Bob lagasa Is he gonna wear the uh Borat suit I Hope so and Josh brought us we're gonna Start drinking like on the mountain or Wait till we get off and then Keith Behind the camera All right so I'm just gonna get this bow Tuned real quick and then uh we'll slide In at the mountain today So see it got worse so if your points Left you need to take a lean out of the Cam if your Point's right you need to Put lean into the camp that's crazy Crazy dude I've never I've never hung With bombs oh you never home with Bob no I mean I know Bob like if he starts Drinking that's where he gets dangerous Like unpredictable Phelps thing he did Where he's wearing the Borat suit with

The mullet and Googling in the mountains I want to say I probably saw an image of It I never saw a video like how did that Not go viral It's an old ski bomb yeah yeah he's an Old speedboat wearing I don't know About that Give me your tears just here I take them From you oh look at that you're that way Now well at least we did determine which Way you're supposed to move it right We're at work this is a lovely way to Start my vacation you're working right Now this This intent oh I just gotta tweak this No no this hadn't happened like this if You would have just met at my house this Is true actually you'd be doing this in My shop You want me to not swear I mean I can I Want you to keep it like I I did have Young children at one point and if you Think I talked like that you're foolish Just get it good You better you better have a lot of tips There's the thumbnail oh I got a tip for You I thought you're on vacation that's so Funny I know I'm not on vacation I'm Bringing product and so for God's sakes Unless we're shooting shots under 50. Josh is a little sniper from long Distance so and I need him hungover but

Also I need to be hungover but then I Still didn't know yeah you said you Weren't gonna drink I'm not drinking You're not drinking still I haven't Tried that again he's like then don't Come Okay how is it is it been this year yeah It's been this year yeah Should we have a should we have a poll On your Instagram right now it says Hey Will everybody exempt Dan from his I Don't drink for a year for just this Weekend yeah even my wife would vote Please drink yeah If I shoot like I did day two next year This ain't gonna be good people want to Wear Jake he is a welder he is doing Grown-up stuff so he's not able to go This weekend he's not filming for me Anymore because he needs to be a Grown-up Jake made grown-up decisions I Get it I mean it is fun just to make YouTube videos but at the end of the day One of his daughters is going into High School my my older daughter just Graduated from Eastern double Masters I Have a daughter in high school too a Young father Okay the rest is with your rest Cameraman Keith here guest cameraman for The weekend for Elk shape here to try to Give you the best coverage I can and Really capture what the weekend's like I was blessed enough to be able to come

Last year and it was so epic looking Forward to this year because they're Always Did you get that I did oh no no no Don't put that on there when you live Somewhere that's like oh say 2 000 foot In elevation you come to somewhere That's like 8 000 plus elevation You're gonna hit High there's no way Around it there's less gravity at this Elevation than there is down there it Changes where you hit there's a couple Ways to cheat that one you can try to Recite your whole bow you can sneak out On a part of the attack course that You're not supposed to be on that nobody Knows you're on Or an easy trick is just back your Pounders down a little bit it'll drop Your velocity your stuff will drop right Back in and you should be close so if You stood here and we're hitting like This High lower your poundage until You're hitting in the middle and you Should be fine Thank you My name is gravity uh what else is here Oh the humidity relative humidity yeah All that yeah yeah no you're getting all The hot and you'll be frustrated Foreign 99 and a half yards and you hit It Should be your first time

So what's happening over here Bob making Uh since this Jagermeister I just picked It up at the same time it's got to be Cold so I got a little ice in here Pouring it in the shots and kind of Making uh making a mess here this is Called a what we're going to be doing is Called a shot ski and it's uh My buddy makes these skis that uh have These little bindings on it that have Shop markers that's one shot which would Be a green like a beginner slope right There the blue which is intermediate is Two and then you've got your double Black diamond up here which is three Shots and up here to the top is Extreme The soulless all right the way this goes Is from tallest to smallest yeah Ah yeah it tastes so good when it first Hits your lips right I could get used to that this is a Custom-made challenge that's pretty Awesome my buddy yeah makes these and uh Put pictures on here and then a couple Of my favorite ones here on the bottom Oh that's so good Could very well be at this condo dork is The gallatins this moose is this beef What is this uh oh Elsa elk lasagna Compliments of the shaft you guys ready Yeah [Applause] One of them was [Applause]

Are you Pastor I am I'm a pastor of a Church in Hamilton I wanted to tell you That we love Jesus but we have uh Excessive swearing you know what I've Been around a few swear words so I'm Gonna apologize to advance Especially for Josh Jones you're okay I Have to beep him out more than anyone Let's do a prayer can you open this up Yeah that'd be great awesome yeah father God we come to you in Jesus name we're Just so grateful for the opportunity to Be out here in the woods be up here on The mountain Lord this is your country We're so grateful for creation Everything that you made Lord and we Just pray uh I had your protection over All of us today Lord that we just walk In your grace in your favor Lord May our Shots fly true and uh and Lord bless uh Dan and uh everything that he's done for The outdoors uh industry and um Lord Would just bless this day in Jesus name And everyone said amen amen amen all Right Oh Foreign What's foam it's foam nothing Let's foam a blank keep walking I mean Phones are five Nice beautiful good job realize I was Spending my life at my desk and so it's Time to move the family out to Montana And you got young kids so you know

Better place to raise them get to do a Lot more hunting a lot more fishing and Yeah so that's that's freaking awesome Where I came from way to make a call for Your family nice Outfit in your housing with you I got into archery because my dad was an Archery Outfitter uh for about 18 to 20 Years in the Missouri River breaks so I Grew up in the elk woods and um I've Loved every minute of it had my fair Share of uh opportunities to take shots And Miss shots yeah I love it from a Very young age I've been addicted to Archery and haven't really wanted to do Anything else and um yeah this is quite The adventure coming out to tack for the First time and uh shooting with his crew And and these guys Um couldn't ask for more Foreign I'm at my wife at Cowboy Church and we Started a church in Hamilton Montana in 2013 called the place and uh we've been There ever since I was listening to a podcast from Dan uh On the elk nut he had the elk nut on and That got me pretty stoked about Communication and so I've always loved Dan's passion with uh just Fitness and Being in shape and DIY over-the-counter Hunter and so and so uh yeah climbed Climbed a pretty steep Mountain to get Into some back country that I'd never

Been and if it wasn't for physical Fitness and listening to the elk nut With Dan um I wouldn't have killed this Bull and so pressed in push the limits And realized that I could do more than I Than I could in the past Like in here Right before Dan gave me a call realized I was a little bit out of shape but uh I Was like I really got to get in shape For this and so started my true journey I was in the Marines used to run a lot Tried to run last year and uh so I got Out five years ago or no 10 years ago And I could only run I couldn't run them All so just the other day I ran 5K I'm Down 30 pounds 35 pounds prepping for This just because I can't be huffing Above and mix it down 47. yeah Oh Oh it's going there it's time for oh Enjoy that shot fence John is that right Yeah Yeah I think it looks like a rock it's a Yeah Yeah have you met this guy no Josh John Nice to meet you this is bark daddy he's The dude You look familiar but you're working I Got a YouTube channel right now I got a YouTube channel there's a few a few Videos out there What's that One two three nice one two three nice

Work guys Bravo dry fire I I drive fired My bow Um listen to everything going on all the Excitement These guys you know giving Pro tips and Stuff I need to listen into that and uh Forgot one step so your Hill looks like This yeah yeah you are going to shoot Right in this scenario if you don't lean Into them you didn't have an arrow I Literally It's happened every year it's happened Ever this is why we don't have Conversations while someone's shooting But just step off let somebody else Shoot I'll look at it Okay Oh my gosh so best case scenario [ __ ] Fletch down that's about as low as you Can go and over here that's like What is that on your tape 85 87 so in a Situation like this and all the terrain That we're on the hill is coming down Like this like really steep so if you're Standing pointing this way you are going To shoot to the right if you don't lean In deliberately past what your bubble Says into the hill because as you sit There and pull It's gonna come back if you stood here With your eyes shut just drew back You'd be canted like this so remember When you're standing on a side Hill like This everything about your bow is going

To want to do this you got to push it Into the hill more than you think it Feels awkward but we'll get you hitting In the middle Mohawk gleaming in the sun Wow That's five points baby I'm taking those Five all day So uh it's been a little while since uh The incident we won't speak of How have we recovered how are we feeling Now Um The bow is shooting fine Can we leave it at that no it's it's Cool these are these are really hard Shots like I I expect it to be difficult I had no idea I mean This is marsupial gear um in my opinion The best spinal harness on the market Um I got my Rangefinder here on this Side just an extra pouch it holds my Um my havelon knife and my it's been Reach I got my calls in front cell phone Pouch in the in the front or closest to Your chest and super easy access the Magnets I I hear Dan mention uh the Magnets a lot and I I would have to Agree magnets are totally legit and um Keeps your keeps your glass clean the Laponia twos GTX and they fit like a Slipper lightest boot I've ever owned Crispy all the way I do all my right 91. That would look so crazy

It was that one with the black panther Building a house [Laughter] We've been trying to like not let you Guys catch up to us is it and we suck Dude Are you guys just shoot shoot and go go Just skip targets so we could catch you Yeah you know what I listened to your Podcast with Dan Evans the best elk Hunter I know because he is I got a lot Out of it but yeah I really I've been Moving it for a couple years to try this You know he's so laid back that's why He's so good yeah He doesn't he's so all the guys that are Good are just not just chill there's Very little Eagles yeah Thank you Made a life for himself all on his own Yeah the trades super humble it's a Phenomenal Archer talking about it the Other day Yeah like mild yeah it's cool where I'm At it's cool you're not too far from Canada and give me some stuff yeah so Seriously shooting my arrow over there Yeah 433 what's your what's your grains on Your hair She's shooting your arrow and she's Shooting it better than you shot I mean How's that feel I don't know about that No I mean we saw it she's definitely out

Shooting you with your own Arrow you're Spreading rumors but no yeah you know She found my arrow there's a few out There I didn't have the heart to tell Her that entire arrow is worth about 80 Bucks when you do all the math but you Know what Better hurt but you know what I did I Had her sign my arrow somewhere in front Of it oh there we go it's Steven's wife I think Steve Drake's wife I forgot her First name her phone number on there hey [Laughter] Face down Oh [ __ ] I was setting down [Laughter] If I didn't love you Yeah halfway try I gave you a little Dose I always felt like a lot but I tell You these the elevation here is no joke Oh yeah I'll wipe you right out I need To spend some more time at elevation the Chief XP with me to this for a very Specific reason whenever you change Elevations drastically or that sort of Thing your side tape is going to be Different no matter what it's kind of Hard to reprint one so I wanted Something that I could use a program for To adjust it instead of an actual Printing tape Now Grant if you brought a Computer and a printer and Archer's Advantage and all that and want to Change your tape and that's there you

Could but you never know how far off It's going to be I'm about two to three Yards hot at 100 yards from what I was At home Dan's at least four probably and Because I have it on my phone against my Ballistic tape right here I can change the numbers in here and Then use those marks just like I would Like I cited it in at home so that's why I use that and you can hunt with it I Mean it's it's a single pin ten Thousandths green pen No lenses none of That it's just you have the ability to Change your marks and your phone from Anywhere so that's why I use that and Anybody who shoots Target and travels Uses that no but they're not they don't Have a tape on the side of their belt They have that Cruiser on these long Shots Well it almost the hardest part of Shooting a long shot I mean granted your Bubbles really critical your exact Yardages are critical your exact drops Are critical elevation changes are Critical but the number one thing that's Hard is staying in your peep there's any Drawback you can get it squared up you Can get it anchored up line it repeat Line up your housing everything looks Great and then you come down and find Your target and start pointing and Pulling on it you're drifting out of it Because that's not the normal position

For your peep to be in that's not your Normal way you anchor or point so you Have to force yourself into that Position and your head wants to go back To where it was because you're so Subconsciously used to it being like That you have to really really focus a Ton on your peep and front housing at Distance it's like it's the biggest Thing that you'll get variants on okay Look at that shot Josh it's a shame you Got in the way of it so it's not on film Thank you Keith okay we did it total Arts challenge day one these are the Subs they did not disappoint great dudes Justin and Jesse that's cool uh shot uh The second course today 25 targets we Hit some foam oh man it was great I Don't think we hit a lot of elevens Unless your name was Josh Jones he did Really well today but we got day two Tomorrow I think I'm gonna shoot uh Maybe an elk course this afternoon we do Have weather coming in guys but just Getting to know them is an honor it's a Privilege never have I ever had a bad Experience with Subs you guys are the Best we thank you and stick around Because tomorrow is day two it'll be Just as fun how was your day The day was awesome Um I I couldn't be more pleased about it In all reality uh this first time ever Shooting 3D

Um in my life and it's always been a Dream to come to Big Sky and uh put the Cherry on top of the cake uh with Dan Stayton and milkshake uh couldn't ask For more met some incredible people Today uh shot with some incredible guys Made me laugh throughout the day and we Definitely hit some foam I will be back I'm gonna bring a crew next year and um Really really uh tune it into really Something special so I can't wait for More um honestly this changed my life And uh couldn't be more blessed from it So thank you guys that was freaking Awesome let me tell you Um expectations far exceeded yeah Awesome group out here it was just so Much fun to be able to shoot stretch my Abilities very very humbling so that was Cool lost some arrows uh hit some foam Made a few mistakes Drive fire I don't Remember any of the mistakes so I Recovered quickly from that though um It's yeah it's the good shots you know Freaking it was it was exhausting it was Awesome uh lifetime memory so thank you Thank you elk shape thank you Dan for Just coming out here making this happen Thanks crispy for these freaking boots Are you done do I need to get away oh You got the boots oh [Applause] In your wallet I don't like this at all

[Applause] Thank you I love Canadians we were just up in Alberta a couple weeks ago you did yeah It's kind of beautiful up there but I Love your guys's products I would love To see Alberta in BC y'all says on the Record become part of the states if you If you want it cool but not in Quebec We agree with that yeah yeah she'd like Eat for a second and then go try to get To the beaver the oily Beaver that keeps Them there what is the is it that's Crazy Bland or something they just love Beaver State we all love pizza steak I'm out we've got a gutter lightning Adversity I'm wet I'm cold and I don't Want to quit my hand my handheld's wet Cameraman hates me I love baby [Applause] Felt good find it up there that's where We turned off and my dad outfitted that Sick people I really Nailed it right yeah Nice [Applause] Smoked it yeah right get that just Stroked 11's all day Give me a little tuggy I'm b-rolling I'm sure Dan has just shot the best shot Of his life that was pretty sexy shot

Will Jesse step up to play what an Incredible day one we had beautiful Weather we had crazy weather we all hit Some foam Jesse and Justin you're out of This world amazing human thanks for Subscribing to our Channel and joining Us guys archery Community is incredible You've changed my life and made it for The better so thank you we're on the Road to 100K Subs if you enjoy our Content please smash the Subscribe Button it really helps and I can't wait To show you all the fun we have on day Two we'll catch you on the next one [Music]

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