TEACH me HOW to TUNE with AAE EP 1

TEACH me HOW to TUNE with AAE EP 1 with Nick Fisher owner of the World’s Largest Vane Manufacturer – This 3 part series dives deep into the art of bow tuning – we’re talking nock tuning, bare shaft tuning, and torque tuning. #elkshape #archery #abt

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You're shooting the almonds you bring The omen yes sir something's messed up With your bow you shoot a bear shaft at 20. at full draw it's very deep in my Hand now what I like about being on the Middle finger for us coming from the Target World it starts with pork tin I Do have the integrate I've never ran it Fresh blood but somebody who actually Competes absolutely and owns an archery Company for us coming from the Target World it starts with pork tin and that Takes that option completely away the Picatinny rail mounts on the front of The Riser takes that away you know the Bridge lock system at least on a Matthews yet you know that leaves the Site more adjustable but for me first Step particularly you know it comes from The Target World so much but tort tuning To me is more important to a bow hunter You're a fixed blade guy yeah you're Never in a perfect shooting position Never never the Bose not torque tune and You're taking a funky wonky shot first Thing that butthead's doing is trying to Get the air off off plane I got snacks got a meat stick from fatty I think then thank you choco drink well He said something that was nuts you said You always bring a bear shaft you think Something's messed up with your bow you Shoot a bear shaft at 20. once you're Done tuning in you're happy going

Through all the tune process you know Whether you're doing some form of walk Back line tuning in the end whatever When you're done with everything go back And shoot your bear shaft at 20 as a Reference that way you always know and Maybe that's all you do is you walk into Camp and you shoot two arrows of 20 one Fletched one one bear shaft and the bear Shafts where you where it should be Generally for me right helical I'm gonna Want the bare shaft I if the bow is Perfect somewhere around seven to seven Thirty half to three quarters of an inch Let's see it I'm excited I mean you Gotta shoot your bear shaft now I Haven't even shot it I don't even know All right and you're an index guy with The middle finger correct let's see that This is an old Carter rx2 um they don't Even make any more I probably have the Last four or five of them what I prefer About it is the hook is on the outside I've trained them the last 15 years with Some form of the Carter Revolution which Tension activated just pull through Handheld I now use a Silverback um Because it it fits my hand right nicely And the hook opens on the outside so Impact point doesn't change a whole lot Um you can see I keep it very short so At full draw it's very deep in my hand I'm not out here on the tips of my Fingers now what I like about being on

The middle finger is ergonomically it's Way better you're not turning your hand To the outside you're not applying Torque here trying to get your finger to The trick I essentially I'm shooting This like a handheld or like a attention Style really so guys he just landed just Bought a couple turkey tags and I make Him like get on camera right when he Walks the door here's what we're gonna Do let's go shoot because you live at Five thousand feet and we're down to two Thousand feet let's see how hot you are Here you're shooting The Omen did you Bring the omen yes sir if you out shoot Me so bad like the worst he's gonna Offshoot me but the worst I've been Flying all day and I haven't eaten I Doubt it the more you shoot better than Me the harder I'm gonna make the workout That's gonna be the deal Why aren't you using Pro comps four mil Guy I really like the Pro Comp but I think This is an overall better Arrow I've Shot Pro comps for four years oh okay You have history with them yeah I'm Tired of them broke a bunch of them I Had I broke one VAP and that was a bear Rolled over on it so a Broadhead a fixed Broadhead isn't as good of a test as a Bear shaft no okay no because if you're Running a forgiving Broadhead a nothing It's still going to cover it'll overcome

That yeah okay dang all right so I'm Gonna do that like I'm gonna travel with A bear shaft yeah and you just Electrical tape until it weighs the same Exactly the same electrical tape duct Tape whatever some guys cut like a Little bit of their vein off yeah or I I Just like tape because it's gonna at Least get it as close to the diameter of The shot this is the hide and then the Jekyll is the fixed correct and it's the Same feral correct you can go back and Forth yeah there's a Jekyll right here What was this called before or is this a Grave digger Grave Digger and you guys Bought the design or no so what it so Dale Perry is the owner of evolution Outdoors he was the creator of Dick Gravedigger And uh came to us in 2010 or 12. and There's more blood on that I've been Chewing a lot of stuff lately I haven't I haven't killed another since December Yeah and those will shoot in the same Hole together so you can't find Gravedigger anymore they're still around But they're they're junk now I mean so He sold it yeah he sold it in 2015 2016 Something like that and that Manufacturing not to talk smack but it's Overseas it went back to China okay yep And then he had a three-year non-compete Came back to us we made some changes Some improvements and launched Evolution

It's not just that I make the product I Will I won't shoot another head hmm the Performance the last 10 animals I've Shot combined have gone less than 100 Yards and 60 that was an axis yeah and That getting that's like confident Speaking which is always cool like don't Trust people's opinions that don't have Blood on their hands think about what I Just said there everyone's got a YouTube Channel everyone's got opinions I only Trust people who are vetted and have Blood on their hands what do you got on The hair so these are the valkyrie Version so okay if you never if you've Never seen Valkyrie so we actually make We make the colors and the points for The brown points for Brent oh yes you're Familiar with how they the thread system And Brent's patented thread system a Little o-ring in there too yep O-rings All the way on the bottom oh my gosh so This is a 180 grain version so wait a Second does this how did you get this Into your Broadhead I I made some for For fun and then I sent them to Dale Into Brent and said hey you two need to Uh figure it out you you need to so These are available guys I did not know That yeah so I finally just got my hands On Valkyrie and I'm like really Impressed it's very very impressive this System is the best system for a four Millimeter Arrow that's ever been made

Is up here at the back of the ferrule This allows your collar to come all the Way down so you don't have all the 832 And everything sticking out the end of The shaft yeah which makes it really Weak everything's down inside inside so The back of the shaft's like a quarter Of an inch from the end of the collar I Gotta get a close-up of this from my Friends here on YouTube this is you can Tell a Target guy and I went and forgot My because it's all set up for reading So I don't know if that's all in yeah View but you can see there's only about A quarter inch of thread there and then The back of the shafts all the way up Here right over yeah so a this keeps the Strength Improvement is exponential Aligning your spine I don't worry about Broadhead alignment I don't mess with Any of that I've never that's accurate I Don't know how accurate it is but I've Definitely noticed a massive Improvement If they're all in the same spot for me The best performance has been having it Pointing down really yeah see I'm not a Good enough Archer to know that kind of Stuff but I would be willing to try that Yeah I mean I'm not great but to sit out There and you have your good days and When you're shooting really good arrows And you start seeing your groups get Smaller by making changes you know yeah So the spine alignment that I've tested

On the ram tester I'd say don't quote me Like don't don't hold me to the fire on This but about seven to eight out of Every ten matches up and then sometimes The stiffest part is a little over or a Little over but it's not far off it's Never like completely opposite I and I Think think the biggest thing that would Be bad is if it was off 90 degrees Yeah It's not no it's not and victory bought Six Ram spine testers from the guy who Made it yeah he was just here at my House two days ago showing me his Invention that he invented 20 years ago I was impressed I'll have to mess with It a little bit but okay last but not Least what's up with this dude so I know I've sent you some bits knobs yes the Orange one is a four five six foot okay I thought it was kind of gimmicky I'll Be honest the guy said hey we want to You know we've all messed with six Fletch and we've all done that but let's Just do a four five six for fun and I Was I've always been a three max stealth Guy and you'll see half my arrows are This and half our three Max stealths and And I love Max South man oh yeah I am Too so what happened though is I went I Started running some numbers now these Are the max 23s this is actually a Thinner Max Extrusion it's meant for the Target World okay and anybody who shoots It loves it yeah five of these weigh

Three grains less than three max Stealths now you get a little increase In Drag from more leading edges sure but You get way less Wind Drift they shoot In the same hole to 120 yards until the Wind blows and then this outperforms it Damn you dude you're messing up Everything I thought and then you're to The right here yeah I'm that's my bows All I run first string Magnums and they All walk through the road yeah I thought Clocking isn't important I think it's Extremely important did you hear that It's just never watched it in high speed Video yeah that an arrow for the first 10 to 12 15 yards depending on how the Setup the arrows won't go on the wrong Way then it Knuckles and has to turn the Other way so what's your FOC running Five veins in the back uh 17.2 percent So you got 180 plus 20 200 up front and You're still over 16 you're 17. and You're running five veins and you got What's pretty good offset yep two Degrees wow we're going to do for Strength we're gonna be like we'll call This like a strength and a power a PC Which is just get the bar from the Ground to your shoulder and then we're Going to squat it we'll do double squat So we'll go plus two FS front squat Power clean it up front squat it front Squat it Then we'll call shoulder to overhead I'm

Just gonna call it a PJ which is a push Shirt we're just going to get the bar Overhead and we'll finish with a hang Squat clean watch it make you break it Break it [Music] Foreign [Music] Lunges we'll go reverse hyper it just Takes your spine spaces it out Hamstrings butt lower back so love that And then we'll do the ghd raises [Music] [Applause] [Music] This is where you are going to do what You thought you were going to do okay we Are going to run 400 meters and I don't Like running by the way and then we're Going to do a 500 meter row and then Whatever remaining times left in that Six minute Windows you're going to do Max front squats and we're gonna do them Like like 95. So it's just going to be cardio with a Barbell Foreign [Music] Oh my first round I got like 25 I was a Beast and then that second round we got Two minutes rest we did the exact same Thing 450 meter run 500 meter row you Got to do some front squats on that Round

Um how many front squats did you get Just five and did they feel ridiculous Yeah yeah just to breathe just breathing The What's your new machine over there it's A reverse hyper reverse hyper yeah that Got my hamstrings awesome smoked so Everything after that was effort it is a Way for me to get as much work as John In a short amount of time and you're Never going to see me on elliptical Machine just like or walking slow I'll Save that for rocks but I like doing a Little blur between strength and cardio For conditioning yeah for me that was Killer cool absolutely that last part That we just did yeah I always have a Conditioning piece I feel like it's lend Itself to having kind of Limitless Fitness in the mountains oh yeah that Little bursty speed you might need to Cut off a bull and anyways these guys Don't watch the channel about my fitness Guys we're gonna go make this dude some Oak steaks and then uh we're gonna eat a Meal and we're gonna podcast it's gonna Be awesome I'm gonna take advantage of Every second of your time man it's gonna Be why we're here man cool all right We'll see you at dinner guys take care

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