Tethrd LockDown Saddle Review!

The LockDown Saddle from Tethrd is FINALLY HERE! If you’re on the fence about getting a new saddle this year, check out our review and then head over to their website (https://tethrdnation.com/) to get one NOW because these things are going FAST!

0:00 – Intro to Tethrd LockDown Saddle
0:41 – LockDown Modular Yoke System
1:50 – Leg Straps
2:04 – UtiliBridge™ & Comfort Channels™
3:17 – LockDown Haulers
6:30 – Expandable Saddle Body
8:23 – Outro

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What's happening everybody today is a Very exciting day because I get to Introduce to you guys officially the Tethered lockdown saddle you guys saw us Talk about this at the ATA show way back In January it is now July and this thing Is finally available so if you guys were Looking to order one you may want to do It because I have a feeling they're Going to sell out now if you have not Seen this saddle yet this is the latest Iteration from the guys over at tethered And it incorporates an absolute ton of Features that these guys have thought up And engineered and gotten feedback from Their users and their team over the last Couple of years all packed into one Beautiful saddle system so let's start At the top and we'll show you guys all The great features all right so the First thing you guys are going to Probably notice is going to be this yoke System that I'm wearing you know in the Past we had the suspender system and I Personally was a guy that wore the Suspender system because I was carrying So much stuff in my dump pouches and my Sis haulers that it was kind of weighing My saddle down a little bit so I went to The original elastic suspense vendors They've improved on that system to make This yoke now this is removable and I Did get asked that by a couple people at The ATA show who say hey I might not

Need this maybe I'm wearing a bino Harness or something I don't want to Have two harnesses on this is absolutely Removable they're just a couple Clips on The front and the back and you can take This off but for me as a guy who likes To carry a lot of stuff in my saddle Especially when I'm climbing up the tree And I've got my sticks and everything Kind of strapped on me as I'm going this Is a huge benefit it's fully adjustable Both on the front as well as the back on The back it's actually got elastic so It's got a little bit of give to it you Can see you've got a chest strap across The front here this is adjustable you Can move it up and down these different Molle Loops here on the front so one of The big things you're going to notice is This comes with the saddle it's not Something you have to buy separate it's Not an add-on this is part of the Lockdown saddle all right kind of moving Down the front of the saddle we do have These new leg strap claw Clips a little Bit different than the sliding Clips we Had in the past they just clip in clip Out obviously fully adjust possible to Secure your legs moving up and looking At the bridge they did redo the way that This bridge attaches in here so you can Take more advantage of these Comfort Channels you know this is a great Feature that they started putting on

Their Saddles a couple of years ago but The problem was you would get the the Bridge where you wanted it but as soon As you had a little bit of slack in There it tended to kind of fall down and Maybe fall out of the channel that you Wanted it to stay in so now they've just Changed the configuration where it's Kind of just girth hitched around this And what's going to happen is once you Put some pressure it's going to cinch That down and it's not going to move Quite so easily so as you sit up in your Saddle and you take some tension off and You put a little bit of slack into your Bridge maybe just to take some pressure Off your legs and your hips for a minute You're not going to have to worry about These sliding out of the channel that You want them to be in now the whole Point of the channels here is so you can Move the angle of your bridge and it's Going to change the way that this saddle Kind of pulls around you and fits around Your hips and around your waist and Everybody's going to prefer something a Little bit different so they call them Comfort channel so that you can find the Height measurement in the the angle of The pole that's going to kind of fit Most comfortably for you on those longer Sits in the saddle so again it's Something that's small not a major Improvement but something that is really

Going to help with your comfort Especially on those longer sets all Right now we're going to move into the Final two and what I believe are the Most important features of the new Lockdown saddle we're going to start With the built-in storage pouches on the Sides of this saddle you know if you Watch back when I first started saddle Hunting I did a video of like things That I learned early on in Saddle Hunting and the first couple times I Went out I didn't have any dump pouches Or CIS haulers I was I just had a saddle I didn't have a good way to carry my Ropes and all of my straps and screw in Steps and nice saws and all the Different things that I ultimately ended Up needing once I got up to hunting Heights one of the first things I added To my original saddle was a set of sis Haulers the problem with the sys haulers As great as they are is sometimes they Could be be a little bit difficult to Access especially with just one hand Right so what they did was they Engineered these Pockets that are built Into the lockdown saddle again this Isn't an accessory that you guys have to Go buy and install yourself they are Literally sewn in to this saddle these Two big compartments on the sides and They engineered them uh in a way that's Going to be truly advantageous for

Saddle Hunters one of the most important Things I think that they did was they Made them one hand accessible you know That's one of my biggest complaints if You will with my sis haulers especially When I got a bunch of clothes on and I'm In a tree hanging off the side and I'm Trying to move over and get something Out of it it's really hard sometimes to Get that that opposite side hand way Back there to get your ropes or whatever Accessories you need with these they Actually have I'll show you I'll just do It with one hand so you can zip it open Zip it closed with one hand there's two Zippers so you can go in either Direction but when you look on the Inside of this it actually has A rigid piece I don't know what exactly They used in there to help hold this Open and give it some form so that you Don't have to hold it with one hand While you pull with the other which is a Problem with a lot of zippered pouches As it requires two hands so one hand Operation as you guys can see this thing Is big and that's huge for us saddle Guys right we're usually carrying like I Said ropes I carry usually a handsaw in There I'm going to carry my hist strap In some cases I might carry my GoPro in There a hero clip all sorts of different Stuff that I'm going to need so having a Lot of extra storage is really nice for

Me they built it so that you have Internal storage pouches on the inside Of this on the outside you've got two Pouches as well so this is going to be Good again Carabiner stuff like that and Then you have a zippered pouch on the Outside as well so not only do you have All the internal storage zippered Storage on the outside as well the other Thing they did that I thought was really Cool was they left grommet holes in the Bottom of these pouches so that you can Leave some sort of gear hoist in your Pouch you can fish it out the bottom Here so it's always with you so as you Climb up you know I use a I believe it's Called a Doyle's gear hoist I can fish That through here leave it inside of my Pouch as I go up it's going to put the Line out down to my bow is what I use That for that way it's just always with Me I don't have to worry about it being On the outside of my pouches getting Lost banging into anything making noises For me this is probably the thing that I'm most excited about on the saddle all Right there is one other feature that we Need to talk about here and this kind of Relates back to what we call the Comfort Channels earlier this saddle was Designed to be comfortable on those long Sets and designed really to fit you know Any use case any body size or body type For somebody that's going to be using

This and that's going to be the Expandable panel Um you know that is not something that Is unique to tethered by any means there Are other companies that have done Expandable panels in Saddles before but They are the first ones that have done It so that the panel actually retracts Part of the problem with the other Saddles that have retractable panels is Once it's open you're pretty much not Getting it closed especially when you're Up in a tree with this particular saddle It's got two elastic straps that are Built in and it's got two handles on the Back of the saddle so that you can take The saddle and you can actually pull it Down and open it up and what that's good For is guys that like to be in that Sitting position or guys that just want To change again the angle of the way the Pressure is being put on your legs and Your hip and your waist when you're up In that tree so it's allowing you some Versatility to get more comfortable up In the tree so you can expand this out You can sit down in it it's going to Provide a little bit more room to kind Of hug your body up there and keep you Comfortable for longer and then when You're done if you don't want the Saddles panels expanded you just stand Up and they're going to retract on their Own the other thing the guys at tether

Did was they understand that at a Certain point in time The elastic that's in the retractors is Going to wear out you know somebody may Accidentally ozone uh their saddle and Forget to take those out or something Like that so they actually included a Spare set of elastic retractors with Every lockdown saddle so they're Thinking into the future three four five Years from now if these things start to Wear out you've got an extra set with You to get you through you know into the Future so they're kind of just future Proofing that a little bit so I think I've covered all of the design features Of the new lockdown saddle I will admit I am extremely excited to get out and Try this this all the features that they Packed into the saddle have really Answered a lot of the requests that I Would have had although nobody asked me Strangely enough what I wanted in a Saddle but they figured it out on their Own you know these guys hunt out of Saddles all the time they have a huge Crew of people that are giving them Feedback and they really are listening To their customers and trying to make The best possible product and one of the Best things about it it's completely Made here in the USA so guys this is the New tethered lockdown saddle it was just Released July 1st so like I said if you

Want to get one you better order now Because I have a feeling they're going To sell out they're going to be hard to Come by before fall so make sure you Check out their website Tetherednation.com tell them the guys at Bowhunting.com yeah

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