The 70% Shed Hunting Rule

The 70% shed hunting rule for private land, helps you find more sheds! Just like in successfully hunting a big ole buck, not spooking deer is the key to finding more shed hunting success as well. Here is how you can use the 70% rule to find more shed antlers this season…

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Now we're out here in a corner of our Property where we can shed hunt a little Bit and get away with it I don't feel Like we're spooking deer that much I Have a hard time not looking around for Antlers while I'm standing here but I Wanted to discuss a 70% rule when it Comes to shed hunting you know a lot of People really wonder about the timing of When to get out I saw a good friend Chad Gesy with Weiss realy he had posted a a Picture of a nice buck with half rack And he's like when when should I go out Look for the second half and now Chad is An incredible shed Hunter so I know he He would have his strong opinion and Answer to that he's just kind of Throwing it out there and it's something That we all Wrestle with especially on Private land private land I'd like to Talk about the 70% rule but before I get Into that if you're hunting public land If you're hunting permission land we Know a lot of people that uh just they Have tons of permission to actually shed Hunt on even though they can't deer hunt On those same properties they just like Finding antlers and they'll walk miles In Miles 10 20 30 mil on a weekend Almost every weekend looking well if You're looking on public land who cares If you spook the the deer because They're probably running back and forth On big public land chunks um you you

Find them here today you go back in There the next day you find them in Another place and so the deer get pushed Around it's very random but on private Land there's always that thought or on a Land where you're only shed hunting a Small parcel doesn't matter if it's 3 or 400 Acres or or 20 that you push that Buck off and you're not going to find His antlers so if you have the luxury of Cameras and you're watching the deer Herd like we do on a daily basis we have Lots of cameras out we can get a great Feel for how many uh antlers are Actually falling at a current time it's Very deceiving because people will talk About the antlers are dropping need to Get out shed hunting when really it Could have just been they saw it from a Couple Buck or half racks or no racks But you're not considering the rest of The herd so we get a really good look And I can tell you from year to year It's about the same people will say and It's the same for a given area it could Be completely different in a wooded Section non-ag no good food then they're Going to drop a lot earlier uh it Doesn't matter if it's Central Kentucky And if there's not a lot of good food in It's Big Woods they're going to drop Earlier if you have good Agland good Food plots good food sources good cover Good browser and all that plays into it

And I'll show you I'll talk about um an Example the keno research facility up in The up of Michigan they found the Supplementally FED pellet fed deer would Drop their antlers closer to March and The deer right outside the enclosure the Same deer herd in the same location same 225 average inch snowfall region they Dropped more early January late December So big difference between deer that had Better food and you see that Anywhere now on here the 70% rule I want To see that about 70% of the Bucks have No antlers and and really you think man I got to wait a long time to see that But it it happens fast I think right now We we've gone from 80 90% holding a week 10 days ago it's February 12th right now To we're probably at more like 60% Holding right now maybe 50% we don't Have that far to go and right now it's Exponential you get a you get some of The big old bucks that are dropping Because they're worn down they're may be Sickly they might have an injury they'll Drop first we had uh Barry around here That's been limping he dropped December 18th 19th right around there we have Video of them with him on the 18th Without him on the 19th That 70% rule what it allows you to do Is get out and if you are pushing deer Around maybe you'll have a minimal Impact then as opposed to hitting it

This weekend next weekend next weekend Just over and over again you hit it once There's 70% down and it's just all of Course guesstimation but that'll put you In a position to find a lot of sheds and If you do spook deer off you're only Hitting it that one time you come back Another week later and you can really Vacuum up a lot of the sheds that are on Your land without going in too early and Pushing those deer Off to your neighbors and we talk about Those exceptions again Barry where he's Dropped his antlers early then you go in In early January and you go look for Those sheds and you you go in and then You have a month for that property to Heal you around here traditional shed Timing and it's no different this year Around this location opposite of what When I was up in the up Michigan half The box would have dropped in some Manner either both or half of them by uh January 1 early January it was Completely Wilderness not of great food Sources lots of cold and snow just Stress nutritional stress habitat stress Where here it's more towards that 70% Rule is going to apply to around the end Of February March 1st that's a great Time where we have both a lot of antlers On the ground and so we're just a couple Weeks away we're really not that far and That's the traditional timing hey guys

Thanks for watching the video we'll be Right back I really want you to check Out our Seed Company pure Wildlife blend We change the name from whs to reflect Pure what our seeds all about and our Company's all about right now is a great Time to putting down our perennial our Green Max traffic blend for trails and Around the water holes our switch grass Our summer soil explosion it's amazing What people are buying right now even Going all the way into the fall getting All their seed available right now we'll Have it all year though you don't have To rush check it out while you're at it While you're on the website check out Our how you design your white tail Parcel it's a great web class and some Of the other ones we have lots to offer Including the books too make sure you Don't miss out now back to the video if You don't have a bunch of cameras out in The woods like we do go buy your Traditional timing don't fall victim to What you see online and people are Saying boy they're really dropping right Now you got to get out and look that'll Really Lead You astray so the 70% rule Kind of think about that that 70% rule Will apply year toe on an annual basis So it'll be right about that same time And that'll put you on track to find in Those sheds we're looking for sheds Primarily just a couple tips on where to

Find them we still find on client Properties where they jump fences go Across ditches all those Crossings we Find a lot in food sources and food Sources you have to look at if those Deer are hitting your food sources During the daylight that means they feel Pretty comfortable in and around those Food plots that means they're probably Bedding close if they're not hitting Your food sources till the middle of the Night that means they're traveling a Long ways to get there they could have Dropped anywhere on the way there their Bedding areas during the daytime and Where they spend their daylight hours is A long ways away and so you have to Consider that food sources are great if They're being hit during the daylight I'll have people say well they we find Hardly any in our food plots that's a Bad sign because that means the deer Don't like your food plots during the Daylight and if that's and they're not Really spending that much time there or Bedding nearby and in that case you're Probably not going to find a lot of Antlers either we've had times where we Found half our antlers with within 50 Yards of food plots or on the food plots And uh and that's a pretty good thing Because it speaks you know pretty highly Of you and how much you actually spook Off your food plots and then at the same

Time the bedding areas bedding areas are Awesome those concentrations of pellets Especially if you know where do's and Fonds are at and then going a little bit Further in and finding those buck beding And then I also like areas like this That are really thick there's a lot of Overhanging brush a lot of stems and It's that transitioner that's set thick Transition area between high quality big Food and bedding down here so bedding Food the thick transition areas between Fence Crossings ditch Crossings Ober Observe the 70% Rule and uh you know of Course if you don't have all the cameras Out like we do right now and we have the Luxury of then uh just go by that Traditional timing of that 70% and You'll be on track to finding sheds this Spring and every spring Beyond

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