The Grizzlies Got Us!!!

The Grizzlies Got Us!!! Follow along our EPIC journey to Canada to hunt with OUR YT SUBS!!!! Some Amazing scenery and next level archery tips in this video! There is a reason they call it hunting!
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Guys welcome to the elk shape YouTube Channel seven bear tags we got Craig From Ohio we got William from Quebec yes He's French Canadian Justin from Ohio Dan from Red Deer Alberta behind the Lens my good friend Tyler Denham Captain Firefighter my dad hot rod and myself we Are gonna Crush some bears this week We'll bring you along there's two drives Everybody needs to do in my opinion yes The first one is flight of Anchorage Drive rent a car and drive to Homer then Hop on a boat go around the peninsula And Hunt black bears but do that drive In late spring unbelievable it Rivals What we did and then the other one is Drive through bam for Jasper there's Nobody there compared to Yellowstone I Pulled over and videoed an amazing Grizzly bear on a kill in Banff if that Had been Yellowstone we would have had Nowhere to park you couldn't drive by And there'd be some jackass out there Trying to get a selfie up close with a Bear yep so Banff is greater than Yellowstone and it has the same animals Yes yeah Any disagreement there that was a bold Statement yeah [Music] What's up everybody we are headed to Canada To go hunt bears with some of our subs Looking forward to meeting those guys

Really looking forward to hunting with My Dad we are kind of the we hunt him With an Outfitter once and that's what Got us started in bear hunting that Experience wasn't the best experience Ever so it kind of catapulted us to want To hunt bears on our own we learned all The baiting techniques so we baited for Years and then I got into spot in stock And he started picking up a rifle and it Man it's a lot of fun why do we bear Hunt bears are predators Bears don't Have predators so we are conservation Dollars go towards managing the Bears if There's a value there there will be more Bears so don't worry and bears eat bonds And calves it's good to keep them in Check and bears live a long time so There's a lot of them on the landscape They usually reproduce every year or Every other year with twins usually so Hunting bears to me is a no-brainer and Also it's nice to have all your Broadheads dialed in right before you Know the summer when most people wait For maybe August and and I'm excited We're gonna go pick up Tyler Denham at His house right now and then we're gonna Head to Canada hopefully and get across The border because we have had our fair Share of Adventures trying to get across The border it's Tyler we're here Mitch Bear Camp uh let's go meet the four Subscribers that are rolling with us

This week and see who they are made it To the Outfitter on Saturday night and Got to meet all the subs Wow Let's just Break those guys down we had the French Canadian William Who is arguably the most entertaining Human of them all just because of his Accent alone what a great guy yep Awesome baseball Field 29 yep How's she shooting pretty good for this Special little lip right here Yeah that's the 2.0 Is that a crispy yeah oh there you go I Had never seen one yeah All dialed What are you using uh X6 uh five Millimeter match grade uh I'll probably Shoot the fatals here from Grim Reaper Attack veins tag Driver 2 2.75 with the Maximum illegal to the left Never kill the bear have you ever seen One yeah plenty okay yeah game on are You picky no yeah yeah Then we had Craig I would say arguably The most knowledgeable biggest geek when It comes to archery shot his bow twice As much as everybody yes and Craig is Like legit guy that wants to make Himself better he even left Camp one Night drove to Edmonton to watch Jordan Peterson live I thought that was really Cool yeah what up this is Craig yeah Yeah where are you from Ohio Cleveland

Ohio okay yeah yeah Um I'm on the dark side as well I have No preference to boats I'm an archery Gearhead uh this is actually the third Boat that I've had in like less than a Month yeah oh [ __ ] I just I just cited This in last week And then I got the mfjj Fletch here mfjj Three Degree right helical for Fletch I Know he loves that yeah yeah baby Um actually stock stainless steel Inserts Rampage good enough Hunter grain Head Annihilator broadheads plain and Simple man gets the job done never Killed a black bear never seen a black Bear oh sweet so this is uh first man And I'm not picky I will kill the first Bear that walks across man you're smart So yeah and then we had his best buddy Justin who's a family man great Archer Sacrificed a ton to be on this hunt I Could feel the strain not only like from Us I would say from like a wife letting You go the financials It was a big commitment for him uh MTN 33 with a special Yeah you can't buy that that's nice How'd you do that uh laundry bag and Some spray paint It works it works with rifles Go over your arrow set them too yeah What are you gonna shoot a bear with uh Black Eagle Max impact AE hybrids three Flats pretty simple Max

Broadhead Uh fatal steel yep fatal steel is that a Three blade yeah yeah well uh grains uh 100 okay so ever till the bear no ever Seen a bear uh run down the road like 150 yards but never hunted them Well we've gone hunting never selling One one day yeah and you're from Ohio as Well correct foremost Dan the Man Firefighter out of Red Deer paramedic You and him hit it off Tyler yes you Guys are both paramedics and he was a Great guy and he's actually one of two Individuals to kill a bear the entire Week so we'll talk about that did Brian Talk to you about where to hit him yep What'd he tell you middle of the middle [Music] And are you do you guys buy that I mean It's gonna freak you out when you're Like Whitetail Hunter from Ohio there's The crease there's a vital V and you're Like what and then you're gonna move Over I'm pumped for all yeah I like for Sure all right no one to kill the Barrier I am full sir thank you Tyler is A bear killer machine now you guys have Met Tyler and then Rod he's killed a few Yeah so it's kind of cool at Camp they Have a blind set up so that you can Practice shooting out of a blind these Guys you can't leave ground blinds out When you bear hunt the Bears will Destroy him so you actually set the

Blinds up when you get there based on The win which is really cool because Bears will Circle get your win and it's Also really really important to practice Shooting out of the line making sure you Get Broadhead clearance making sure that You don't lose posture slouch and hit Low so we're gonna get my old man I Haven't seen my dad shoot a bow in two Years so let's get him dialed and make Sure he's good to go Foreign No probs shooting out of the blind no Medieval Broadhead Twin Valley Outfitters Brian thank you for having us Me and my dad don't hunt together as Much as we used to it's mainly my fault But we're hunting together this week That's right we got the best memories Elk hunting and bear hunting together Forever yep we're hunting baits guys but We don't have to do the work bathing is So much more work than spot in stock and I respect both ways but hopefully we got Some good Bears to shoot I just saw him Shoot a couple nice Arrows with his Broadhead what are you using for a Broadhead muzzies muzzies troll cars or Something yep and they think the key Here guys when you hunt on Canada so if You ever never worked one before it's These fuel canister type things so you Got a fuel canister it's weird it Doesn't require like matches or

But that this is your guy right here so You're gonna take this and the Mosquitoes are bad like level 10 yep And we haven't seen the worst you just Stick it in there and screw this in okay Is this carcinogenic hopefully and then We're just going to slide this in here See the bastards okay and then You're gonna turn it on for like Probably 10 seconds yeah you hear that Fuel it's lit yep and it's gonna just or Do I hang it with this you would hang it In the blind with this and so it's Running hopefully stack up some bears This week should be awesome and they had Five Shooters showing up at this one and I'm like On the ground no blind 16 yards from the barrel Just ready to smoke a giant you know What I mean And I sat there from 1pm until 10 10 p.m And I saw a squirrel what did you see Tyler that first night that's not all I Saw what did you see now it was a really Fat squirrel so then we go back to camp And I'm like surely there's seven of us Somebody had to see a bear and Craig did See a bear he's never seen a bear in his Life no and he shoots the first bear to Come into the bait because he's smart He's got bear meat and we don't and Um he just shot a bear and I don't think He regretted it and so if he's happy I'm

Happy so Craig shoots a bear no one else Sees anything no my red flag kind of Starts Rising like going up a little I'm Like well I'm glad that Josh Jones Didn't get his passport time because he Would have been having his eyes opened To how many really smart bow Hunters There are out there that really know Their equipment they knew all this Terminology I'd never even heard these Guys were students at the game oh my Goodness I was so I was learning from Them which is great the other thing we Filmed was um one of those broadheads That that he was sharpening he sharpened My iron wills and he's using the same Single bevel Iron Wheel yeah so it's Called This D sharp system so it's Basically made for these single bevel so It's like two to 32 degrees you got Three different blades this one's a 2000s because I just shot it through Like a foam so it's not that it's not That important to remove as much Material you just run it from the back As soon as you got a bar on the other Side you just like flip it and you Remove the Burr then you polish it Suppose that And the magic trick is once that is done Like a Serial cardboard but like the the Wax thing I put like your buffing Compound on That's what makes it like crazy sharp

So just like a letter for polishing it That is just one side you can do that For like an hour if you want to I'm Drinking a beer right now yeah Craig also brought a Fletching device From goat that I'd never seen before for Four fletches I'm ordering it I was so Here we are this is the goat tough Fletching jig Um I would say it's probably on par with Maybe some of the Easiest Fletching jigs around There's uh this is pretty much how you Use it this would be your Index right if you want to do a four Fletch That's for three 120 degree 90 degree So there's finished product these are Removable here I guess this is like the Clamp you would call it they have them In several different sizes this one is a Two degree helical I'm not really sure How they come but so there's a little Hole here and you just put the index in There like that and you press down Whatever seven seconds or so so let's Give it a try again just slides in there All the way back nice bead of glue just Like any other Fletching jig you know Less is more Press down piece of cake Just like that piece of cake and since You can put a lot of pressure when

You're pushing down you get really good Adhesion on the base which is another Reason why I really like it I mean it is It's tight on there so it's probably Like 45 bucks yeah it's competitive yeah Especially for what it is you know it's It's portable it's I think there's Options for left and right so you know Look them up go tough it's certainly Worth the look I think it's a very Friendly jig you know if if you're just Getting into Fletching Um it's definitely up there with some of The easiest jigs that you can use so There's a close-up of that I actually tied serving I don't know if You can see that Dan yeah yeah so I tied Serving because some knocks are thinner Or thicker than others and that makes Sure that it doesn't wiggle around in There too much obviously you could tell It would have gone a lot farther Um But just kind of helps it keeping from Uh any inconsistencies and Fletching Soap finished product yeah I guess we're Gonna do a testimony how easy is this Fletching jig to use if you've never Used it before if a French Canadian can Do it no if anybody can do it and Anybody all right yeah Dude Straight down yep Stupid crazy

Even a French Canadian can do it yeah Right pretty awesome I'm sitting here Going I took a picture I'm buying one as Soon as I get back isn't that wild French Canadian you had a bear popping His teeth at you last night how'd that Make you feel uh homo [ __ ] my pants Uh I was at jelly roll jelly roll yeah Break fatty bear Yeah first time that ever happens to me I had to win down in my back and now Jesus Maybe the bear hunting wasn't great but Man the camaraderie and camp and that Was the most memorable for me but do you Think Josh would approve Josh Jones of Your four vein [Applause] Probably not But I think it's cool So we can go to hell right This is uh I guess an explanation on the Utility and the function of these Hourglass shapes this is called the end Time system by Dan McCarthy these come In four different sizes this is how They'll be shipped so that's an Indication of their sizes so what these Do is they occupy space in your cables To achieve perfect timing because if you Have a Matthews and your OCD like me and You put your bow in a draw board and you Get to the point where you're rocking Back and forth between the top or the

Bottom cam hitting and you add a half a Twist and it switches which cam is Hitting first and and you were wondering If there might be a better way to get Your times your cams perfectly Synchronized well this is the answer to That they come in four different sizes I Always put the small ones in which is Why they're not on display here and so This is a small one and this is a small One especially if you're like hunt camp You put the small ones in if your timing Seems off while you're shooting Broadheads because obviously you're Probably not going to have a draw board At Bear Camp so if your broadheads are Hitting high or low you can you can pop These out to adjust to timing so that Everything hits at the appropriate time You have that adjustability on the Fly And that uh precise tuning as well so It's not just a Matthews thing you could Use it on any bow but it's certainly Worth considering for a set this is two Sets a silver set and an orange set and They come with four of each size small Two mediums and a large if the cams are Hitting basically in time let's say the Top one is hitting Just a Touch fast you Want to [ __ ] it so go ahead and try The smallest one on the cable for that Cam slow it down a bit and then put it Back in the draw board and see what You're working with if you're still

Hitting a Touch fast you can keep going Up in sizes until they're perfectly in Time it definitely gives you more Forgiveness with your Broad head to Field Point impact I'm just going to Fast forward to the second night we all Sit we all come back no one sees a bear My red flag is all the way up it gets up The flagpole I'm like this what is going On like and the Outfitter is the nicest Guy in the world and he is stressed the F out you can tell he's just like yeah What what am I gonna do here like I Don't know why my baits aren't he's on His phone constantly on his phone next Thing you know he comes up to me he's Like all right Dan I talked to my buddy He has a different allocation I'm going To pay for you to hunt his allocation I'm gonna send my guy you're gonna go Hunt it's only an hour away and we're Rooting for them and they're rooting for Us So my hour drive that day this is day Three Two and a half hours easily and we meet Up with the other guide and he takes me Into this bait and it's such a dope Setup it's a wooden tree stand platform So it's like enough room for a chair my Camera to be on a tripod in my backpack I could lay down if I wanted to was it Hand built or yeah and sturdy And not so high off the ground where

You're freaked out and then the bait was Just off the ledge to where the Prevailing wind was from the bait to me But even when the thermal switch the Bears can smell the bait but they don't Smell you right it was just a perfect Setup and I had a sow come in and she Came in for 15 minutes Her behavior was I knew it was a sad Because her wrists this is weird but her Wrists were so skinny yep and her hips Were so wide and she would get in the Tip the barrel over and she'd go put her Head all the way in the barrel and she Could get her shoulders into the barrel She wasn't brought that's when I'm like Yeah she's definitely a Sal but her Behavior was like paranoid that another Bear was going to do bad things to her Like she must have been in heat I could Just tell like she had been messed with And she was just constantly looking over Shoulder so when I passed on her it was Early it was like six o'clock P.M it Doesn't get dark till 10 10. that's your Last legal out light I'm like I got Three hours of an of a sowing heat smell At this food source I'm gonna shoot a Giant tonight And I did not I never saw another bear And so the next day day four comes Nobody's seen a bear except for Craig And now me Craig shot one I saw I passed On a sow

And it's we're four days in So Dan the subscriber who lives in Alberta can go hunt with me two and a Half hours North because it doesn't take One of the alien allocations basically It doesn't cost anything right so he Elects to go with me and I told him hey Man you should sit the bait I was at Yesterday like there's a nice sow she Doesn't have Cubs you've never killed a Bear maybe you shoot her maybe she Brings in a giant like get something Killed but then just have a corner of my To the left she comes silently sneaking In And then she hits the beaver like she'll Sit under there for a couple seconds Then she'll dive halfway into a barrel And she'll get out and then she'll go Back to the beaver and she'll walk Behind the tree And she decided she acted like she was Gonna head out so she starts walking Away and then she changes her mind for One more snack And during that time she had stopped for Maybe five seconds total so Drew back Okay she's moving in let down Drew back Let off the safety right as it's like I Think it's about to break she starts Moving again I'm like back on the safety I'm using the silver back so that's the One of the downsides of the Silverback Because you can't quite sometimes you

Need it to go when it has to go in that Case uh But uh and then finally she was kind of Walking out like she was gonna leave and She just stopped real quick and turned Like broadside and kind of did the look Back to at the bait and the shot broke Just right then and then unfortunately She like happened to take a step when it Broke and then it hit her pretty far Back but We got her All right today on knock on archery We're gonna switch this guy here from The Silverback over to the carter-wise Choice are you ready my friend ready Okay we've got her wheels are coming off We've got a really nice total archery Challenge shot over here you ready for This through the trees you got Target Downrange here's your new release I'll trade you okay thank you uh knock On all right so pull through The shot you ready okay focus pull Through pull through the shot draw your Bow pull through okay okay aim for that Back strap over there later on we're Gonna fire up the Traeger we're gonna Call Sharon you ready We're doing it buddy no tag suit tonight Squeeze your butt cheeks that's right Okay Executed you followed through knock on Baby the biggest thing to remember for

Me is don't put your thumb on the Trigger with this thing versus the Silverback that's right let it do it man Otherwise you're really gonna lose some Arrows Good break that's nice I like that so why are you thinking About going to a thumb Barrel after Using shooting a live animal with uh The Silverback live animals move a Little more than uh 3D targets so Sometimes you need to accelerate your Shot process a little bit And I found with this bear she wouldn't Stand still for more than two seconds so Three drawbacks and two thumbs off the Safety before a shot actually broke and Then Sometimes you just need to get it and Get there a little sooner so yeah day Four he finally like busted out his Photos his all his trail cameras all his Bait sites that's 16 cameras and I Started to understand what we were up Against so the wildfires that were still Going on while we were there were not Far from us there was so much Wildfire Going on that towns nearby were being Evacuated yes but Alberta you can BC you Cannot shoot grizzly bears they're not Huntable and so that's been going on for Years now so they have a surplus of Grizzly bears and these grizzly bears Migrated south of the fires and guess

Where we were south of the fires every Bait that Brian had out had a giant Grizzly bear on it eating the food Sleeping at the bait and guess what Black bears and grizzly bears don't mix Basically consider a bait site a kill Site a food source obviously the grizzly Can't bury a barrel so they're just Gonna lay down next to it Grizzlies are Known for killing eating burying Leftovers sleeping until the food source Is gone they don't leave a food source Whereas black bears will come in eat a Little they don't bury it they'll go Find somewhere to lay down downwind and They'll come back and forth which is why Baiting for black bears is so awesome Grizzlies don't leave sites for nothing So now we are starting to realize why we Aren't seeing any bears and why our Guides have a pump shotgun yeah with Buckshot for black bears no for the Grizzlies and so man I feel for Brian But I it's a combination of wildfires Grizzly bears inhabiting all his bait Sites And just bad luck Sneak peek 2024 Evo NTN 33 bus to Mar Tree baby this is one off you can't buy This right now but it's going to be our 2024 Seasons uh Overton camo so uh write That down anyway we're gonna take some Shots follow through back straps every Day every day on the trigger hook it on

Goat release changing it up Execute But once the bear the Grizzlies came in All the black bears left he had no Nothing on any of his sights he didn't Have any we were sitting sites that Weren't getting hit in multiple days so He just didn't have any options for us And there was no options for spot and Stock the Bears didn't really hit the There's so much feed in these Woods that The Bears didn't have to come out to the Roads to feed there was no like spot Stop type options or like Drive roads And sea Bears so there wasn't there just Wasn't he needs to have more options I Guess they've all hunted a lot but They're new to outfitting and so Learning all these little nuances for The outfitting side is is where they're At and they're learning they'll learn From these mistakes and grow and I think I hope he does he does better in the Future uh those guys go into those baits Every day with those 12 gauge shotguns With double up buck and slugs in it they Know they got a problem and Tyler hit The nail on the head you know like you Say all the time Bears help and defend Themselves with their noses they don't See anything you walk right up to them And shoot them sometimes and they don't Even know you're there I've seen that Five times on your videos and

I just think there is a lot of grizzly Bears in the fire probably pushed him But I also think that if you don't have Baits 10 miles 15 20 miles apart dude You're you're messed up when the Grizzlies come in because I saw those Trail camera photos and I Got to Be Giants everywhere black bear Giants Everywhere yeah I got to be honest with The audience I would not have sat in my Blind four nights in a row if I had Known that one mile that direction Yep and I never hunt where we hunt bears Without a sidearm I don't I refuse to do It I don't leave the cabin without Something on my hip and I don't go Tracking them late at night without that 44 mag on my hip because I don't want Something to go wrong when I actually Saw his photos I was truly shocked That's something that big remember that One where they smashed that 55 gallon Jaw like a beer can just smashed it flat And I was like black bear can't do that No nope no black bear I've ever seen Well so I did get an email from Brian Yesterday and the bait that Tyler was Hunting now has another Griz on it and It by far exceeds any of the giant grids That we already saw it is twice the size Of a 55 gallon drum and it's sleeping on The bait site that's a game changer you Know when you're sitting there in your Stupid little ground blind and you're

Dealing with a bear that has no fear of Humans the black bears run away if they See you you know if they smell you They're not coming in right the biggest Excitement for me was to spend time with You guys together and a chill hunt that Was the best part and then meeting those Subs but I was dying inside because I Can hunt that was eight days I burned Well those are eight days I could have Hunted two hours from my house and Probably got a stock in a day and that's What it takes to be successful spot in Stock and bear hunting and I live for That I'm not really into hunting bears Over baits I definitely condone it I Think it's awesome but there comes a Point in time where like you compare Baiting to putting a backpack on in boot Leather and humping it and Crossing Canyons and creeks and the physicality Of hunting a bear in the mountain spot Stock nothing compares to that thank you Guys for listening to us jibber jabber On the 300th episode appreciate your Continued support uh can't do this Without you guys Hopefully you guys get a chance to get Out there and do some bear hunting in The spring maybe not this year but next Year it's an adventure hunt watch the Mountains wake up do some Predator Control work on you I mean I can't think Of a bear hunting has always fast

Forwarded my archery game I've always Had to have broadheads fixed flying Amazing By May whereas most guys that's not a Concern until August that's really fast Forwarded my setup I learned all I get To test and vet New Gear upgrades you Get to watch the mountain come to life You see more game because it is spring And they're moving up to the green and It's just awesome to get out after a Long winter hopefully you guys can do That and chase some Adventure appreciate Your support separations in the Preparation we'll catch you on the next One [Music] Before [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] I'll be by in the morning [Music] [Music] [Applause]

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