The MOST Accurate Release Aid He’s EVER Made πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ 😳

The MOST Accurate Release Aid He’s EVER Made? Full Access to Carter! We are going behind the scenes of Carter Enterprises in Southeast Idaho. We’re fixing a few of my release aids and we’re going over their new flagship release aid that is said to be the most accurate release aid they’ve ever produced! #ElkShape #ABT #Archery

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Well I've been making releases since the Late 60s yep whatever you see out there Is usually a copy of one of mine that I've either discontinued or that they're Making now I invented the first wrist Strap you're kidding me no the Destination is on your left I haven't Showered in four days I have 47 mosquito Bites we are in Southern Idaho we're Gonna bring you guys Carter Enterprises Dan Carrie Carter guys welcome to Oak shape Podcast uh we're in southeast Idaho Kicking it with a legend Jerry Carter How are you A legend in my own mind huh chocolate Addiction three finger four finger one Of our top two selling releases Chocolate light uh convertible this came Out in about 2016. so it's called the Convertible right here it's set up as a Thumb trigger and you can Swip it Convert it around put your thumb Peg on This side Use your ring finger to release I'm not Flipping you guys off I promise easy Large comes in a large and a small and They said that if they were legal and I Went home and I worked all night Made me my first trigger release and Went back down and won the tournament With it and uh guy says can I see that And I said sure Well that release came out later on I

Won't say who made it but it it came out And they did well with it first choice All the same internals as a wise choice Exactly same as the wise choice the way They line up four finger up First Choice Insatiable Big sway closed hook insatiable two it's The same closed index finger Associable three great for smaller hands Doesn't really fit in my hand but Smaller hands girls women a lot of women Really like these just because yeah so All the same internals Jessica's the Same as the just because except for just Because it has a suede back plain one Great for big hands got the shorter neck So this is the same as the two simple But with the index hole I I built this One To match the old Ledger release that Pete Shepley made made it the first Double sear release that was made it's Just incredible the trigger on this Thing so this is like one of your first Release stage you ever made yeah this is Pretty much the first production one I Made I made them all by hand so Target Three Target four still uses that same Trigger system it's in all the others The BK system now to Dan's favorite Apparently didn't know that Too simple it's got the shorter neck Length so two there's has three Internals the two right here are the

Same as the wise choice in the first Choice just with a shorter sear that Gives the people that shoot up just a Lot closer feel to the d loop okay these Are some of the original original Whispers we still have some of the Original Whispers and small in stock Because it uses magnets and magnets that They're either touching or they're not Having the travel adjustment in it was Kind of just not needed I mean it does Help having an older whisper Great release like mic 2's great All-around release Target release Hunting release or quickie and the Quickie plus we discontinued the like Mic one the like mic 2 has a different Tension adjustment so right there that Adjusts how hard you have to pull to get No set screws no set screw got rid of The set screw on almost all of our Releases I noticed that I Got A wise Choice like as I bought a backup one and I'm like where is the set screw oh my God that doesn't have one yeah I get a Couple calls a day about that actually Because A lot of them are getting sent out with The old instructions okay you guys hear It here okay have you got it new ones Don't have a set screw RX1 the same Trigger system is the quickie but uses Magnets to reset so you fire as soon as It comes into contact with that magnet

It's reset it won't move two shot Awesome hunting release awesome anything Release whatever this release has been Around for a long time and it's a great Release not one of our best sellers but It really really could be the like mic 2 Is caught my interest I told you guys I Wouldn't mind hunting elk with an index Although I love handhelds and I like Thumb barrels thumb buttons we're going To show you never seen before on video That I know of how you can take your Like mic 2 and you can request that Carter gets you a ball bearing to make It considerably heavier like a three or Four pound pull which is what I like or I prefer on index I don't want it super Hot so we're going to show you that Because In the Heat of the Moment when You're about to kill an animal you're Already gonna have great tremendous pull Through strength more than you usually Do during practice this so having a Little extra pound inch in my opinion Doesn't hurt we'll show you that never Seen before I was working 24 hours a day About uh five days a week and it almost Killed me so then I got a little help And stuff like that here we've got all The currently available Carter hinge Releases Honey comes in a three finger Four finger the honey one and the honey Two both have a safety system and the Safety is super simple it's like that's

It in and out yeah so you can pull back And then get your anchor and then use Like all right push it out you're off Safety honey too has a straight bar but The way the safety works is reversed You've got the total control three and a Four finger only And a four we've only got the only small Still in stock three and a four finger Or two moons That's Envy great release super Adjustable it's got the click on your Hinge which a lot of people like the Only ones that don't have a click Anymore are the Honeys older Honeys do Have a click they have the double moons Only does not have a click yeah so Resistance activated great for Target Panic punching trigger really helps Solve that issue yeah the evolution 20 The mini Evolution 20 great for smaller Hands Uh traction Evolution 2 Revolution That's one that's a little older this is Probably the best release I have ever Made in my life it uh works on magnets Has only one spring in it and it's the Most torque free release of anything I've ever made guys are you overwhelmed With all the options yet I know I am uh What we're gonna do is we're gonna go Fix a couple of my releases and take a Look at the internals which I've never Done before so we're going into surgery

But before you guys get overwhelmed Inundated with all these awesome options From Carter I would say get yourself a Hinge I think everyone owes us up to Have a hinge get yourself a thumb barrel And then get yourself an index I think You should have all three be able to use Them and uh if you need some training a Release attention activated release Could be some good best practices for All you out there wondering well you Just put out 30 release aids which one Should I use I'll tell you what first Identify if you have sausage fingers Like myself if you got big meaty hands I'm medium sized hand but they're just Sausagey and then hit this guy here David he's got large hands and they're Sausagey which is even worse so you Gotta figure out your hand size and What's going to fit well in the Contour Once you're done with that then you need To probably look at let's talk about the Most popular one so Tension activated what's your number one Seller Evolution 20. Evolution 20 why Just really user friendly safe to use Consistent perfect Hinge honey two honey two it has a Safety it doesn't have a clip though Which one would you recommend for that Does have a click uh too smooth the John Dudley sells on a knock on the dollars Manufacturing yeah so the two I think

That's a good one as well it's a little Bit smaller though yes does he have Options for sizes no okay so that might Be one hiccup there and then for the Thumb button or the thumb Barrel man I'm Gonna speak to it I think the wise Choice is the number one seller I think For a good reason three or four finger I Shoot the three do you but that'd be a Great place to start now that we've not Scared you let's go fix some release Aids and look behind the scenes of all This inners it aligns so good if you Move your fingers the jaw isn't really Moving it's staying in the same place oh Wow and then It's so easy to go from light to heavy I love this thing You got your case screws out back out Your locking screw just a little bit you Don't take it all the way out because That's really easy to lose okay so You're backing off the tension all the Way out tension all the way out Spring coming out spring comes out Just if it's on the table you're less Likely to lose it when you open the Whole thing up put in a Ziploc bag Because all the internals are going to Come flying they might they might not Okay but it's a lot easier to not lose a Screw or a spring than to lose a Spring Open up yep so that one right there this Spring my hand caught it on the way out

It would have been gone damn Okay so she's open [Applause] All Internals you can see all the dirt in Here a little bit of rust what dirt no Just but Keeping your releases clean goes a long Way and that's really pretty good for a 10-year release damn yeah that's great Wait to see the other one though okay That could have been my backup I'm not Sure Okay Um so from this point I'll pull out all The internals all the dowel pins if you Have dowel pins that's stuck get stuck Should be really careful prying on them Don't twist them side to side if you Make that hole loose you're going to Mess up your release okay pull straight Up That hole gets loose you can have a Hang Fire oh yeah these won't operate on a Parallel okay these engagement points Have to operate on that parallel or it Might hang up on you and this is what's Working To make the release date go off that's Your Sear And and you're walking lever cocking Lever trigger trigger yes and that's the Vocabulary we use here so if you call in Ask him about your release sear slash

Hook Caulking lever trigger Trigger caulking lever Seer yes so from Here I'll actually take it out and do a Solvent bath okay wash everything down With the solvent it's probably the most Fun you can have with your clothes on So when they're in there you can feel This Del pin you can see it wiggle like That I'm going to take these back out And do something different this is Something I would do if you're having That issue I wouldn't recommend doing This yourself what's the turnaround time On getting a release back from the time We get it to the time we send it out we Try to keep it within 10 days so this is Something I wouldn't necessarily Recommend that you do at home but it if You're super Savvy then go for it but Take a 632 tap And we're just gonna put some threads Into this case hole [Music] Just it only takes one or two thread I'm Barely going in at all this is just Enough that I can take these dowel pins That are in here And press fit it down in keep it from Wiggling keep removing keep you Operating those contact points on a Parallel you gotta get the burrs off of The Rim of the hole Arbor press

Make sure that those pieces are flush Check for any gap on the bottom there Just a little push you don't want to Push too hard Do that with all three of them Okay not wiggling tight pieces All new Springs Cocking lever spring Put it in there Engage it see your spring Kind of got us work it wiggle it in There it's kind of tight fit but it does Fit Okay right there make sure you have this Little rubber dampener not mechanical Necessity but keeps your release a Little bit quieter okay now she's ready To go back together check the gaps Perfect Trigger screen And uh That screw needs to be replaced we'll Send that out with it too okay we threw It away Yeah it's like a new release Threads super worn out tired 1032 tap Feel the threads catch and it's not Going to actually tap anything just run It through once Again most people should just send their Stuff in yeah definitely Your most people are more likely to mess This up yeah right I'm just going to run

That screw in make sure that it runs Smooth before I put the release all back Together and have to tear it apart again Okay Great The L pins already have their oil on Them Okay dampeners in Springs are all good Pieces are all flush Perfect Tension spring trigger spring And this one you just want to adjust it To your preference after it's all Together and everything when I'm putting It together you can just feel it right There it's a loose you can feel that Spring hit and I I like my triggers Light so I just go to where it's right About there Okay And case screws so it doesn't come apart On this Goes up you don't have to squeeze them Tight Okay and now the travel adjustment what We do when we send them out this travel Screw You're going to turn it clockwise right Here trigger's engaged turn it clockwise Keeping prep forward pressure on it to Make sure you're not just pulling the Trigger down keep forward pressure on That screw there it set itself off Back it off a quarter to a half turn

That's what we stand up send them out to Stock as that amount of travel Locking screw now these ones you just Barely snug them up it doesn't take a Lot with that little nylon tip on the End of it You just barely snug it up and it's Enough to keep that screw from moving Just Hardly any pressure at all This Barrel back on And you can put the washer on however You want I like it on this side kind of Stays out of your thumbs away messes Right up against this bigger Barrel There you go I'm going to tell you right now Every bow you shoot will shoot in the Same hole forgiving is Only from how steady you can hold it When the shot goes off the release Will make you a chump or a champ whisper Two it's the updated version of whisper Here's the two finger with the optional Third you can pull that on or off Depending on how you like it here is the Three finger that I'll put together Right now I may steal this one and You can see How it works and also why we call it the Whisper because it is quiet Those little rubber dampeners Act on every single contact point Between the release and the steel

Internals so anywhere that this these Internals will hit the case and make a Noise there's a dampener there Stop it when did this release come out Originally The Whisper came out about 15 Years ago don't quote me on that but This one will be released in the next About a month or two oh snap and it's Called The Whisper two whisper two so All dampener Springs assembled And it uses magnet so there's one spring In there but all The trigger tension Comes from these magnets Hook reset right here comes in contact With that magnet and holds it in place Nice trigger tension Comes from that magnet now I like just One magnet and if you like a lighter Trigger Just stick with one magnet first one Down If you like a heavier trigger Canceled up double up triple up you can Put all three in there if you want it Also has a little storage spot for oh That's a slick it's right there so those Two are your extra and then if you want To make it heavier you just add one or Add two yeah this adjusto bar To come off of the trigger gives you a Lot of range like that I like it to sit Right down here in or right at my thumb Knuckle love it just very little

Movement easy to settle in easy to draw Back with your thumb underneath right on Top Pretty slick man It's trigger you can swing it around However you like it I made the like mic For Michael Braden I wanted to change a Few things on it so we call this a like Mic two and these they're both double Sear releases like my two it's the Updated version of the like mic this is The original it's been discontinued both Great releases the like mic original is A little bit longer A little bit longer of a body but same Distance hook to trigger so your Anchor Point won't change your finger placement Won't change whether you're shooting The reason that we switched one of the Main ones is the adjustability so your Wrist strap feeds through here And that's the hole you use to change Your adjustment and your wrist strap is Kind of in the way it's just a little Bit harder to adjust Like Mike 2 is right on the side of the Release really easy to adjust super user Friendly ones that we have sold have the Locking screw got rid of it if you have No set of instructions that says that There's a locking screw you didn't get a Bad release I guess don't call Davey Don't call me yeah it's good at least Will work great cool okay

Now so the leg mic 2 is a great option If you want to have a heavy trigger Shoot a back tension style release Without actually having a back tension That's what I want so you're making this For me we're gonna make it heavier yes This is how to do it so this is stock Pulled it out of the stock room if you Had bought one you probably would have Gotten this I'll put a bow because I Just use a normal bow scale put it right In the middle this is how I test the Trigger poundage and then you can get an Actual scale to do this I don't have one So I do this And I'll hold that steady and pull it Until it goes That was 0.9 pounds that it took to get It to go so that was a light trigger Daniel don't likey One pound so that is light and let's see Let's just we will adjust it without Changing anything Put that tension screw in See what it goes to One five So still pretty light On six okay so we're gonna make it Heavier to do that back this tension Screw all the way out you see there's Just a spring inside of there and we're Going to do two options kind of doing a Step up process We'll take this little ball bearing

And put it in Fits right in doesn't go inside of the Spring this will help to increase the Ability for the tension Fill it snug up you can feel it really Tighten up and then Okay One nine On seven and there are some variants With this depending on where on the hook You'll put your string Yeah we're getting the ballpark though Yeah so two pound trigger with the ball Bearing all right Or next step up we're gonna add a spring Adding in this spring this spring that's In here won't come out without taking The case apart so you don't have to Worry about that but this brings small Enough diameter it'll fit inside of the Other and it's the exact same length so They'll work in units and compress at The same rate And a ball bearing I'm gonna do and a Ball bearing yes okay it'll probably Without the ball bearing it'd probably Get you up three or four with the ball Bearing We'll see where it puts us taking that Right Flash Back a little bit Three eight yeah boy Four two okay so that's what you want I'll have your trigger

Rest release over the end of it get rid Of your target Panic punching press your Finger over the end of it just pull Through that Really worked great for solving a lot of Your problems with the wrist strap we're Gonna give one away um just comment Below on this video something you liked About a question you have I'm your tag a Buddy Um we'll be getting one of these away Yay let's make this one for whoever We're giving it away okay We can match Done And all there's companies out there that Patent everything from a night lash to To uh hangnail I have gone the patent Route on what two releases and it's just I found out that I was just working for The lawyer and and yeah I would rather My theory of business is to obsolete Myself when somebody copies me and but I Just have another idea in my head and I Just obsolete what I just had first Looks behind the scenes that Carter Enterprises here in southeast And Away comment below in this video I'm Gonna pick someone I'm gonna send you a Too simple my personal favorite and I Appreciate you guys tap the sub we'll Catch you on the next one

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