The ONLY Way to Make a Sight Tape || LAB RADAR

The ONLY Way to Make a Sight Tape || LAB RADAR – This is the fastest way I have found to build an accurate sight tape in minutes. I used a Lab Radar and Precision Cut Archery. This should save you a ton of time! #elkshape #abt
Lab Radar

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And we're going to shoot a baseline with This with the new sight tape using just The lab radar this is going to be pretty Cool what if there's a way to build a Sight tape a lot faster let me explain So sight tapes is all about your ability To be consistent really good lighting Consistent lighting conditions really Good conditions like no wind and then Your your ability to get yourself Accurate sight in marks you know Generally speaking uh for most people It's going to be like a 30 and then like A 50 or 60 yard sight in and then you Can get calipers or use um online apps Or whatever like um archers Advantage I've been using um Precision cut archery But it does depend on your ability to Shoot for example we had cameraman Jeff Sid in his bow at whatever 30 and 80 and He had the wrong marks for 80 and we Built him a sight tape with those wrong Marks and he had a hell of a day at the Archer range What if you use the lab Radar hear me out there's a little Archery attachment that you can get a Little microphone you attached to your Bow what if we did velocity mean average Meaning set it up for 80 yards down to The Target but have it calculate the Speed at which the arrow is going at 20 And at 60 get the average numbers for Those two spit those in the Precision

Cut archery they have a beta uh lab rate On section and build that sight tape Around this lab radar I also have that New Garmin Chrono I'd like to compare These two lab Radars have come down in Price considerably uh when they first Came to the market they're Way north of 500 now I think they're $3.99 and so we have one we're going to Test it today we're going to build the Site tape for the title 36 all right so We're going to head over here to 80 Yards we're going to shoot at the elk With the target bow we're going to have A lab radar set up we put all the data In so we put The arrow weight that we want to get Speeds at 20 30 40 50 and 60 as the Arrows traveling to the elk at 80 yards I'll be about 6 in away from the lab Radar I also have the Garin zero right Below getting a feet per second Comparing those two points so we're Going to shoot several arrows and we're Going to get those data points to get a Kind of a mean average uh the labate are Just using it before we filmed it's Clunky uh the interface is just feels Like old it could be improved but uh at Least it does the job and I'll have an External mic that comes with the lab Radar for the archery attachment that's Hooked up to my stabilizer pointing down Range measuring sound believe it or not

Not sure if this is the most accurate Data on a windy day like today I'm Probably not going to put together some Group like this but we're trying to Build a sight tape once we're done here We're going to go into my office go to Precision cut archery put the lab radar Results into the computer system spit Out a sight tape slap it on we'll head To the archery range tomorrow and see if It's legit or not and it's kind of fun To Tinker along and at the end of this Video I'm going to shoot this new target Bow with those Evolution releases to Give you a teaser we'll do a full video On those probably coming up next let's Go shoot guys Jeff behind the lens is Pete boy slthe arm guy so we have it arm For 20 seconds soon as he hits the Button and then um my strings haven't Settled so we got peep rotation all over The place all right 80 yard Bombs just a little peep Adjustment Good okay so we have 256 ft a second Leaving the bow at 20 yards the arrows Traveling at 248 and at 60 yards it says the Arrow's Traveling at 234 Garmin says that was 25.3 leaving the bow the this is Ridiculous now if you guys don't have Access to lab radar I totally get it but I mean they're starting to pop up at Archery shops left and right so maybe

You could borrow archer shops buy these For your guys and then let's see if we Can build a really accurate sight tape Without having to deal with wind side in Marks lighting variance being JD Archer Like me you know all that kind of stuff So thank you Sir Two 56 from the bat 248 at 20 yds and 234 at 60 ydd [Applause] Mark that was a Bullseye 255 at 20 yards 248 at 60 yards 233 and I will say that shooting this Target bow it's awesome it's not I don't Think it's fair I don't think it's fair At all so all right we'll do one more Arrow sucking me to the right but all Right 255 248 at 20 233 I'm going to give you Guys all the feet per second 255 255 256 256 255 255 256 the furthest reading Which was 60 yards I got a 231 a 235 a 235 a 236 A 233 A 234 a 2 34 we're going To go into my office get out of this sh Wind and build a sight tape let's [Music] Go [Music] All right guys welcome to the range that Was the first shot of 20 we're testing This new sight tape just straight out The gates first shot right there was

56 and see if we can streamline what uh What go you shoot oh you know just a Title Target but I'm a Target Archer now Come on Over all right let's go score him Boad oops all right we're going to go Score them Target number two it's a 10 12 we got the 12 remember guys this One's booby trapped all right we're We're On all right that Target's kind of Falling over we're going to skip it go To the Sheep Not a 12 it's 10 just just [Music] Right 12 this Bow's Sick I think I got to shoot with my hat Backwards cuz like because the string Angle my my my bill is kind of hitting The string here But thing it's coming off oh Tristan Still M the Hat be oh yeah which is cool all Right let's go score them okay so can You see the 10 Ring it's like kind of Shot Out but that's a that's the 102 Separator I don't think my lift is going To like the score that this Bow's Putting out right Now That's a pretty big 12 to

Miss I thought I smoked It you see how this target it's kind of Like that it's actually makes it harder To when they're like this get a little More obvious But it's good practice cuz at tack a lot Of times they'll the arrows the at tack A lot of times the 3D targets I know This one year there was a sheep shot and It was 90 yards but the angle was like Man the animal was tilted towards you so It's Just the trajectory it had to had to be We all hit Dirt I like 12's on mountain Goats 8 10 12 you're a Bastard Nice Shot probably catching a 12 There so let's go shoot some kitties Over here [Music] Here oh yeah we got 12 there hopefully This one comes out Easier that one's a little more obvious 12 must be the 12 I've hit today with Any Bow targets this target bow is cheating All right we're going to Shoot I think we can shoot one of the Wolves kind of laying down kind of Upright and we'll stretch it out on the On the moose and the other moose uh

It'll be good we'll move we'll head that Way this is really one of the further Shots we've taken today so this will be A true Test of the sight tape's accuracy how Far what this is the cow moose at 688 I got to get used to the let off Josh said I would be I'm glad I went With 75 and not 70% let off that's for The big Boys This is Cheating score him you know how cool it Would be if this target was like This this is a hard shot but we got a 10 At Least I think that was where I was Aiming to be honest but It's good we might be getting some Fletching contact or something just Seems like it's doing a little bit of This it's it'll be real obvious in Slow-mo impact's good it's a 12 yeah so this was uh a true test of Your sight tape these longer Shots Oh all right we got two More all right let's go score them and Recap this Day we got a 10 missed that 12 might Be a 10 Tough shots today man little bit of wind Can't really

Complain put up a lot of 12s more than I'm used to um what I'm going to do with This bow is I'm going to change out the Launcher so that it's going to hold fat Arrows and I'm going to get this thing All ready for indoor next year and then I'm going to honestly put it on ice Probably um it's a treat to shoot I kind Of want to tackle Vegas a little bit and Get into that indoor mental game and see If I can get you know I know it's going To be challenging but guys this is the Fastest I've ever built a sight tape I Put in the information on the beta Precision cut archery shout out to Tristan awesome used the lab radar also Used the Garmin Chrono they're pretty Identical the lab radar was giving me The speeds down range which we put in Printed out of tape and this thing is Awesomely accurate I think this is how I'm going to build side tapes going Forward I think it's going to save a ton Time and we did it in like a very windy Day a day where I would not do sends CU It'd be too windy to judge consistency So find a good weather day good lighting Go old school or borrow somebody's lab Radar and do it that way and I think This is just a really cool way for yall To build s tapes hopefully you learned Something hopefully you got excited About archery it's all we care about we Appreciate you please tap that sub we

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