The Pinch Point | Ep. 19 Police Poaching, Elk Blood, and CWD OH MY!

In this episode, Justin does a quick taste test of Cam Hanes and Joe Rogan’s new “Elk Blood” energy drink from Kill Cliff. Then he touches on some hot topics such as Minnesota legalizing the use of crossbows during archery season, and an older story of two sheriff deputies that were charged in a big poaching case.

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Foreign [Music] For Raging against this I'm gonna go out And support it just despite all of you People yes nothing to do with liking the Product or not I understand yeah fair Enough I can get behind that I feel like you're a man of many Principles Brando Good or bad okay Is that good or bad All right we ready we've been rolling This whole time so technically this Could technically this could be the Start of the podcast well welcome back To another episode of the pinch point Where Brando and I are talking about his Love for Bud Light And all of you out there probably angry At him right now turn the Brando cam on Yeah way to go Brando you alienated all Of our viewership all 17 of them before We even got things going this week you Had to piss him off Brandon all right so Where I guess we're starting All right let me just call myself Welcome back to the pinch Point Everybody happy Friday Uh so we're gonna get started this week So uh cam Haines was on Joe Rogan's Podcast I don't know maybe a week ago or So now I always like to tune in I've Said this before I'll try not to keep Beating this dead horse but I admittedly

Was a cam Hanes hater back in the day I Thought he was like kind of douchey with All of his running and things that he Was doing on Instagram and I just didn't Get it at the time and uh I mean that Was like a decade ago it was crazy to Think it's been that long but anyways uh Yeah I've really come around I really Have grown to enjoy and appreciate Everything he does his message I listened to a lot of his podcasts I Watch his YouTube videos I think kicking He's kicking ass so recently Cam and Joe teamed up with this company Called kill cliff and they made a Product called oakblood it's a great Name Like I suppose I would expect nothing Less from those guys like if they're Like we're gonna team up we're going to Create an energy drink if that's what This is And they called it elk blood and it's Spicy cherry flavored I don't know how I'm gonna feel about this we bought some Like we have zero affiliation with any Of these people or these companies but We actually took Todd's credit card and We went and bought a case of elk blood We got a whole case of it over there It's expensive I think because it's got CBD in it 25 milligrams of CBD It's supposed to hydrate energize and Focus you it's got 125

Milligrams or grams of caffeine Man I'm all I'm all jacked up on Pre-workout from my workout this morning So I'm already flowing the caffeine Right now and we're gonna Jam another 125 on top of that it's only got 20 Calories but we're gonna Brenda let's Give it a taste we're gonna let you guys Know our unbiased opinion I'll I gotta Say no sugar so it's artificially Sweetened with something Does it tell us Oh my God what is that Erythritol sounds like urethra a little Too dark back here I can't really really Tall is a natural sweetener that it's Got in it I don't know we're gonna we're gonna try It out we're gonna see what we think if We don't like it you think Cam and Joe Will never talk to us again Not that they talk to us anyways no Things will remain all right I've had Some kill Cliff stuff before and I Wasn't a huge fan to be completely Honest with you but we're going to give It a shot Brando virtual cheers here's To your spicy Cherry elk blood Doesn't taste very spicy to me oh yeah Maybe a little aftertaste maybe a little A little after hint of spice I don't Know whether that's a spice as much as An aftertaste you know well it's the Artificial sweetener yeah they always

It's not bad no it's not it's pretty Heavy Cherry it smells almost like it Would be like cough syrup but it's not It doesn't taste like coffee yeah my Kids would probably be like I don't like This they shouldn't be drinking this Anyways it's not terrible not gonna lie CBD I just don't know I've I've done CBD In the past and I just I don't know I've Never felt like it did anything for me At all in any way I don't know what I was expecting it to Do but I didn't feel like it did Anything but anyways yeah it's not bad So we're going to pound these down and We're going to get the show on the road So we're going to start with an article Uh this week in Bow Hunter magazine Written by Kurt Wells I'm a big big Kurt Wells fan watched him for a long time on Their TV show read a lot of his articles He wrote an article called is archery Innovation slowing back in the 80s and 90s innovation in the archery industry Was frenetic today not so much and this Is a topic that comes up a ton usually Around like new bow release day you know During the fall when most of the Companies are releasing their new bows Everyone's like oh my God this is not Nothing new and they just are Complaining about it because that's what People on the internet do they just [ __ ] and moan about everything as if

They owned a Bow company they could Somehow do something better but this is Something I've been saying for many Years now so I'm going to rewind the Clock we're going to go back in the day The first bow I ever bought Brand new from a boat dealer that was my First like Flagship bow was a 2005 BowTech allegiance that I bought from Gat guns here in Dundee Illinois Interesting story John Dudley used to Work at Gat guns way back in the day Guns actually or Gat stood for guns Archery tackle g-a-t they don't do Archery or tackle anymore it's all just Guns now but got guns my buddy Pete sold Me a 2005 BowTech Allegiance I want to Say it was around 600 bucks somewhere Right around there which is crazy Because that was how many years ago 18 2005 yeah 18 years ago is that right oh My God I'm old and uh it was a great bow It was my first bow that I bought brand New from a dealer Flagship bow but if You look at the specs going back to Those days compared to the specs Nowadays like the paper specs the weight The axle the axle the speed the brace Height like the things that are like the Easy to measure and quantify things Nothing's really changed in the last 18 Years I think that bow is somewhere Around like 33 inches axle axle I had Like a seven inch brace 330 feet per

Second it was a little on the heavy side I think some of today's bows are they Got lighter but now they're kind of Getting heavier again but like again on Paper very similar to what we have today But if you were to shoot those bows side By side with like let's say my phase Four that I'm shooting now like it's not Even a comparison which is the better Bow and that's the thing where I feel Like archery Innovation may have slowed Where we're not seeing these giant leaps In technology from year to year But what we are seeing is like Improvements in the materials the design The manufacturing process the way the Boat draws the way it aims the way it Shoots the way it feels when you shoot It like all of that stuff and those are Kind of like the intangibles because It's very subjective to people's Opinions but Um you know I think Kurt's article is Good and he's right I mean our archery Innovation has you know quote unquote Slowed because you're not seeing these Massive new technologies I think the one Exception that he makes is like all Things digital we're seeing huge Advances forward and digital technology Uh and electronics and whatnot in Involved in hunting but as far as like Our bows our arrows our broadheads like The things that we actually use to kill

The animals like yeah it's pretty much The same as it's been for the last 15 Years however there's no doubt that the New equipment today is being Manufactured to a higher standard even Though it might look the same on paper The stuff today is undoubtedly better Than than what we had many years ago so Anyways we're going to move on I just Thought that was a cool little article To read we're going to jump over to Peterson's bow hunting next so we went From bow hunter to Peterson's bow Hunting which we get a lot of emails Here at thinking that we Are Peterson's bow hunting and people Are like hey I want to change my address On my subscription and we have to Respond and say like we're not bow Hunting or we Were fortunate enough to get the better Domain sorry guys uh you can think Graf For that he'll tell that story at some Point but uh there's an article that Says uh promising new research on the CWD new findings show that some deer are Resistant to chronic wasting disease so This was written by Jason Snavely who I Think has done some stuff for us at if he I know I've heard This name before and if he has and I Can't remember it then I'm a terrible Human but I'm pretty sure we already Knew that anyways so

Um bow hunters and state wildlife Agencies regularly cite chronic wasting Disease as the leading threat to Whitetails and Whitetail hunting for That reason we should all be discussing CWD more he says and I would agree with That we talk about it a lot in this uh Podcast so what he actually is citing is This is interesting the article says Promising new research on CWD but it Cites a study from 2020 which was three Years ago by the way From Texas A M uh that basically says That CWD is heritable which I didn't Know was a word so he says in other Words an individual deer's Susceptibility to the disease is Inherited through genetic material from Its parents so I think we've known for a While that like there's some deer that Are just genetically more resistant to CWD to to getting the infection and that Is an inheritable trait that then can be Passed down through generations and I Don't think this is anything new maybe There's a lot of people that don't know This so I think the threat of CWD wiping Deer completely off the landscape and Like there being no more deer obviously Can't happen right because there are Some deer that seem to be somewhat Immune to it so the idea there is that At some point in time through the Natural selection process of deer that

Are not immune to CWD dying and those Who are immune living and then passing That genetics onto their young that we Will somehow be able to kind of breed CWD out of the the herd or or at least Reduce its prevalency you know I think That type of thing I'm no biologist or Scientist by any means I think that type Of thing takes many many generations to Happen Um so it will most likely happen at some Point in the future but it'll probably Be well past most of our lifetimes but It is good to know that like yeah CWD Isn't going to kill every deer so Everybody can just calm down will we Have to be more concerned about is CWD Infecting humans Get that started I don't think we want To get that started I think we don't Want to stop that Get the theory I mean everybody's talked About it right I mean that's like the Number one concern is like if it gets Into humans and starts causing uh what Is it Kreutzfeld Jacobs disease if I'm saying That right I always say Jacob but it Says it's Jacob So Here yeah the J is pronounced like a y But it would be not good but if you Listen to Rogan's recent podcast with Robert F Kennedy Jr about vaccines

Because he's a bit of an anti-vaxxer He's saying something about some Material in the vaccine can wear down Your blood brain barrier and then make You more susceptible to diseases and That's why we have a lot of chronic Neurological diseases Parkinson's and Alzheimer's and those things So if he's right maybe we're going to Wear down our barrier enough to where CWD could get in there and then you're Smoked that sounds like a terrible way To go by the way man let's get off this Topic let's move to something else this Last Um I don't know what would you call that Less sad sad yeah that is kind of sad But this might be sad to some people Crossbows will be allowed in Minnesota This deer season oh man I can hear the Anti-crossbowers out there just getting Pissed like all the all the state bow Hunting organizations and the guys and Their their wool sweaters with their Tread bows are just screaming right now About another state Falls so this came From ABC 6 News out of Minnesota Crossbows will be newly allowed for Minnesota deer and spring turkey hunters Starting this year following a law Change that was passed during the 2023 Legislative season Hunters who purchase An archery deer license may possess and

Take deer with a crossbow throughout the Archery deer season deer licenses will Go on sale Tuesday August 1st legal Requirements for crossbows used for Hunting can be found on pages 58 and 59. Of the hunting regulation blah blah blah Blah it doesn't really matter all it's Basically saying is that crossbows are Wide open in the state of Minnesota now Welcome to the club Minnesota I still Just don't understand why everybody is So up in arms about crossbows I wrote an Article about this a while ago on I think it was called Like the great crossbow debate And gosh this was probably 10 years ago Now I want to say I wrote that article In the case that I tried to make was That people who are anti-crossbow are Generally anti-cross boat for selfish Reasons right For the most part like they don't want Somebody else shooting The deer that they're hunting like That's what it really boils down to or They don't want them shooting deer so That there's less deer for them right They want more deer for them less Hunters in the woods so it's better for Them like that's ultimately the case That everybody makes like I never Understood the case of saying like uh Crossbows aren't bow hunting because you Don't have to draw the bow back or

Whatever but it's like who cares Nobody's forcing you to use a crossbow If you don't want to use a crossbow you Don't have to you can use a compound and If you don't like compounds you can use Traditional archery equipment like what Do you care if if for you it's all about Your experience in the woods and giving Yourself whatever challenge it is that You want then you go do that if the guy Next door is like dude I just want to go Shoot a deer and I want to get some meat And I want to enjoy the outdoors maybe I Want to take my parents or my kids or Somebody out and this is what we want to Do like why do we care so much the only Case I think anybody can make against Crossbow inclusion and archery season Would be the increased Harvest of deer Because crossbows are more effective Killing machines there is no question in My mind or anybody that's actually Hunting with or used a crossbow that They are easier to use and kill a deer With or any animal with than a compound Or traditional bow I'm not going to Argue that I don't think anybody is and If you try to argue it you're completely Wrong my kid was shooting deer eight Years old with a crossbow he was not About to take a compound out and do that Same thing so yes they are easier but Again nobody's making you make your Season any easier and if the neighbor

Wants to do it the only reason you're Pissed at the neighbor's doing is Because he might shoot the deer that you Are trying to shoot so again it kind of Comes down to selfish reasons the only Case I think people can make is like Hey We're shooting too many deer which could Potentially you know affect the overall Population for everybody and it could Affect like the length of archery Seasons traditionally archery seasons Have been much longer because it's a lot Harder to do and people need more time To be successful if we're making making It easier through the use of crossbows Then the question becomes should we Shorten archery Seasons which obviously Would take away experiences from other People so there may be a case at some Point in time in the future if the Numbers bear out for like hey maybe we Should regulate crossbows a little bit Differently maybe it should be some sort Of hybrid in between the really short Firearm season and the really long bow Season maybe it's like hey you can only Use them in October or only in November Or something like that but until some of That stuff happens like I'm not going to Worry too much about it I think Everybody needs to get their panties out Of their knot and just deal with it I Think crossbows are fun So there you go

All right next up we're going to jump Over to meat eater we haven't done a Meat eater article in a while and this Actually I think was an older article it Actually was from 2022 but it just Flared up again on social media it's Funny how that happens sometimes you get These older news pieces that all of a Sudden just like pop up out of nowhere This was a story about uh out of West Virginia this is two sheriff's deputies Were charged in a huge poaching case so There's a big poaching sting uh out in West Virginia it turns out that a couple Of sheriff's deputies were involved in This which obviously anytime you have Anybody in law enforcement that's Involved in doing things illegally it's Not good although it makes for some Really good TV shows if you guys ever Watched The Shield that was one of my Favorite shows back in the day and it Was all just about crooked cops did you Ever watch the shield with Michael Chiklis no oh man it was like one of my Favorite shows it was like the precursor To Sons of Anarchy a lot of the guys That were in Sons of Anarchy were in the Shield on FX back in the day and it was Michael Chiklis the commish do you Remember the commission remember the Commission so he was like the main Character of of The Shield back in the Day had a lot of good good people in it

Folks you would probably recognize Walt And Goggins was one of the guys he like That dude's great so anyways bad story When you get the deputies but again this One's kind of old Um it happened in 2021 you guys could Check it out on meat eater we'll leave a Link in there but yeah not good it does Also talk in this thing we should Mention West Virginia law uses a system In which poaching fines are determined By the size of the deer poach if the Animal's inside spread is between 14 and 16 inches the deer is fined you'll find Twenty five hundred dollars from 16 to 18 it goes to five thousand eighteen to Twenty at 7 500. anything over 20 inches Wide carries a fine of ten thousand Dollars I did find that interesting that They have like a sliding scale like how Big the deer is based on the width of The deer yeah I've never understood that But yeah I mean I think the idea there Is like the bigger the deer the the more Valuable the resource it is so if it'd Be I I'm probably going to make a Terrible analogy here but like you can't Go out onto public land let's say and Cut down trees for Timber and and sell That right so if you cut down a small Tree the timber value is I don't know Just 100 bucks for that tree but you cut Down a huge ass tree maybe it's a five Thousand dollar tree I think that's the

Idea yeah generally is it like it's just Worth more so I did find it interesting That they decided to go with inside Spread I suppose it's a really easy Measurement you don't have to get like a Pope and young score out there to like Get the get the score but I feel like if You just did go with like the gross like Pope and young Boon and Crockett score It would be like probably a little Better than just the inside spread but You shouldn't be poaching anyway so what The hell do we care these guys should be Getting fined find them all you want Morons all right so this one is an Interesting one probably the most Interesting one for this week Kentucky fish and wildlife files a Lawsuit in a deer disease case so this Was published on the Kentucky Department Of Fish and Wildlife Resources website Frankfurt Kentucky uh Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is seeking civil damages in a Recently filed lawsuit against a Louisville Hunter who illegally brought Into Kentucky the head of a deer that Was harvested in Wisconsin and later Tested positive for chronic wasting Disease a highly infectious disease that Kills deer and Elk it is the first time Kentucky has sought civil damages Against the hunter for importing a Diseased deer carcass so The Story Goes

Nicholas Behringer 47 admitted to a Violation of the state regulation for Illegally importing the deer head from Another state he paid a 50 fine plus Court cost in Shelby County district Court on January 3rd because the deer Came from Wisconsin a state that has CWD Um Blah blah whatever we'll skip that Uh to date no deer or elk harvested or Occurring otherwise in Kentucky has ever Tested positive for CWD I'm going to go Ahead and just out on the limb and say This there's a CWD positive deer Somewhere in Kentucky like every state Around you's got it like it's it's it's There you just don't know it yet Um but they're trying to be like oh man We don't have it here yet we want to Keep it out here so you know over the Last few years we've seen a lot of these Regulations flare up where it's like What you can and can't do with various Deer carcasses transporting them between States and the idea here is that like They don't want you to bring exactly What this guy did bring a CWD positive Deer into an area that does not have CWD Let's say he brings it home he butchers The thing in his garage he takes the Leftover carcass Chucks it out on the Back 40 you know and now you've Introduced CWD into that landscape right And it's possible to spread from there

That's what they're trying to stop the Thing that sucks is like every State's Got different regulations around this I Think here in Illinois like you can Bring in in carcasses from other states So long as they're going to a licensed Meat processor or a licensed taxidermist But if you're going to process the deer On your own at home you're not allowed To bring the whole carcass you can only Bring the the meat after it's been boned Out and then I believe you have to bring The skull cap like the cleaned skull cap You can't bring the whole head so my Guess is this guy shot a deer in Wisconsin probably caped it out you know Up to the head and then chopped it off Whoops sorry about that guys and then he Brought it home And dropped it off at his taxidermist Thinking hey I shot this deer in Wisconsin turns out you can't do that You can't bring that whole head there so I don't know if the taxidermists were Added them out or how exactly they Caught him so he did everything legal by The book in Wisconsin didn't poach the Deer whatever just illegally brought it To his State well now they're seeking Civil damages so they're trying to Sue This guy for a couple thousand dollars Um For damages to Kentucky's Wildlife or Essentially

Potentially introducing CW deer into the The landscape I forget how much it was Does it say in here it was like 1900 or Something 1900 bucks yeah it wasn't very Much money and it had something to do With like recouping the cost for like The investigation and the testing and Everything or saying like you did this So we want you to pay us back for it I Guess it's not like they're seeking a Ton of money but it does certainly raise Awareness and unfortunately Um I guess it sets a precedent so other People are like oh [ __ ] we probably Shouldn't we probably shouldn't do this So Yeah pretty crazy when you have a state Suing somebody for civil damages I Wonder if he's just gonna like settle I don't know I probably would I'd be Like yeah you got me I should have done This so it says the deer head still Contains lymph nodes spinal column and Brain tissue all of which can Harbor CWD Hunters can legally bring deboned meat Antlers clean skull caps or hides of Deer that are harvested from other States into Kentucky only if all of Those high risk tissues have been Removed so again deboned meat antlers Clean skull caps and hide I wonder what How how good the skull cap needs to be Cleaned like just pressure wash it out Like obviously they don't want brains in

It but I mean there's only so much you Can do you know before you bring the Thing home so I don't know man it's kind Of a crazy story this this poor fellow They're making an example out of them So my last story for today is going to Be one that might upset a few people Maybe not so I've talked in other Episodes in the past about how the media Kind of like twists things around a Little bit right like with their Headlines and I think we all know this But you got to remember it's happening On our side of the fence too it's not Just the other side of the fence so you Guys know I love Sportsman's Alliance That's where I put my money I'm a member I donate like any money that I have That's going to a organization that is Fighting for the rights of hunters and Fishermen across the country like for me Sportsman's Alliance is it so I saw this Article it said Rhode Island hunting Band Bill hearing tomorrow action needed So they wanted people to take action Contact On their legislators about Senate Bill 607 which prohibits hunting where quote Unquote man-made structures and or Natural barriers are designed to limit An animal's free movement it is Anybody's guess what this means but Obviously includes roads canals fences And an infinite multitude of other

Obstacles that exist everywhere in the State so they're trying to paint this as Hey there's a bill that's going to pass It's got this wording in it that could Be used To ban hunting everywhere right so I Decided to look into it a little bit More I actually pulled up the wording of The bill Um so this is an act State of Rhode Island general assembly but relating to Fish and wildlife field trials and Shooting preserves captive hunting Prohibited so what they're trying to do Is they're trying to outlaw high fence Hunting in the state right so in order To Define it that's what this this kind Of amendment is is it says as used in This section the term captive hunting Specifically means a hunt that incurs Within a structure that is designed to Restrict the free movement of animals Created by the use of fences man-made Structures and or natural barriers Including but not limited to private Land set up as hunting or shooting Preserves or game ranches wherein the Animal is restricted from escaping or Fleeing from the confined area during The hunt that seems a whole lot Different than what they said they took They took a little snippet out of the Middle of that right that says Um

Structures designed to restrict the free Movement of animals created by the use Of fences man-made structures or natural Barriers included but not limited to Right they they took that little piece And they omitted the pieces around it That say this is designed for hunting Preserves Wherein the animal is restricted from Escaping or fleeing from the confined Area during the hunt like there's a Little bit more to this than what they Let on in their article which I just Thought was interesting right I mean Their thing says Rhode Island cannot Continue to let animal extremists return Year after year working to take small Increments that will only lead to the Cratering of Rhode Island's hunting and Outdoor traditions and Heritage please Use the take action button to email the Members of the House blah blah blah blah Urging them to oppose this bill nowhere In the the The Sportsman's Alliance article does it Say this bill is specifically designed To try and ban canned hunts in high Fence hunts I feel like it's very Misleading like they should at least Mention that somewhere instead of taking Out one little context and putting it Out there and then getting people to Smash that button and get pissed off and Whatever you know complain about this

Stuff I don't know I just Again for me it's just more about like You can't trust anybody except you could Trust me you could trust Brando back There we are here to earn your guys's Trust and bring you the truth in Reporting that the outdoor industry so Badly needs and deserves so that is Everything we've got for today guys I Gotta jump off because I have another Phone call the Elk blood is not bad I'm Gonna finish drinking this I don't know if it's going to do Anything for me does the CBD help my Joints or something I'm not even sure It's good stuff it's expensive though it Was like 50 bucks for a case of this Stuff how many 12. so like what four bucks a pop I mean What's an energy drink if you cost if You go to the gas station this would be 3.99 for sure I think it's a Red Bull Yeah yeah well there you go so I guess It's right in there it does have a Little bit of spice to it like just a Just a skosh I don't know what a skosh Is what you need to measure I feel like That's an accurate I know I'm using it correctly I just Don't know what it means like a specific Amount like A pinch yeah I would think like a pinch Is kind of like a skosh yeah it's a Skosh where did the word come from we're

Gonna have to look it up and we will let You know next time uh on the pinch Point Guys before I dip out here one last Thing to remember Todd and I will be in Lancaster Pennsylvania tomorrow at the Lancaster Archery customer appreciation event so If you were there on Saturday what's Tomorrow's date Brando Saturday the 24th If you are anywhere near Lancaster Pennsylvania come stop out and say hi Todd myself and the rest of the Las crew Will be there so hopefully we run into Some of you guys appreciate you watching Make sure you subscribe share it with Your friends like comment all that stuff Tell us how awesome we are or how bad of A job I'm doing and we'll see you next Week

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