3 Part Mini-Series documenting all our adventures at Total Archery Challenge in Utah! Dan pays Black Ovis a visit and gets to shoot with Mathews Marketing Manger Derek on the RMEF course.
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For my new sponsor Keystone Light There's two things I need today at black Elvis and they're kind of obscure I probably wouldn't do anything with That because it kind of sounds a little Scam-ish to me wind checker is life for Me guys when I'm elk hunting yes and a Lot of times I lose them but I'm kind of A wind Checker snob as well I like Marcus and Joe old school smoke in the Bottle y'all know what I'm talking about So I need those okay Socks but also I was I love the crispy Socks I love the black over socks but Then I tried the farm defeat you sent me I'm never looking back lifetime warranty I know that I'm a medium okay we're all Black Opus guys so let's go find them Let's go shopping oh he's making Adjustment [Music] Foreign [Music] This is all sikka oh yeah wow yup so if You need anything from black Elvis we Are stocked oh you guys carrying some Born Primitives Guys these these I tried This in my last video that you guys saw Where I went scouting I did 16 miles on These that day these have a lifetime Warranty which socks should never have a Lifetime warranty take advantage get These trust me God Discount code check the video

Description Okay Two one Friends Dan here Oak shape let's talk About the bottom of my backpack because That's where these live okay so your Meat sacks from black Ovis these are Awesome they're fully synthetic Breathable so we're in the big city I'm Gonna head up to Tack into those lovely mountains so we Get to look at every single day Oh freaking Dan was it him uh he just Flew in this morning so he could have Snuck up there before uh for go time Yeah sucker What's your name I'm Kendall Derek Derek You guys not know each other Derek B's Gangster Matthews guy fit in the game Kendall marketing for Camel fire black Opus crispy to meet you only fans yeah I Think I know you from there actually Diana We're about to find out you want to see Where he is That's me That's Derek Is that hundo he did good though I'm Glad he hit foam That's a win for him Three months hey Derek B Nelson you want Your arrow Caleb said I won Really it's always cool coming to these

Events and seeing what is a We're out of our element but all the Hunters are in their element and we just Kind of mob take over these ski resorts It's so awesome to see like dudes like Those guys with bows hiking on the Mountains where we normally ski that's What's uh that's what's so awesome about These attack events is this the The coming together of the tribe Most differences get set aside we're all Just trying to up our game get ready for The hunt Share stories talk about defeats talk About victories meet up with lost Friends make new ones this is this is What this whole event's about I love it Do you guys got mountains like this yeah Your first day this is my here yeah Never done attack it Salt Lake City no I Did the ones at Park City oh okay yeah Yeah you already not my first stop you You know the dude who's your squad so I Got my buddies over here Dylan and Terrell and then hi Squad Filming I think I'm in I think I got the same Score as Derek B Nelson fine all right Even Your work's appreciated Oh It's melt on there Geez I'm not honey that was from the wind

Yeah It's a self-esteem Builder you got glue In so I'd hope you weren't yeah They're trying but I don't think they Got it It wasn't scary She's a pistol ASA scoring you're in oh Yeah Um After adjusting Guys I was talking to yeah Dan you might Not get your hair back Thousand All right [Music] I think that tree is going to see for More arrows than just the five there Oh yeah Oh yeah great shots Here [Music] I think my site's been upside down this Whole time oh yeah hey look at that That's why I haven't been shooting very Well The B is for Bryce Derek thank you Could I borrow one of those okay we're Shooting pretty good man yeah totally It'll work perfect for you okay thanks It's the most fun you can have with your Clothes on end quote Jerry Carter There's a year I killed my freestyle I Was 14. graceful it didn't it didn't

Work out uh it's a greater you in a Basin Jackalope Dan's letting down Foreign Um antelope Pennsylvania Accuracy by volume I'll take it You talk about your lack of enthusiasm Oh yeah Dude can you just can you validate me Please that's a tenor thanks finally Take that as a dinner At once Thank you sir Separate from the driver in the team All right It's gonna punch me right now Please do that That's why that's funny I need to grow Up here we are Solitude checking into The house here uh give you kind of a Quick little preview here what we got Going on So small little place we have A one little bed here And then we have a nice little kitchen Here one little uh bed over here pull Out and in case uh you guys are Wondering how Josh and uh Dan are so Close Here's their room Josh needs a glass for his uh it's just So I can show you how fast I can drink It 2.85

Perfectly good outhouses And then there's our crew unbelievable Okay Josh and all of my wisdom I I took Off my quiver for the 3D shoot because No one has Quivers I thought why am I an Idiot well in general your bow is going To shoot better if it's heavier Physically period so if you're carrying The weight around with you it should be On your bow especially if it's balanced Well and the quiver you have here will Easily get in tight to the bow to where It will maintain a good level of balance So personally if you're carrying around Your arrows anyway I would put them on The boat the only way this is going to Be a negative to you if it's blowing Like crazy and you probably shouldn't be Shooting anyway so for my money if it's A two-piece quiver low profile types of The bow leave the quiver on the bow Leave the arrows in the in the quiver it Makes the bow heavier it makes it more Stable and it will shoot better if it's Balanced for my new sponsor Keystone Light On we're gonna go with three beers here So each I wish that as long as he is Drinking we're gonna drink a beer and a Half each you just need to relax Yourself dude I'll get my power stance on all right There we go two one go Just like that I dislike that I just

Like that [Applause] Bob Bob what happened here yes I forgot Hold on If okay the last time I did this was Last week I was on a boat so she's flying Everywhere I forgot about how much comes out and it Was actually coming out my nose 10 o'clock travel day make it strong I Think we've seen uh lagassas twice today Josh is that right three times thank you Yeah I mean you can't see it enough Thank you it's glorious I can assure you It's quite shocking when you're not Prepared Dan got a little bit of Shooting in today yeah and uh getting up To do it 6 30 tomorrow see you then [Laughter] 40 year old break his ankle Slap that trigger baby oh

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