These Are The Worst Deer Stand Locations!

Do you constantly feel like you’ve picked out a great spot to hunt, but when the time comes to actually hunt it you see absolutely nothing? Or do you always see deer on your game cameras but as soon as you start hunting in the area, either they quit showing up or go nocturnal? If that’s you, in this video we go over three of the worst places to deer hunt, so you can start hunting productively and stop ruining your deer season!

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Deer season is coming up fast around the Country and that means we've got a lot Of work ahead of us it's time to get Those cameras out if we don't have them Out all year work on those fall food Plots Scout for acorns and start looking At stand locations we put a lot of work Or should put a lot of work into finding The right places to deer hunt we find we Try to find those places that just give Us that gut feeling that a big mature Deer is going to walk by at any moment But just because we find a spot that has Everything we're looking for like deer Beds heavy brows Oaks that have a lot of Acorns and trails crisscrossing each Other worn down to bare dirt that Doesn't mean that those are great places To hunt they may have the activity that We're looking for but hunting them would Be impossible actually I should say Hunting them smartly smartly is that a Word hunting them correctly would be Impossible so in this video we're going To go over three of the worst deer Hunting locations so you can make sure That your hunts are productive and you Don't ruin the other spots you may want To hunt in the future but before we go Over these terrible spots do me a favor And if this is your first time on my Channel hit that subscribe button and Make sure you click the Bell icon so you Can be notified every time I upload a

Video also if you want to help support The channel consider becoming a channel Member right now there's only one level Set at 99 cents a month and I'm gonna be Creating a members only Facebook group That you will then have access to I'm Also kicking around the idea of live Streaming a hunt or two I'm just trying To figure out what you all may want or Maybe a value to you because if it's not Something you want or or have it or Think has any value then why would you Want to spend 99 cents a month I know It's only 99 Cents but it's still you Know I want you to feel like you're Getting your money's worth but if you Don't want to commit to a monthly kind Of subscription thing you can also go Over to get Yourself a t-shirt a hoodie you can do a One-time donation you can tell me that The t-shirt designs suck and why would You ever buy that anything helps and With the Shameless self-promotion out of The way the first terrible hunting spot That you need to avoid are steep draws Valleys and bowls these stand locations Are some of the hardest to avoid because You do tend to to find some very good Sign down in these bottoms and valleys But the problem with them is that the Wind is very unpredictable the Topography makes the wind swirl so badly That it doesn't matter what the wind

Direction is or or how bulletproof you Think your scent control routine is you Are gonna get busted there is a reason Why deer like these areas so much and You might get lucky with some young deer In there that if you've got a good scent Control routine that can kind of tell Something's off or maybe you just fool Those young deer enough but a deer That's been around a long time kind of Knows what's up deer can lay in these Areas and get an almost 360 degree scent Check at any time the wind blows you may Think your scent is blowing off to the Right away from where you expect the Deer to come from but what you don't Realize is maybe just 50 yards or maybe Even less than that down to the right It's swirling back around and coming Back in front of you and you don't know How many deer you've alerted and just Because you don't hear a deer blow does Not mean that they aren't alerted they May just quietly slip out and you never Knew they were there and you don't want To just ignore these areas all together Just because of that whole topography Issue because there is a lot of good Sign there a better option is to find The trails that lead in and out of them And hunt you know kind of up on a Ridge Top somewhere where the wind is more Predictable and in your favor you don't Want to go right to the middle of these

Areas unless you're desperate it's the End of the season and you just want to Fill a tag your approaches to your Hunting area should always be to have a More outside in approach stay on the Outside edges and then if you have to Make moves you got to move closer just Slowly work your way in again unless You're desperate don't just go barreling Right into the middle of the activity Because you're going to ruin that whole Sign altogether this is a much safer way To hunt but it takes patience and that's Something that a lot of us don't have Much of and so the second terrible Hunting spot is kind of a stretch so Just hear me out and it's right on the Edge of your food plots like I said just Hear me out I know that food plots are a Great place to hunt I mean it's why we Plant them they're great hunting season Attraction but there are typically two Problems you'll find with hunting over Your food plots and the first is when You stick your stand like right on the I Mean immediately on the edge of the food Plot every little movement you make is Exposed when you are right on the edge Of your food plot probably sticking out Over it a good spot to hunt a place that Has good cover is something that's got a Foreground a middle ground and a Background and when you hunt right on The edge you completely remove that

Foreground and you might as well have a Giant light bulb a giant sign pointing To you that says I'm a Hunter don't come Here a better place to hang your stand If you still want to hunt over your food Plot is to tuck it back in the tree line A little bit farther this gives you that That cover in front of you and depending On the time of the year some Shadows if Those trees still have plenty of Leaf Cover on them and the other reason why I Think that hunting right on top of your Food plots can be a terrible place to Hunt is that people tend to over hunt Them I know we spend a lot of time and Money cultivating them and I'm sure There are tons of pictures of deer out There using it but over hunting a spot Any spot not just over your food plots Is a terrible idea and those food plots Tend to give you a false sense of Confidence that you're gonna see deer Every time and you might see you know Decent deer out there almost every time You hunt but the more you hunt it the Less likely you are to see those deer Out in there during daylight hours There's always that chance that you're Going to leave some scent behind that You're going to bump deer in and out of It and they're going to start Associating you with that food plot and Then they're you're only going to see Them at night and so another way that

You can hunt your food plots without Being right over top of them is to find The trails leading in and out of them And Hunt over those that way you are Still taking advantage of the attraction They provide but you don't risk over Hunting them because you have multiple Ways you can take advantage of it and The third terrible hunting spot is any Spot that you can't get to undetected a Great stand location with lots of deer Sign is no good if you can't get there Without alerting deer every time you Show up to hunt it so anytime you find a Spot that you think you want to hunt Think about how you're going to be able To get to and from it quietly and Without being seen you need to be able To use the topography to your advantage You need to be away from known bedding Areas and you need to be able to keep The scent in your face at least away From where you think the deer are going To be so there's no way to get their Stealthily then you need to do the hard Thing and find another spot I'm sure There is a spot somewhere else to where You can still take advantage of the sign That's in the area but isn't it more Advantageous spot for you and also work On your woodsmanship skills learn how to Walk more quietly in the woods get Better at reading deer sign step scat There's an animal nearby hey Schmidt

That's a raisin man it's not a raisin Scat Okay That's poop for sure and learn how your Scent travels this will help you in Every aspect of your hunting not just Picking stand locations and not just With hunting deer so those three Terrible stand locations that you need To avoid and if you like this video Chances are you're gonna like one of These videos over here so give them a Watch so let us know your experiences in Hunting these bad hunting locations and How they worked out sometimes you can Get lucky but I prefer not to rely Entirely on my luck for my hunting a Real man makes his own luck Billy Zane Titanic hit that like button if you like This video share it if you found it Helpful and make sure that you are Subscribed so you can stay informed

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