Tips For Frost Seeding Clover

Frost seeding clover is an INCREDIBLE way to jump start powerful deer hunting food plots! Here is why to frost seed, how to frost seed clover, when to frost seed and what settings you need to broadcast at, for frost seeding clover…

Now we just came out to frost seed some Clover and I want to tell you why we're Doing that how we're doing it uh so that You can maybe relate it back to your own Food plots you know first off I'll say This is a hunting plot and so last year We used our dual threat 365 has clover built into it our Birds Foot tree Fall Cher and a little bit of Alela and so a really good highquality Peral mix and when it's mixed in with That Brasa you'll find depending on how Hard the deer eat it And how much it grew there'll be areas Where it's super thick and areas where It's light so I like to come in here and Normally on the earthway setting with Clover I'd be at about one setting 1.25 It seems like 1.5 is starting to get too Much so when I come in a setting like This I'm going to do it a little bit Lighter because we already have an Established stand and it's really Different with Clover and perennials Compared to Brasa Brasa is a little bit Different because it's kind of like Stunned bluegills in a pond if you have Too many Blu gills are stunned if you Have too much Brasa seed the Braska Plants become stunned so in this case Right here when you have perals you're Just wasting seed if you put too much so We want to limit the amount of seed I Keep that setting more at one uh so it's

Barely coming out and that seems you Know over the last couple decades that's What seems to be about the best just a Little bit lighter amount instead of uh 8 lbs per acre it might be more like Five or 4 lbs per acre again you're just Filling in holes this air right here we Want all our hunting plots we have Several of them and little corner plots Of the big plots where you might hunt Around a corner we can get in and out Without spooking deer at different times Of the day morning afternoon that's the Key I want those in Clover and we're Talking we have 17 and a half acres of Food plots here and we'll have about an Acre and a half of clover so we're not Talking acres and Acres we're talking Just enough that we want to shoot bucks Over these plots we want to establish a Pattern of user in the summertime we'll Still have to to mow this Clover down Here two or three times during the Summer because the deer won't be able to Keep up with it they're just not using It that much during the summer but when A mature bot comes through here he'll Take some nips on the Clover he'll like It he might even stay here set up chop For a couple days especially if he get Spooked out of a small wood lot around Here he gets familiar with those small Hunting plots that have Clover on during The summer and then he comes back and

When he comes back that's October November maybe even December because he Establishes a pattern of feeding use on It and then uh that makes them want to Come back as opposed to you know a small Hunting plot now this one lasts pretty Good we got really good volume with our Brasic in here um but we want to Establish this in Clover and that's the Purpose behind it now frosting so we're Obviously establishing that clover in The fall I do not like going into an Area and just planting all the Clover in the spring I'm not a big Spring planter we have our it's our uh Drought threat mix and that's for spring It's our spring perennial and the reason We have that is it has a annual Rye in It that'll be dead it's at a small Percentage but it's enough to act like Oats as a nurse crop so you get it in The spring that's a specific spring Planting but even then you're still Taking a risk that's why we have that Drought Factor built in there of that That rye so that it helps shape out the Clover and The Perennial it's trying to Be established and try to withstand and At least be able to fight against that Drought have a chance during the Summertime last couple Summers we have Had enough drought where it wipes out Clover Fields establish this in the fall Though get a great shot of moisture in

The fall at some point it gets Established and then you get another Great shot in the spring so fall planted Clover not only do you get a leg up on Weeds because this is already Established but then at the same time And I'm I'm not talking the frost seated Portion I'm talking about the the Portion that we seated in the fall but That Clover becomes established and it Can withstand just about any drought That mother nature throws at it the Following summer so you get a great shot Of moisture in the fall another shot in The spring you get your annual summer Showers and uh even if you don't also Weeds this clover will be growing fast Here the Clover that's already Established in the chory and the Alfalfa So we'll get a great mix coming in and Then by adding this in Frost seating hey Guys thanks for watching the video we'll Be right back I really want you to check Out our Seed Company pure Wildlife blend We Chang the name from whs to reflect Pure what our seeds all about and our Company's all about right now is a great Time to be putting down our perennial Our green Max traffic blend for trails And around the water holes our switch Grass our summer soil explosion it's Amazing what people are buying right now Even going all the way into the fall Getting all their seed available right

Now we'll have it all year though you Don't have to rush check it out while You're at it while you're on the website Check out our how you design your white Tail parcel it's a great web class in Some of the other ones we have lots to Offer including the books too make sure You don't miss out now back to the video So we'll get a great mix coming in and Then by adding this in Frost seating the Current Clover that's around even if It's sparse acts as a nurse crop and Especially the chory too to the freshly Established Frost seeding Clover I like The frost seed right now it is February 12th and normally we'd have a bunch of Snow down here but the ground is Actually soft you can see on here I'll Uh I just step right here and you see my Boot Track it's stepping down and we're Getting an imprint you see all the mud That's sliding around perfect conditions For getting the seed on soil and by the Time the temperature gets to the the Right temperature for Germany and clover It'll pop before then that chor and Clover will already be standing up it's Amazing it feels warm down here right Now we've had close to 60 already um in The last 3 weeks it's just crazy for This time of year even if we get another Foot of snow on this that Clover is Already down the ground getting pressed

Into the soil as opposed to putting the Clover on top of snow I don't like doing That we have enough Hills here that I've Seen it where it uh erodes quickly on Frozen Ground crazy this year we don't Even have Frost in the ground down here And guarantee it and so A lot different this year where we don't Have that ice Bas on top and Everything's going to float off but Anytime you have open soil like this in January February March awesome time to Frost SE that Clover and it's the same With our switch grass different Management methods we're getting this on Here we already have an established base What are we going to be left to do moow We can use codm if we have fox tail down Here some type of grass growing in here To kill the grass out but other than That we'll mow use codm and I like using The uh tactic of one qu per acre of Glyphosate on established Clover Clover Meaning it's in its second year growing Or later not a bad idea but a lot of Times you put a number on you put a Hurting on your uh chory you could hurt Your birds foot tree foil even the AL Alpha a lot of those varieties aren't Roundup resistant as much as Clover so Consider that when you're putting it in We already established great weed Control last year the Brasco that was Down here was a smother crop so it

Limited the weeds and and shaded the Ground so we have virtually no weeds out Here and this Clover is going to have a Great environment to not only establish What was previously planted in the fall But also the frost heated Clover because We'll have that nurse crop of the Existing Clover and chory Alfalfa Birdsfoot tree foil and this going to be A beautiful mix down here Frost seeding Switch grass a little bit different we Can Frost seed it's not going to Germinate until the soil temperature Hits in the mid to high 50s which is More like end to May June for us so we Have the option of spraying several Times at least multiple times before That switch grass pops we can actually Go into grassy established fields that We couldn't do that with Clover Clover Will emerge faster than the switch so if We tried to go into a real weedy area For one those tiny seeds throw up a very Small lader compared to switch grass is A little bit larger but a clover only Throws up a little bit of seed or a Little bit of growth when it first Germinates and if you have a lot of Debris and grass it'll get shaded out And die so there's things we can do with Uh switch grass we can't do with clover But this is the perfect time to switch Grass either and uh it makes you want to Fast forward to June because this is

Going to be a beautiful field of green Down here that clover will stay green All the way way in through November It'll be eaten down to the dirt but with That established pattern of use the deer Will really hit it all the way through December and you can see we have our Family tradition stand right over here We have our redneck in the background we Get to these by coming in from the Opposite direction now so we have great Approach we have really good places to Blow our scent towards a neighbor's House over here the last thing and the Last step we expanded this food plot Last year took care of the weeds put in Our fall crop established our clover now The last step is to get this awesome Clover Field growing this spring and fit It into our plans for hunting this fall We'll bring you along with it and I Can't wait to show you this in June it's Going to be really pretty

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