Todd’s Dream Hunting Property – Part 1

Todd is now in year 3 of owning his “Dream Hunting Property” and the small projects he’s done the last 2 years are starting to pay dividends. Let’s take a look back at what those projects were, and how he’s benefitted from them so far.

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It's been about two years now since I Purchased my new farm and I've started a Lot of projects to create the best Hunting and recreational property Possible at the time of purchase the Lion's Share of the property is in a CRP Contract which limits some of my overall Big picture plans so getting started I Wanted to pick a few smaller projects to Be able to get things rolling it's super Important to point out that these first Two projects that I started which was Creating a few small kill plots in a Woodland Pond took up a very small Portion of the property and these small Little improvements are things that Anybody can do whether they're on their Own hunting property or maybe even just Have a hunting lease these little Improvements can pay monster dividends It's been about a year now so join me as I show you what these improvements look Like today you know what these Woodland Ponds can be Hill or spots to hunt and Then would you believe it this small Improvement that I made last year turned Out to be where I ended up harvesting The buck that I wanted to get last year My Hit List Buck was shot over my first Improvement that I made on the property Now it's important to recognize that Again this is a small enhancement of the Property this is literally no greater Than probably uh 40 foot by 40 foot

Overall section anybody can take a piece Of property or even hunting leaks and Create a small water hole like this What's important is to make sure you Pick the right locations being able to Get in get out you have to have good Access points sure enough it turned out To be a hot November rut year that buck came right In I was able to harvest them over this Spot now I did not go back to this spot This year to be able to really show you What it looks like now because to be Completely honest with you this is a Spot that I basically will hardly ever Go into unless it's the check my tree Stand make sure it's ready to go because I want this spot to feel as safe as Possible for these deer it's literally Less than 80 to 100 yards from a bedding Area so it's critical that these deer Always feel like they get out of their Bed get a drink of water and that it is Safe as possible for them because this Spot is always going to pay big Dividends in the future again I want to Remind you this is a small plot if you Don't have a skid steer you can rent Smaller pieces of equipment quite Frankly if you've got bigger arms than I've got you can get in there with two Or three of your buddies you can use Shovels you jump on Amazon you can you Buy basically a liner and a small rubber

Membrane put some clay over the top of It let it fill up with water and you Will have yourself a fantastic place to Hunt now I want to bring you into a Couple of other kill plots that I Created when you think of kill plots It's exactly what they're intended to do Spots where you could slip in and kill Deer now both of these spots I was only Able to hunt one of them one time and You know what it doesn't matter that one Time that I went in there I had an Opportunity to shoot a doe but join me Now as I take you into those spots well I wanted to get back to this kill plot And kind of bring you an update on where This thing stands today a year ago we Came in here this was thicker than snot Standing next to me right here is this Honeysuckle as you can see this Baby's Way over at least 12 foot tall this Entire little kill plot was nothing but This honeysuckle there was Zero growth Within this kill plot a deer could Hardly penetrate this we came in here I Brought the fecon mulching head I Cleared it out I set a deer stand had a Lot of activity come and hit this mock Scrape that we made there ended up being A big rub on it later in the season not Sure exactly what Buck did it I'll have To check the camera and go back but a Lot of activity started using this knob And this kill plot we just walked into

It and Right off the bat I saw this first Native Coming up this is a Trillium yes I got Turd here helped me Point all these out But this is a Trillium here I mean and Then literally we just started kind of Going through the plot we found this Blood Root Over here And again these are just a couple of Species that we found right away and These are varieties that you want to Have in here but come on let me take you In here a little bit further to show you Why this is just going to continue to be A great spot as you walk along here with Me you think about turkeys having their Pulse you know that's happening right Now I'm surprised that we haven't Captured any on camera I'm sure as I go Around and pick some camera cards up we Might find a few but when you start Walking around something I have not seen In a long time especially on this piece Of property because my Woods are so Overloaded with this honeysuckle you Start watching you can literally see all These grasshoppers all these baby Grasshoppers jumping in here which is Huge because if you're a little pulp and You're trying to survive right now You can come into a spot like this

They're down low obviously mom's got her Head poking up looking for danger around Every single Corner because everything Wants to kill those things they're able To have plenty of cover to hide in but They're able to sit here and pick bugs All day long this right behind me here Is the mock scrape that we set up it's a Little bit bigger than I usually make Them but I was desperate in trying to Get something up and going but amount of Deer that just came in here and started Using this thing was amazing unfortunate This honeysuckle is already starting to Grow big time but you can see This rub right here they were hammering This thing I mean it's amazing I cut This honeysuckle back and within no time At all it's almost three foot tall so We're definitely going to get in here We're going to spot spray then Honeysuckle I want to keep this open as Much as I can I'm fine with the Interceding we did with the Clover There's brows in here the couple apple Trees that we planted this is year two On the apple trees and they're looking Good Um You know I didn't check to see if any Mice chewing bark out of them but the Nice thing about apple trees even if you Get some mice damage or girdling around The apple trees it's one of the few

Trees that can actually handle it and They won't die they'll be able to Continue to grow but this tree looks Healthy it looks good there's To three of them that we put in here Cage so those will get big over time Sure it's going to take a couple of Years but it won't be long let's keep Kind of walking through here you can see Some other variety of trees popping up In here this here looks like This is that prickly ash right now our Prickly pear Ash prickly ash prickly ash Yeah so you know I mean it is a native Plant it's not bad it's not exactly my Favorite Vandal storms hurt like heck And they're hard to get out of your skin We had a couple re-sprouting of walnuts Here which you know I'm really I hate Walnuts to death these guys are stump Sprouting but as you can see here I mean If you really come up close I mean these Deer are in here obviously just non away At these things now again I'm not going To let any of these take over again Because these aren't the trees that I Ultimately want in here a thousand Photos that always gets me excited I'm Gonna go ahead kill this I forgot to Bring a card with me so I'm just gonna Go ahead and take it with me and turn it Off for now go ahead and see what we got You know when I broadcast some of that Clover in here one of my favorite

Clovers is this crimson Clover you can see it by this really Beautiful Flowering head that it gets it's just Beautiful and just a great plant that Gives off a lot of nitrogen we'll take a Look to see what's on this car but let's Go ahead and stroll through here this One tree before I came in here and just Started demolishing you know I mean I Really took my time to walk around and Just think about in the future will it Be multiple trees that I can hunt this In for different winds you know I've got The one that's set up over here for an East one because it was a major trail That literally cut right across here Hits the scrape and it just continues Down this line so that's one stand there I did hunt it once last year I could Have shot a doe so in my opinion for Year one this was a huge success and if I would have continued to hunt the spot I'm almost positive about had a chance To get a buck out of it there's a couple Other trees over here that I had kind of Marked out this one big Locus and then This one Burr Oak now this Bur Oak Small Never in my lifetime will I be able to Hunt from it but kind of pointed him out Individually because that's a tree that Will be a really desirable tree one day It's just a beautiful tree but as far as I'm concerned for

A first year kill plot What coming in here and seeing the Amount of browse the amount of activity That's already in here the fact that now I can get in here and I can manage the Honeysuckle keep them at Bay if I want To plant a couple extra trees in here I Could but honestly this is diversity It's something different than what I Have and I mean literally if you look All around me you see nothing but Honeysuckle this just provides the sweet Little Oasis for deer to pop out before Those evenings before they start heading Out to the big food plots they can pop Right in here have some brows and head On out this is this is going to be a Good spot in the future I love the way This thing's turning out but right off The bat we haven't been in here Literally for more than a minute and We're already picking out some great Stuff you can tell this is definitely a Spot where a hen is coming in here I Guarantee there's probably a nest around Here somewhere I've been getting one Lone hen on camera up here walking Around but you know for a fact she's Been dusting here in this little opening Spot now here this spot's a little bit Different it's not so much of a kill Plot because I've got a food plot just I Mean literally within 30 40 yards here And my goal with this spot here is to

Catch those deer on a North Wind Traveling right along this food plot Sending whatever's out in it and I'm Eventually going to have a stand up here But for right now this was that second Spot that I cleared out last year and Let's take a look at some of the great Stuff we're finding in this plot here Just like the other plot you saw but a Little bit different because this one Here faces South it gets a totally Different type of sun exposure you can See the wildflowers here I mean these Flocks are growing everywhere I mean it Looks absolutely gorgeous so that's one Thing that just jumped out as soon as we Got into here same thing just like the Other spot there's multiple trees that We cut down that were stump sprouting Deer have definitely been hammering Those Um these are those Ledges that I need For the deer to lay on I can't say I had Any success yet with the deer actually Betting on these but the reason why I Walked over here is the because this is Where I did insert some shrubs and I Want to check on because last year the Deer were absolutely hammering them so Here you come up here this here Is a great little Hazelnut and there's No doubt there's brows but you know what For its first year the tree is here it's Doing good I should say the shrub is

Here there's another flag over there and Another one up there this one's doing Much much better so those I introduced Because I want those native shrubs to Really start taking over this area Once you get these areas cleared out Like this it's so much easier to manage Them you can come in here with a little Spot sprayer Take out the some of the thistle that I've been seeing definitely going to Take out the honeysuckle that I'm seeing And kill the invasives and let the good Stuff keep on coming let's keep on Walking along here we saw some other Things that we wanted to point out to You probably the one thing that I'm most Excited about which I'm going to take You to the next Kurt thought I was having a little bit Of an ulcer or something going on But it's right over here and you know What it's a big deal for me because You know you talk about opening these Earrings up now watch I'm not gonna be Able to find the little guy oh no there It is Look at this You get in here and You open up the sunlight and here's two Little Oaks where these acorns obviously You know came from somewhere There's an oak There's a couple of Oaks over here so I

Mean whether the squirrels brought them Over here and baron was a small Oak Right here but I don't think that one's Big enough to be dropping acorns yet but It doesn't matter I mean what's Important is these are the different Varieties that you want to come in and Start getting bigger and start taking Over these areas versus that Honeysuckle And you know what this didn't cost me Any money you know I've spent a lot of Money planting trees and there's no Doubt I'm going to come back in here Put a little cage around them pound in a Steak protect this little oak tree right Here because this is a great tree didn't Cost me a penny and more importantly I Can tell you right now by walking around Here and looking at the diversity in This spot here it's going to attract More wildlife and at the end of the day That's what you want to do I could have Left the honeysuckle I could have done Nothing yeah it's a cool wall yeah I'm Sure there's some deer that are bedding In it and some people may look at and go Why in the hell would you want to get Rid of all that thick cover and for me It's because I want the diversification I want things for all Wildlife Birds Animals I mean bees turkeys they were Dusting over there I want to be able to Have as much diversification and I want To attract as much Wildlife as I can

Versus just letting that nasty Honeysuckle just take over everything And of course maybe not in my lifetime But this little oak tree right here once I get a cage Um I'm gonna throw the video up of the One time that I didn't cage the one Little Oak that I found tell you what it Doesn't take long man those deer they Got a heck of a stomach to fill and I'll Tell you what they find these little Guys and they're gone quickly so I'm Gonna cage the street maybe not in my Lifetime like I said but 10 15 20 years From now this will be a heck of a tree So As far as I'm concerned year two of this You know clear-cut opening that I made Is doing fantastic Well as you can see I took those two Spots where I am telling you when I Bought the farm and I first started Walking the property there were spots Where you walked through and you were Like man I bet you there's some big Bucks bedding in these areas because They were just thick and they were nasty The problem was there was no food it was Completely overgrown with honeysuckle You could hardly penetrate the stuff and I'll be honest with you I don't think There was very much use of those areas At all by going in there and tweaking Them opening them up letting the

Sunlight get in there you saw the Improvements that made but I'll tell you What solidified the deal for me was Pulling that Stealth Cam and looking at That card when me and Kurt were in there Filming I literally got home that night I stuck that card in and I decided to go Look at the most recent stuff and would You believe it the day before Kurt and I Went in there and filmed that here's a Bachelor group of bucks five different Bucks of course they're just getting Growing maybe the only one or two and a Half year old there super hard to tell At this point but it doesn't matter here Is a group of five bucks In the kill plot some of them are Hitting the mock scrape that I made and They're in there browsing like crazy Because that's what happens when you Take an overgrown area open it up to the Sunlight Let the Sun get in there and Let all that native Regeneration start to happen it creates A lot of browse and the deer love that Not only that I could see by watching Other videos that I pulled from that Card is a lot of activity is coming Through there so I know for a fact that That is going to be a great spot to hunt In the years to come well I'm excited to Bring you some of the future Improvements that I've been making they Keep getting a little bit bigger the

Next one up that we're going to be Talking about is the big logging project I'm not gonna lie that that one was Frightening for sure because I changed The landscape of the property it's Almost a 13 acre complete clear cut so That's going to be coming up in the next Video so stay tuned for that there's a Lot of other big projects that I have on The horizon you have to stay tuned to we Did a big erosion a stream Bank project Through equip which I want to share with You some big tree plantings and a lot of Other updates so stay tuned in the Meantime hopefully you're able to get Out turkey hunting a lot of our Teammates did had a really successful Year putting down some cookies I hope You're getting out in the woods and Making these improvements to your Properties these are things that I know You can do more importantly if you've Got improvements that you'd like to see Me do to my property or if you've got Improvements that you think can make an Impact please comment below because I'm Always interested in getting new ideas To be able to create the best Whitetail Property possible Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign

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