TOO DUMB TO QUIT! || Elk Hunting in your 50’s

TOO DUMB TO QUIT! || Elk Hunting in your 50’s
Today’s special guest is Sam Rogers who’s an elk hunter, entrepreneur and family man. Sam is proof that if you stay on your grind, you can make your dreams come true!

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Baseball's a good analogy where like It's a game of failure oh yeah you know What I mean EXA archery El [ __ ] is a Game of failure yeah we're kind of in The process of talking to a lawyer right Now that's always fun oh God I hate it Dude don't shoot There you shot great man you're a good Shot um what bow were you using that was A psse mock 30 and I'm kind of like I For hunting I set my bow up honestly as Light as I can get it yeah what's up Guys we have Sam Rogers today he's our Guest we were supposed to go over to his Business today in calan and do some uh Recovery day protocols you know contrast Some sauna some red light therapy but a Pipe blew up yeah when it got cold the Water pipe burst and flooded us out so Now we don't have a business so we just Shoot bows all day but now we're trying To figure it out try to figure out Either stay there or move somewhere else But we're going to reopen and we'll be Back so next time It's tough man life's always going to Throw curveballs at you but instead of Worrying about it we'll put it on ice We're going to shoot the course get some Reps Sam's a good shot he's an out Killer head over to my house get a Little pump session follow the oak Shaped training app and then we'll Podcast bring you guys along get to know

Sam let's go gotcha we're actually going To shoot the normal normal course There's like a bunch of targets we never Shoot okay it'll be fun bring you guys Along get some Mar flight it'll be cool When I get in the Heat of the Moment I Don't do a lot of pull through Within Index sure I get my I get my PIN on an Elk and I whack send it and I often Don't even remember what happened and so This year you know and then uh I've shot A hinge before I've shot thumb buttons And practice trained and then I always Have switch so this year I am committed I'm hunting with the The Click I've been Shooting it pretty good I think have two Yeah I have two your backup yeah I got a Backup yeah have you gotten a 300 no 298 Ooh o me I've actually never even shot a Full Vegas round no it's uh it's not as Fun if you ask me but um for for two Winners yeah I was like shooting in a League and everything and just trying to Get a 300 and Just one day it was like every arrow was Perfect until the last one I just how Nervous did you get on the last one dude I was I mean I was I was like I started Telling myself oh like oh my God I'm Going to get a 300 and then I freaking Missed the whole thing zero didn't even Hit a red I jerked so hard on the Trigger and I was that's when I was Shooting an index all the time and

That's when I was like time to go listen To Joel Turner some More very [Applause] Nice dude drilled It little hot spinal tap So you like the the quivalizer You know What last year is the first year I Hunted with one and I like it for what It does what I hate is if you have to Reload a second Arrow oh really yeah you Have to reach through here bring it out Without call that the reach around Yeah so I don't like that but that it's Tilted down like that no you you nailed It we'll help the next guys I'm not even A 12 that's a 10 and this is the biggest Shaft I've ever seen T's got a giant shaft guys giant Shaft you're in There did your shot sense got all messed Up after yesterday's episode no but it Gave me a 91 what but it also gave me Like some 68s and some 70s but my average score on Shot sense is 73 and by the way my first Five shots were 0% so that's always Chewing up in my average But I heard phone Brother ni I don't know it's that full Draw a long time having some demons There I always say with uh with business and

Life I'm too dumb to quit and that Translates well into El cunning too it's Like something you just got to be too Dumb to quit and eventually you might uh You might succeed so walk me through Your put your thumb button here oh okay Stand onx click the Joel Turner special Yeah so do you start your here I go After the first click after the first Click yeah just here I go keep going Yeah and uh I like it it's working out Good nice you guys don't know is like Sam's a killer man Sam gets a bull every Year or two you got a bull last year I Did yeah did you get one or two I got I Got I shot one cow in Montana and then I Got a nice six point in Idaho congrats On the eight I cannot get a 10 on this Target to save my freaking life but I Got to switch fat fat sha man whether They not helping me get any points so Well they might come in handy here Shooting shooting indoor I think you Pick up about two points a round with a Fcia sha we got 10 we got 10 10 and a Nothing oh sorry sorry sir I didn't know They Shed their whole Head dad joke dad joke all right we got A cougar over here scammed him right in The high spot that's where I was aiming Dude you that's a really good shot look At that saved you an arrow kiding right That's my dream Sam is to be kind of um

A threat to Elk in my 80s let's go flat And kind of work around to these darn Nasty uphill bear shots Cool That's why I like them is that the ultra View body on that with the UV slider Body hey we caught tens woo see well you Did not even my fat shaft can get it fat Shaft missed the 10 how's that even Possible I don't know thing's huge does The camera like make this not look steep Probably this is steep this is Four-wheel drive right now this is 80 y Shots There You Go Sir all right let's Do what else we got over here an elk it Took me seven years of bow hunting to Finally get an arrow into an elk would I Give up elk hunting if there was no Money to take care of my family Absolutely I'm trying to never get in That Position I never but but it's like the Priority changes so smoked it nice I'm Aiming at Dirt come shoot this shot Samuel You're right there with me I heard Foam Dot what did he say lost your bubble Lost your bubble you lost your bubble Blake I lost my bubble on that One dot dot dot Nice Shot Brother fin killed something so these Are our shots where we couldn't see the

Target uh that's a 10 that's I'm going To give that 11 that's that's a beauty Nice Shot man nice job look that Elks I Go by Bodie Rogers oh my gosh best shot of the Day Yeah Buddy feel good about that was it high Again uh-uh oh nice it's not terrible I Like the height a lot o that's right in There I think that's a good Shot Dot he's getting the lingo I got the Lingo you're an inch lower than my arrow Yeah all right so how far is It to that mousy moose oh the long Ones 140 I was buried But it just jumped at you it Jumped I'll take it back along shot M Nice we did it we shot the course got Some reps in no wind today whatsoever no Rain Sam was lighting it up doing great We're going to head to my house we're Going to grab a quick workout from the Uh elk shape training app and then uh We'll we'll podcast in in the gym get to Know his story bring you guys along Let's go yeah so we're doing um we just Did a nice 5minute bike ride concept 2 People ask a lot of times like hey what Bike should I get from my gym Sam calls The assault bike the puke bike which I Think is appropriate name I don't see

You guys spending a lot of time on the Assault bike unless you're just doing a Conditioning piece and it's full out Whereas the concept 2 bike you can do Warm-ups like we just did or you can do Zone two like watch a show ride for 60 Minutes or you can actually get after it And do intervals right now we're just Getting our shoulders warmed up we're Doing um crossover symmetry protocols And some band work here for this oh External rotation is that burning yeah Good make that Y and then you'll just do A nice snow angel kind of do upward Rotation with the scals and reset and Act like hinch squeeze your lats back Down 10 of those hey your absor from ghd Setups yes cool it's good so push press The dip Drive uh it is a lot of triceps And it's a lot of hips so you're dipping And driving the most I'm just going to Get to the most common faults is dipping In the chest so here is going to send The bar in a wrong path so it's dip Drive just cuz we want it to translate To a jerk eventually so okay Dip Drive locked out active shoulder Shrug at the Top nice I'm not on a specific program But I here's the here's the boxes I Check every week is at least once a week Sometimes twice but at least once Deadlift heavy for me so work all the Way up to like three reps a three rep

Set same with squats I'll go heavy for Me same with bench press and usually Bench press I do dumbbell presses um Overhead press and then I do a lot of Pull-ups Sim's 53 years young I asked Him what he does for workouts and he Said a deadlift heavy for me once a week I squat heavy for me once a week I bench I shoulder press heavy for me so it's All relative right he does a ton of sled Work he does conditioning pieces total Body workouts um Sam's like your Quintessential 53y Old El killer who Just gets after he knows he has to if he Wants to keep doing it and he's addicted To the bugle juice just like all of us Man like Sam why do you El hunt that's What we needed know dude why do I elun Cuz uh cuz most of the time I have no Cell reception that's one reason check Got to love that um it's the honestly It's the challenge I've killed a lot of Elk with a bow but every year it feels Impossible it's just feels impossible And so when it finally happens it's a Huge payoff I mean that's why I do [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] It [Music] Baring something crazy happen I really I Really want to still be living this life

20 30 years from now I'm like maybe I'll Be the oldest elk hunter [Music] Ever [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] N [Music] I held uh I had 17 cows every Round and then I did 17 wall balls I did 18 on the last round I experimented with Like kind of just staying up against the Red line but trying not to cross over Cuz then know I'll be I don't know if Sam might have cross the red line we'll Have to ask him I don't know how I did I Know my heart rate was Red Line the Whole time first round on calories I Think I went too hard I honestly wasn't Counting M you went unbroken I was Trying to go unbroken you went Buck Wild But I was also throwing at the women's Target who cares who cares dude that was A Max effort and I love it I can't do This with everybody who just I know off The street who comes in and hang out Like you're awesome dude you did great Oh that's a legit it's a quick hard Workout that's dude that's the stuff That makes you feel alive though for me What that Deposit into that mental toughness

Account that you're going to withdraw Out in September 1,000% you know people Don't that and then don't tell me that Doesn't translate into going up and down Mountains it's the same same junk it's Funny like we get you said it earlier Off camera like you know you like going To a gym cuz it's not at your house and You know you said everything inside my House is about Comfort everything about An elk's life is not about Comfort They're out right now On a south facing slope vetted down Trying to get some with the wind blown In her face trying to survive winter and Wolves and we're over here walking 10 ft To our grocery store right with running Water a warm bed so you got to do guys This is the oak shaped Channel you guys Come here for archery stuff that's cool But if you like this Fitness stuff check Out our new channel elkshape training It's a lot more of this and I want you To go check it out and subscribe

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