TOP 5 Exercises to INCREASE Your Bow Poundage EP 3

TOP 5 Exercises to INCREASE Your Bow Poundage – Today we are creating a new protocol for you to not only decrease your injury potential, but to increase the amount of weight you pull back when it comes to your bow. Some folks are happy with the poundage they pull, but they’re not able to do it as smoothly as they’d like.
We are featuring Preston Ward aka MTN PHYSIO on his TOP 5 exercises to increase your bow poundage!

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[Applause] Man I today's the day this is the video you Guys been waiting for I did one in the Past how to increase your bow poundage Because some kids need to get legal and Get to 40 some old guys are just like I Don't want to lose bow poundage and then You young guys like maybe in your 20s Ego you want to pull Cameron hayne's Weight back I get it we all want to pull As much poundage as we can this is the Newest updated video on how to increase Your bow poundage starring my homie Preston AKA Mountain physio he's a Physical therapist you have some Protocols that we're going to deliver Today and as a bonus at the very end I'm Going to give away some of my favorite Exercises as a strength and conditioning Coach here we go top five exercises from A physical therapist who's a bow hunter Who also works with the US archery team Mhm mhm let's go top five exercises Rotator cup exercises have to to be on That list so the the first one that I Want to go over is external rotation at 90° so targeting that rotator cuff so Grab one of these bands so what I'm Looking for here in this particular with This particular exercise again like we Talked about in some of our previous Videos is not elevating that shoulder so Really depressing that shoulder and

Rotating back and forth what this is Targeting is multiple rotator cuff Muscles but also a little bit of that Posterior delt so there is a good Article that looked at like the top Exercises of drawing a bow back there's Not a lot of research in that right but One of them was one of the Articles Looked at those rotator cuff muscles it Was the posterior delt muscles and the Low trap during the draw cycle those are The top muscles that are very active so So external rotation I'm not a physical Therapist but I know that the slop in The elbow you can't have this dropping It's got to be in a fixed position and Then you're just going to trace here and The tendency is to want to shrug guys Depression is your ally as a bow hunter So what would you call this movement Just external rotation external rotation At 90° okay and so if I grab I prefer Bands like this these bands I have them On my website you can they can live in Your bow case do warm-ups with them and Everything like that I prefer stuff like This the crossover symmetry is great Like it as well but what you can do is So hold on to that and you'll just get a Little bit more tension um depending I Guess how how much you you pull there I Like this right here many sets great Question everything that I prefer at This stage so if we're trying to

Increase your draw weight initially I Take people through so I take people Through a 8 we or a 10 we program three Sets of 15 for the first two weeks the Second top exercise to increase your bow Poundages so the second one is working On that posterior deltoid simply just Drawing a band back like your bow why Not your bow so you can draw back your Bow totally but most people are trying To increase their weight and so if They're over bowed or if they have any Shoulder pain then grabbing a band is a Simple way of doing it to increase your Super convenient and also you can do Both sides which a lot of people don't Have a right and left-handed bow and I Believe if you train both sides you're Going to improve your draw strength by Doing that so I hands down I always tell People to draw back this way as well as Draw back this way and so same thing Those first couple weeks three sets show Them how you did this so you so how I Did this here I'm going to steal this so Here and then reach down and grab that There good and now you're right there And you're able to pull back did you Wrap over I did yeah okay so simply just Drawing back now again what you're Focusing on is that good form dropping That shoulder good really using those uh Low trap the posterior deltoid here the Rhomboids and so you can do so you might

Need you might need more resistance We're talking about increasing your draw Weight and and so by that about 15th Repetition you want it to be pretty Difficult don't draw your bow 15 times In a row yeah right you draw it once and Then you shoot so this is kind of nice To be able to get find your anchor but These these are awesome these are the Bands that I prefer they live on my Website and stuff like that but they're They're great for that you might need More resistance you might want to do Something like this and you can easily Do that so you could do that and another Fun thing really quick is let's say hold A band hold a hold a weight there for Your bow like that so then you can hold Weight and draw back so increasing Increasing draw weight right here There's nothing better than shooting Your bow if you can't then definitely Use the bands three sets of 15 again for The first two weeks for the first two Weeks okay moving on number three this Is your top five this is number three You're not going to need a lot of Resistance or a lot of weight but I'll Bend over here and you're going to do Some Wise so simply just wise like that okay Go ahead and let's see you do that now Most people don't need need a lot of Weight with this because people are very

Very weak through these muscles nice Yeah 15 reps will smoke yeah it'll smoke You so so this is 10 lb right here I'm Telling people I I start people off at 5 Lb or 2 and2 lb exactly yeah and Honestly the the tendency that I've seen Is the shrugging on this movement Especially the elevation that again Depression is going to be your friend You said us a tournament a couple videos Back where you want your scaps in your Back pocket I'm still in that queue that That really paints a picture uh so wise Three sets of 15 go air on the side of Being light absolutely it's a it's a Vulnerable position anyways for your Shoulders and in this scaption plane and So you want to be a little bit again Lighter so that you're not getting those Shoulders up another thing um that People will do that I prefer to people Start with is one get getting a physio Ball laying over the top of the physio Ball and doing the same thing yeah and a Lot of people have those physio Swiss Balls in their home gym or the gym they Go to number four what do you got simply Rows so work on the rhomboids uh Everyone thinks that the rhomboids are The main movers of the shoulder for Drawing your bow back but again as we've Said it's mostly the deltoid the rotator Cuff and the low trap but the rhomboids They create a very stable platform so

That everything can pull on it so I'll Take these here 35 lbs right there Simply a bent over row now you can do it Where you're holding onto um kneeling on A bench exactly you can do this right Here good he's engaging a shoulder right Here engaging those rhomboids you can See right there he first sets his his Shoulder right there and then engages That romboid so three sets of 15 three Set 15 per side this is 35 lb again you Can kind of just create it whatever that At that 15th repetition you want about Two or three um reps in reserve the Thing I like about dumbbells guys is if You don't have an arsenal of dumbbells And you're like man I only have a 35 lb Dumbbell it's too light slow down your Tempo maybe go for a 2C hold at the top 2 seconds up 2 seconds down tempos will Always help back fill if you're missing Poundage and last but not least our Physio top five what is the number five Exercise last one last but not least Fifth exercise reverse flies again Bringing a shoulders back and doing Those that T Formation as you do this I want you to Bring your arms back a little bit more Yeah oh yeah you want me to hold to the Top too or yeah yeah oh yeah these are Fives hold That you can have people hold like that The tendency when people hold for a long

Time is they'll start to engage their Upper trap too much I would rather have Them do repetitions and not engage that Upper trap as much that upper trap as Soon as that starts firing people will Start having a lot of shoulder pain Because they start bringing those Shoulders up towards their um ears so Again shoulder blades in your back Pockets okay and as promised we're going To give you uh I'll give you two of my Favorite movements and have doc tell us What he thinks about them the first one I want to show you is a scap pull-ups I Think everyone should have a pull-up bar Let's head over to the pull-up bar I Think hanging from a pull-up bar is got To be beneficial for any athlete hanging Is something that you could do just for 30 seconds to a minute um when I say Scat pull-ups we're not doing a full Pull-up but you're doing the first part Of a pull-up at least a proper pull-up And so it's just bringing that Depression down that depression there And not really trying to bend your arms At all and how much am I traveling there Doc yeah you're Traveling ah it's a Good I mean that that inferior angle of That scapula is going about 2 and 1 half 3 in so to me that's all it takes and You can do the the same rep scheme mhm 15 reps and you can even just stay on

There and hang work on your grip Strength and hang for 30 seconds come Off Shake It Out do it again I mean it's Going to work on your posture it's going To lengthen good muscles that aren't Lengthened that normally when we're here All day I like with that one that's a Really good one to so unlike that um Reverse fly you'll get that upper trap Engaged this one you won't and actually You'll depress that even more so those Holds are really good to hold that there 10 15 seconds to get that um it's also Good for like you said grip strength Elbows um archers elbow people lot of a Lot of people complain of that so last One is very similar to the scat pull-up Would be a scat push-up building off That platform of a plank I know that my Physical therapist that I see not for Injury but for like I preventative Measures I see a physio here in town She's awesome she's telling me that I Suck at recru recruiting my glutes and That my core strength are not using my Core and so she has me doing glute Activation drills and lots of plank Variations so I feel like we can finish With I think something that's really Important I can do it right here so You're depressed there engaging that low Trap there what I really like about this Is you're really engaging that serratus Anterior so this is that muscle that

Where you have those striations on Really fit athletes and what that what That serratus anterior does it actually Prot protracts your shoulders like this It pulls that scapula against the the Spine there so that you can have again a Good platform for when you're drawing Your bow that's all we're trying to do Right here yeah build the rotator cuff Build these strong muscles so you can Draw more weight but build a solid Platform so we're preventing injuries Stay off the sidelines guys as a bow Hunter especially do your due diligence And experience more longevity a better Trajectory more poundage thanks for Watching we'll link his channel and We'll put in the video description Access to all his information Separations in the preparation we'll Catch you on the next one

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