Turkey Tag Team: Epic Bowhunting Showdown in Wyoming & Illinois!

Watch these two action-packed hunts from across the country! Paul Morrison on the ground without a blind in Wyoming, and Tyler Rector in Illinois, where unexpected encounters with velvet bucks add to the excitement.

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Hahaha All right guys well welcome to Wyoming Um for about a month into the turkey Season here in Wyoming but uh I think I've talked about it before if You've watched any of my other Wyoming Turkey hunting public land videos is Um It's really tough early season until the Weather breaks and the turkeys break up And head out into different areas so Um last night I was driving around and I Think I seen some turkeys relatively Close to Piece that I can hunt So I'm going to go out there and hike on In and see if we can strike up a bird Call them in and shoot them so Um Shoot the Lisa's old bow because uh it Kind of parted ways with my other bow And Hopefully uh hopefully we can knock on Down with that I know it shoots good I Was I tuned it in last night made sure It was shooting good for me All right so there's a bird It's kind of going up towards that A piece of public there Looked like a hand but if they're there Then That Tom or Jake or whatever I heard Last night There as well

Can't see anything else but I'm gonna Try to get up there and get in front All right well here goes nothing Trying to get up in this bowl here those Turkeys or that turkey is headed to Um It's also bear season too I've got a bear tag so If we see one Might try to call him in That would be cool Foreign Or a jake or something that was caught When last night up in here so Decoys out I had to crawl out there to set it up And I'm gonna set everything up here Hopefully stay in the shadows and maybe Shoot them if they come up here So I've got these bursts to gobble they Sound like they might be going the wrong Way but uh I'm getting really aggressive With them hopefully maybe we'll get him To turn and come come back we had to end Pretty close I couldn't film her but I Don't know if she saw me or what but she Ended up kind of going down that way so Hopefully she didn't take long beards With them I'm just coming around here trying to Stay behind the fan Fired up maybe they'll turn and come This way All right so I was able to uh go out and

Band and I was able to see the Tom and He's strutting about 120 150 yards away I think he has hands with him I know he Has hints with him so I don't know if We'll be able to get him away but I Showed him the fan called to him he Called Cat strutting so I don't know I don't Know if they're gonna come in I feel like they've got their hands They've got shade they've got places to Pack down there that Even though they gobbled a lot of times At me there I don't think they're coming In I might hang out a little bit longer And then I'm sure my impatience will get The best of me and I'll probably go After them Very close or something and they're just Hanging out downstairs I think I'm gonna Sneak in try to get as close as I can With the fan on the camera and maybe we Can make it happen Foreign Foreign Foreign She's got a nice bird I haven't looked at the shop but I thought it I thought it looked good When I hit him and he kind of went down Right away and started plopping so I ran up to him tried to get another Shot at him like I normally do I could Have probably ran him down

Tried to head shoot him And uh hit a rock blew my arrow up it's Awesome I'm excited I was able to sneak Back down down this way and I'd get kind Of Brought him where they wanted to go and That's kind of what worked I had the ban On my uh had the fan on my bow And I was able to make a shot just a Little bit farther than I wanted him to Be I just held high with my 20 yard pin But I think he was probably 30 right There the 30 yard Mark so I'm pretty Excited I'm awesome had a awesome season So far even though I haven't even broken The bow out I was able to uh run around With one of my buddies down in Florida And kill a uh kill a nice Osceola with The with the shotgun and then I had a Work trip that I had to go back and work On my house in Ohio and While I was there I was able to get out And kill a bird with my buddy Tony so This season I know The Season's a month In but uh You know this is the first time I've Been out in Wyoming trying to kill a Bird and it's it's nice to be able to Back East you get in the woods and you Kind of hunt all day well here you kind Of try to find the birds first and then Hopefully go out and shoot one so we're Lucky enough to do that today so let's Go get our hands on this bird see what

See what he looks like all right well oh Drop a GoPro Hopefully that didn't fight All right well well well We got a turkey and uh it wasn't a bit As big of a [ __ ] show as uh As I've had before Um my first shot was a little low hit Him like right in the right in the top Of his legs basically where his legs tie In Um I don't think he was going to live That's for sure and he wasn't able to Really run but I wasn't sure where Exactly I hit him and was trying to get Another arrow in him right away and I Should have just came up here and body Shot him real quick but I don't know if You can see there he's right next to the Rock All right guys well what an absolutely Beautiful morning it was here in Wyoming And for it to come together on the first Morning that I've actually really got Out and chased turkeys here in Wyoming It's pretty impressive usually takes me A long time a lot of gas mileage a lot Of scouting trying to find birds that Are working on the public pieces so to This morning uh as luck would have it I Found some last night the roosted pretty Close to a spot I thought I could get Into and sure enough they worked up in

Here the first setup I was a beautiful Setup had the decoys out and everything And they gobbled quite a few times at me But just would never come out of this Bottom So eventually I threw the fan on The camera and went around and got a Little bit closer and they end up Working in so how did Jake work in about I don't know eight to ten yards and then This old boy was strutting on that Ridge At about 38 39 yards I didn't want to Shoot them that far so he ended up Coming down to probably I don't know if My shot was probably 28 yards something Like that held a little bit high and I Hit him pretty good really just a little Bit low and he probably would have Expired but I jumped up ran after him Put another arrow in his head so uh Broke uh broke a couple arrows but uh Got a dead bird so my Wyoming Miriam's Hunting is over for myself my wife has a Tag so we'll see what she gets into and Then maybe we'll run around with Dustin And kill some birds with that so Um Also I have South Dakota uh so I'm gonna Try to get to South Dakota maybe kill One with the bow I have a bow tag and Then I have a gun tag so right now this Is the third species that I've killed This year and that'll probably be it Unless I kill a Rio or something in South Dakota so yeah anyway I'm gonna

Get a tag on this bird and then we're Gonna get him back to the uh get him Back to the car back to the house and Get them cooked up possibly tonight We'll see Unfortunately my little man is sick or He would be here we got a notification On Snapchat or something like that that Two years ago uh today I think like Killed a bird as well in this general Area so he was with me then Unfortunately not now but uh go enjoy it When we uh when we get back to see him So until next time guys but Wonder die Thank you New hunting rake Gas is expensive boys no judgment here Yo Toyota Corolla Rocking it out I got a bird right here guys whoa Oh Oh Probably 35 minutes F30 right now so technically Sunrise is like 25 minutes But I was walking in here these birds Were going nuts so I'm hoping that I'm set up right now Last minute plan Come back here in this Cove I want him To be down there There's no longer Road Goes down right through where these Spiritual roosted and I wanted to be

Right there on that long Around 30 so Um He's kind of threw everything up because I didn't know what was going to happen And I got settled in real quick so Just not breaking daylight where I can See good I'm gonna do some light calling Act like a handy [ __ ] down and uh I've got three years no jig no Tom uh it Seems like the chicks This late in the game let's first come In and beat him up so fast he's getting Shoot with archery.com Basically I put three hands up here one Land down Um to kind of make them come in a little Slower Foreign As you can tell Flap my hands try to sell your bird Flying down I might have been a little Too early And uh I think those Toms are standing In the tree so the lizard thinking this In is coming but I'm not I'm staying Right here so Getting ready Foreign Laughs Well He wasn't coming any closer

Came out of 30. is that 40 right there 37. But it flew across this field Makes me nervous so I'm gonna grab my Glove What happened Uh to me I thought I'd smoke that bird Apparently I must have hit low Because I can't find anything I mean I Found my arrow had some meat in it but No blood no feathers I mean literally nothing we're cool off Oh I can fly around that point All right grid search all that it's Almost like you got I don't know I'm gonna search it again in case he Took off running back towards the truck I mean he flew right towards the truck So I didn't walk with it anyway but I thought I smoked that word not to see Him fly 100 yards across this field and out of Sight And it's pretty wide open so I mean if He's laying in there it's fine you Should be able to see him But I'm gonna walk out there and see Because I could walk right away they do That stuff I'm not giving up Well we're packing up Ryan I'm gonna walk out here and try to find

This bird I don't know where he went I Wasn't block off this field looks like He went down this little dip Right Or anything honestly So I was walking out over there you see My orange decoy back that's where I last Saw that bird I was back in this Cove The last place I saw this bird in the Air and I thought he's got to be over There in that Timber Walked all of it grid searched it could Not find this bird I was like well I'll Just go get the truck Come back and get my stuff and uh I was Walking and I just happened to it just Caught my eye turkey laying dead right Here right above the field Edge couldn't Get any better so here look at him guys Pretty good bird Um He is uh He's got probably A little over inch Spurs Maybe Probably uh 10 and a half 11 inch beard Maybe Yeah maybe not quite nine Nine and a half ten stops so yeah First third of the year I've got two Days of season left but honestly Probably done we don't have a whole lot Of turkeys and uh this one made me work For it so well good morning guys so yeah Pretty successful hunt roosted this bird

Last night a couple who doubt calls and He gobbled kind of knew where he was Then I went in there this morning and I was Going to set up basically right Underneath them with no blind But when I was walking across the field At 4 30 this morning he uh gobbled and Basically woke up the woods the rest of Them started gobbling So I popped up a blind threw the decoys Out real quick right on the field Edge About 40 yards off the timber line Finally got a hand to come up and he was Just following her right up right out of The woods beautiful footage I was hoping That he was going to do what she did Which was walk up to 10 yards from the Blind from the decoys and from the blind But He didn't he hung out like 30 to 40 Yards and he was just gonna basically Skirt around me I think to catch up to His hand Um when a couple big bucks came out I think he that just kind of made him Stick closer to the timber for some Reason and uh Finally when I thought this is it now or Never he was 40 yards and I let him have It Um did a couple back flips and they flew To the woods and died so Uh I got three tags but honestly

Season's almost over I haven't seen the Turkey population really bounce back From all the coons and stuff so Uh we are probably just going to shoot This one and be done and uh start Getting ready for deer season so got a Lot of stuff to do on the new Farm yet a Lot of seed to put in the ground Um got some seed on the ground planting Some Clover made a pond Did a little dozing work man it's gonna Make some four-wheel Trails Creek Crossing stuff like that so I can get in And out Real easy Um and uh Find some switch grass get some bedding Established got like six acres of that So Um it ought to be pretty awesome maybe If not this year but in a couple years It ought to be Prime prime time down there so that's a Farm where uh Western shot above this Year and Dustin shot a bus right on the Fence line but Um on my lease but uh Got some good deer on it and we passed Up a lot of good deer last year on there A lot of younger deer so I'm hoping this Year next year and every year from now On ought to be really good so I'll keep You posted but uh Yeah big Tom down so

What's the Matthews didn't get any Better than that Going to die

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