Turning Small Deer Parcels Into Giants

it can be very easy to turn your small deer hunting parcel into a much larger parcel, in the eyes of the local deer herd. However, most deer hunting parcels reflect anywhere near their true size, and are greatly diminished in value to local wildlife populations. Here is how is how to transform your parcel from tiny to GIANT, in 1 season or less.

Now before you get too jealous of the Folks that have hundreds of Acres or More versus your small 40 I want you to Consider there's a lot of ways that you Can actually take that 40 acre parcel And make it seem like it's a huge parcel On the flip side there's ways that you Can take a giant parcel which most People do and make it appear a lot Smaller and and having a lot fewer acres And that's really unfortunate we want to Get the most out of our resources of Time and money spent I'm going to talk About some easy ways right here that you Can turn your small parcel into a giant As far as how the deer relate to it and How you can affect your actual quality Of hunt and quality of the herd and Number one Edge from above if you have 40 acres and it's all hardwood timber Your potential is extremely limited you Need to have Edge change of Timber type Change of Timber age Upland versus Lowland maybe a little wet area a little Bit of high area heels conifers Hardwoods brush Briars the more Edge and The more diversity you have on the land The more that it equals a greater Potential for wildlife and white tail Populations a much greater in fact think About a lot of federal lands and public Land there are so many public land Parcels that an entire 40 does not Attract one deer per 40 acre parcel

Because it's all federal Timber it's all Managed for big giant Timber there a lot Of State areas like that too where we'll Go into some federal lands that could be A section of land 640 acres within a big National Forest you might only have Literally a handful two or three deer For that entire six 640 acres on the Flip side you can take a 40 acre parcel That has a lot of edge maybe a couple Food plots and we'll talk about the Hunting pressure that you have to keep Off of it but we'll we'll take a 40 acre Parel like that and you can have 5 to 10 Deer living on that regularly because You have diversity of habitat you have Balance of habitat you have quality Habitat it just simply supports more Deer and you don't spook them off so big Differences just right there how you can Take a you neighbor has a thousand acres Of Hardwoods there's a there's an area In Southwest Wisconsin I know they give Drawings for hunting in there it's 400 Acres it's surrounded by Agland and in In theory you're going in there and Hunting and it's just you shooting fish In a barrel because it's surrounded by Great Agland but it's all open mature Timber and the people that hunt there Hardly ever shoot a big buck Because it's so open when they go in There they spook the deer but at the Same time it's so open and it doesn't

Attract a lot of deer or wildlife in General because there's nothing for them Cover or food so you can see from above How does this look there are 40 acre Perels Thousand Acre Parcels maybe your Neighbors that have a lot of Hardwoods On and they attract very few deer and if You have great edge and a lot of Diversity of habitat you can attract Several times more 20 times more deer Than conventional Timber practices and That's why a lot of MFL programs manag Forest Law state programs manag your Timber are bad for wildlife because They're great for Timber but very poor For wildlife and that means your Potential for having good Wildlife Populations on the property is severely Handicapped when you enroll in some of These programs not all of them not all The time can never say 100% but uh Bottom line is if you have a lot of Old Timber and your parcel looks the same With no Edge from above you're probably Severely limited in the quality size of The deer herd you have Wildlife Population in general and certainly the Quality of your hunt number two Big Timber woes is something I want you to Think more instead of edge I want you to Think in terms of just straight Forge Per acre when you have a mature forest Or taken out of acorns you can't have a Mature forest and have acorns and hold a

Lot of deer on it uh just simply that You have to have cover still for the Deer and the acorns are limited so it's A very small window that you can even Hold deer or Beach Nut or cherry Whatever that mask crop might be let's Just look at mature Timber if you cut That Timber it goes from 50 to 100 lb Per acre of forage to 1,000 lb per acre Or more of forage so when you look at a Parcel anywhere you can have about 15 Times more forage by cutting in that Parcel than not cutting so that one acre Is 15 times more valuable of cutting Than some that doesn't cut on it just Looking at straight food so obviously if You have 40 acres you might not want to Cut the whole thing but you cut 20 acres You're going have 20,000 PBS of forage Per acre a year on that 40 acre parcel Compared to the one next door that 40 You might have 2,000 lbs of of forage on It per acre per year compared to 20,000 And just and you only did something with 20 acres and let alone if you just do 5 Acre pocket here couple acres here Couple acres there the amount of just Food in general which deer have to have During the daylight goes up greatly so When you have that forage and you have That browse and you combine it with good Food plots the food plots can be four Tons per acre so completely different Than a thousand tell eight times more

Whatever that number is five times more 10 times more it's a lot greater so when You combine that food you can have a 40 Acre parel with a couple acres of food Plot and 20 acres of total cutting and Still have mature Timber on it for a lot Of edge again you're creating Edge now You have a property that has 50 times More food than the one next door that's Not cut and that's what attracts Wildlife and uh and uh deer populations In general let alone the cover it Produces with stems per acre because of All those stems coming out that equal Food or cover hunting pressure doesn't Matter how big your parcel is th000 Acres 500 Acres 50 if you don't manage The hunting pressure it makes that Parcel look like a very tiny parcel so There's a lot of parcels even around Here th000 Acres 500 Acres 400 Acres 700 Acres if they they drive their Four-wheelers through it if they access With no idea what the wind is doing that Day and if they're spooking out food Plots what they're what they're doing Spooking out bedding areas getting on And off the property if they drive Through it during the middle of the day Gun season then they take it a parcel That's 500 acres and they push deer to The edges and always remember when a Deer runs and Spooks it runs a half mile Not 200 yards and stops it runs a half

Mile so think about that 160 acre parcel When you're in the middle of that you're A/4 mile from the Edge in every Direction if you spook deer off your Percel because you're hunting halfhazard Then you're actually spooking deer a Quarter off quarter mile off your Property or more in all directions Because you're spooking them out of the Center let alone if you spook them from The sides they might be a half mile off Your property we have Parcels we we go To where because of lack of habitat lack Of food not much of an attraction and Then poor hunting style we have Parcels Where neighbors are shooting 180 inch Buck or 160 200 in that the clients Never actually saw in a 2 or threee Period neighbors are getting pictures I'm regularly but those older Buck come To recognize the parcel as hey I need to Stay off here not only during the Daylight but after a few years it Doesn't even become a part of their Wheelhouse they're not even coming on it At all so there'll be some doz and Fallen Young Bucks very deceiving boy we Have a lot of deer but you're attracting The wrong kind of deer you're not Attracting a balance and so when it Comes to hunting pressure that really Truly is the lowest sole in the bucket Because you can take a parcel that has Zero Edge and if you don't put any

Pressure on it and there's a lot of Pressure around you then you might have A couple bucks in there or some deer That get pushed in during the honey Seas Just because you're not going in there But when you put it all together lots of Edge reduce the hunting pressure at Least how it looks to the deer think About those Parks you drive by in Metropolitan areas that have tons of Deer on some big giant bucks that Everyone knows about but you can't shoot Them because they're completely illegal To to actually walk on there's no way to Get access so if you shoot it people Want to know exactly where you shot that Buck but bottom line is they're there Not because you created food sources Water holes bedding areas might have Some diversity a lot of times that's got Some Low Land mixed in they're there Simply because there's no hunting Pressure and they recognize that depth Of cover I've been to 400 500 acre Parcels where there's a food plot every 100 yards on the property or another Food source they have trails that Criss-Cross through the property there's No depth of cover there's no depth on That landan where a deer can go 400 yard Away from the front of that parcel even On a large parcel and be back in remote Areas there's another food source There's more Do's there's more fawns

There's more Young Bucks there's more Commotion there's more stress because of The food sources so a buck eventually if He lives he grows out of the level of Reclusiveness that he requires and finds It somewhere else and he leaves and a Lot of times all of a sudden you passed Up a buck till he was three and a half Four think man that buck me giant all of A sudden sumone shoots at 2 miles away Because you pressured the land too much Or his food everywhere there's no depth Think about a 20 acre parcel I give this Example a lot but a 20 acre parcel you Put 5 Acres of food in the front that Means there's over 300 yards of depth in The back you take a 40 acre parcel put That 5 acre in the middle there's only 155 yards of depth to the outside Border In any direction that 20 acre parcel if You can't do anything else is worth more The to deer and deer management than That 40 because it lacks depth the cover You multiply that over a 500 acre parcel With 4 100 access more food locations Where bucks are not going to bed blowing Your scent into different areas you lack Any kind of depth that a buck can Actually go back to mature area we can Typically look at an aerial photo even If it's several hundred acres and say if There's mature box I bet they're there Or there or there just simply by Xing it Down and away from the food sources yeah

Well that's food that's access that's a Hunting cabin bucks aren't going to bet Around there especially an older Bo so That leaves these areas right here as The only places a mature Bach can bed And they say say oh well we just added a Food plot there it's not a good thing we Just added a swimming Pond or or Whatever there well that means there's Nothing there either there's not going To be a mature box so you got to think About that depth you always want at Least 200 to 400 yards behind a food Source and it has to be thick and lots Of cover lots of screening screening First around the food and thick cover For doz and fawns to bed and then those Areas for bucks and that'll give you That appropriate depth of cover compact Daily movements your daylight movements You have good food good cover like again You're working in that 2 300 yard of Depth 400 yard at the most you want to Have that layered system where these Bucks that are back there 400 yd away if They're pushed 7 800 yards away they're Probably not relating to that food Source on a daily basis unless you're in Extreme remote areas Wilderness areas Where deer are accustomed traveling a Long ways without any kind of Interruption from their daytime bedding Out in some swamp somewhere to an Afternoon food source up in a hardwood

Null or wherever they're feeding at that Moment on public land so you want Concise compact movements that not only Have good food and good cover but good Cover in between so you can imagine a Buck going from front to back during the Daylight never be spooked that's why you Want good screening around that food Good cover for do and actually if you Don't have great cover for bucks they'll Probably still build be there if it's Remote if you're never spooking them From there and if you have that layering System set up where you have afternoon Food screening D and fawn cover Young Buck it's almost like the further you Get back and remote on the property the Less Of a priority quality cover is you just Have to have cover that's unpressured And those bucks will be there and then Number six don't spook your food this Goes back into hunting pressure depth of Cover everything else we talk about Where you cannot spook that food because If you do you can have a property that's A th acres in an AGR area there's lots Of food on the property and every time Someone goes and hunts that they spook Deer on and off that food source you Turn that Thousand Acre parcel into a 100 acres very very fast there's a lot Of people that do well because they're The only ones hunting on 1,000 Acres or

800 acres and they do it despite Themselves because the size of the Property encompasses their mistake and Poor choice of stands and poor movement When it comes to hunting strategy and They do well despite themselves don't be That person instead turn your 10 acre 40 Acre parcel into 100 acres or more by Following these factors right here Knowing that You can actually do really well in most Deer neighborhoods because most people With larger Parcels are doing poorly Because they've assembled habitat Improvements that are based more on the Quality of the Improvement than actually Allowing them to hunt the property Successfully and strategically and get Around without spooking game there's a Big difference between those Parcels the Majority of people do it that's why we Have so many clients every year we'll go To over 300 this year as a group Wes Dylan Joe Kevin and I where we have lots Of people we can go to because a lot of People spend money on their parcels and After three or four years 7 years they Look at it like what are we doing wrong Because the neighbors have the big bucks Over there and they don't and we see These same things over and over again Check these off the box and you can turn Your tiny parcel into a giant parcel Takes one season this does not take

Years it takes one growing season it's a Great time to plan right now in January February To have a great hunt and a great herd by Making your tiny parcel very big this Fall I appreciate you guys watching the YouTube channel but I don't know if Everyone knows everything that we have To offer whether it's on white to Habitats solutions.com our website or Whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company Also Instagram you can check out I'm Very active on Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on wh habitats solutions.com Everything whail strategy of course we Have hats on there and then make sure to Check us out on Instagram again but lots Of stuff to offer we're always coming Out with new things and this isn't the End of it we have more things coming Soon make sure to check us out

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