Unique Deer Hunting Tactic

Have you ever considered hunting exactly where other hunters and other people are at, before you hunt for deer? Here is a very unique but highly effective and simple hunting tactic…

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Now I don't want you to confuse this Concept right here we are not hunting People let me to repeat we're hunting Deer but how many of you thought of Hunting people and really looking at People when you go out in the woods Especially for public land but when you Go to private land when we're when Dylan Joe Kevin Wes when we're at a property We really have to consider what's going On around the neighbors and that's often Part of that 2hour morning conversation Of not only where your food s sources Are your access you know that might Change but really the the one hard and Fast tangent that's not going to change Is is what's going on in the neighbors's Properties their food their bedding Their cover and so I like knowing what's Going on around me we've even gone to The point where if our neighbor chain or Gate was open next to us where we used To hunt in Wisconsin then we knew that We would hunt certain stands that would Take advantage of the deer that they Would push off their land cuz they had 60 Acres open cover cabin in the Middle With a pond and they would go out from There from ATVs and they'd clear the Entire parcel of all their deer and that Was the one time on Sunday or Monday if They were there for the weekend that Would we would see certain bucks on our Land and they would go by certain stands

So it it made a lot of sense for us and And that still applies to today who's Hunting around me where are they hunting When they hunt where do they push deer And it's really important to uh to keep Track of that I'll tell you in public Land one of the things I used to do is We would go out I would clear a spot That looks like a deer scrape right on The trail like a buck buck scrape and Then I could see when people went Through there how many tracks there were What size Footprints they were and I can Tell you up Michigan it was back all the Way in '98 one of the places I huntting I would do that and I saw a little Footprint there and it didn't it was Like literally a size six or seven shoe And like oh that's kind of interesting It's a really really short Hunter out There and then about a mile in in one of My sacred spots around these ponds I Found a big boot track 12 13 size and Then that little one so then you start Thinking okay is it husband and wife is It a husband and a kid you know what's Going on and and they must be a pretty Big dude and it's interesting one of the Times I came back from hunting a very Remote area 7 miles back it was 2 miles Back in the season seasonal Road just Two traction literally dead end dead Ended at a beaver dam and had seen no One back there and I come back in after

Dark when I come back into the into the Car in a situation like that I leave my Flashlight off I walk in dark so if Anyone's there I I'm more worried about People than animals just's put it that Way I get back there's a note on my Truck hadn't seen anybody out there for Weeks if not months so I remember like a Little chill going down my spine kind of Like oh my gosh someone was back here Are they still here read the note hey I've been hunting back in this area for A long time um can you call me and I Really want to make sure you're not Sitting in my blinds or stands and he Had old blind on a public land and my my Take is yeah I have a legal right to be There but I want to find people stuff Because I want to avoid them I don't Want to say oh I have every right to be Here I found I scouted this spot and I'm Going to be here and then you set up a Confrontation well most importantly you You you you set yourself up for failure You know that they're going to be Walking in on you during opening day Whether you beat them or they beat you It's ridiculous you know so I just want To go somewhere else so I kind of like People sign When it comes to that it's interesting I Called that person and we had a good Conversation and I said you must be a Pretty big guy and he said where did you

See my track and I said all the way back By the ponds and I said you must be with Your wife or boy or kid or son daughter And he said uh no that was my wife with Me and he said I told her not to step in That that uh Sandy area on the other Side of the Bieber Dam and it was my way Of just knowing who was out there what Approximately who was out there Obviously boot size you can approximate The size of the person he was like a 62 63 guy um shorter uh girlfriend or or Wife so you can tell a lot about a Person you can find where they're at in The woods you can identify that track we Had a track that went into our property In the up of Michigan and they were Walking right through the middle of our Property and there was a little blood Here and there so in a deer track so we Assumed they'd shot something wounded Something that wasn't that wounded we Wanted to find out who it was we had no Trespassing signs they walked 250 yards Into the property so my brother and I Drove around and we literally had to Drive about 8 mil we checked all the Turn-offs for that boot track each Turnoff all the way around an 8 Mi and About two 2 and a half miles in on a Seasonal road we found a vehicle with That boot track getting out of it and Walking into the woods so we knew they Were still in their blind we foued the

Boot track and we came right to a carpet Laying on the on the end of a point in Some Conifers and we the the tracks ended Lifted up the carpet And there was a guy's head he was Literally sitting in a pit blind that he Had put logs and trees over put soil Over it and he'd been sitting there so Long in fact this would have been in 99 2000 and in uh 2006 it was 30th his 30th Anniversary sitting in the same blind in The same spot he was just a startled Imagine picking a piece of carpet up and There's a guy's head there and uh he Looked up at us he was just as shocked As we were we talked to him had a great Conversation he'd been hunting there for A long time he's someone from town and Uh I like getting to know my neighbors Even if they're on public land and and That's why I really like hunting people In a lot of different ways and when it Comes to public land we'll talk about Developing heat Maps here in a second And how it can uh and really translate To your success for me it's important to Know how many people are in the area Where they're hunting if they're hunting By you or not I don't want to set myself Up for a conflict or a confrontation but Mostly I don't want them ruining my hunt So I want to go find a spot where no no One's hunting so I like when people

Leave sign public land Roads parking areas Trails ribbons going In tax slash marks on trees Trails ATV Marks Back 2 miles in Marsh I'm public Land I've seen it all I like looking for All those people points and then staying Away from them and depending how big the People point if it's a parking area and There's four or five cars there I want To be Mile and a half 2 miles away from there Because I know that there's going to be Hunters saturated over a certain area as Opposed to just one vehicle they're in One spot and then in the offseason I Want to find out where they're at Private we're looking for food sources Water sources change of habitat cover Potential bedding areas and certainly Access routes from your neighbors you Want to consider that when you put it All together you can develop a heat map And what I mean by that is you take out All the road areas you take out all the Trail areas take out all the The Walking Areas and all of a sudden you have 10,000 acres of public land 5,000 acres And you boil it down to 1% of that 10% Of that where you can actually go Scout 5% of that so you can take 10,000 acres Narrow it down to 100 acres because You're taking out all those areas now You develop heat maps of core areas you Develop core areas now if you're an

Advanced hunter and you want to really Get into the woods deep now you've given Yourself some real core areas where you Can go explore Maybe takes an hour in You have to cross a couple beaver dams But you know the potential of other Hunters being there are very low and Then you can develop areas that are Closer to cars or closer to parking Areas where at least it's in between Smaller parking areas it's away from Campgrounds away from roads you might Say you know I only have to go in two 300 yard 400 yards but the potential of People not being there is very high I'll Give you an example of a high potential People Area Michigan and I'm sure they Do this in other states but they had Food plots on public planned areas well A public land food plot next to a road Sounds good sounds all you know Kumbaya We're going to help the local Wildlife We're going to put a bunch what it is is A giant bait pile for hunters Hunters Flock around these food sources cuz They'll drive by during the summer you Put trail cameras around there probably Multiple trail cameras people see the Deer coming in before the season begins And man they're just flocked in there so That's an area I want to know about so I Avoid it like a lot of these other so You're not really hunting people Obviously you're hunting the sign that

Signs that people leave and you're Developing heat map areas and you know The further you get away from food so if You identify food maybe big clear cuts On public land and you develop those Core areas away from people now you have Potential morning stands where you wake For a deer to come back to you and then You have transition areas between that Big food source and bedding no different Than a food plot on your neighbors and You have some cover you can develop Afternoon stands closer to the food Source whether it's a neighbor zag field Whatever it might be or your own and Then you develop those morning core Areas more closer to bedding and then Those stands in between or lack of and What I mean by that is you start looking At it you say between the roads the Parking areas the trails the campsites The food sources Hunter AIS in general Bolt Landings where we're going out in Pennsylvania a little bit uh week and a Half from now for the gun season opener You can Say there's nowhere left for here or at Least mature Bock because on public Lane You want at least have half mile 3/4 a Mile of a buffer for major food sources And everything else that's people area And private land that might be 1 to 300 Yards because deer are used to a smaller Amount of space to work with so you can

Develop these heat map areas and where To hunt and certainly where not to hunt I hope that makes sense it's no Different you can take all this you're Looking for people sign where they hunt So you know you know what I do I make Sure when I'm on public land say in the Up of Michigan where I park my car in a Remote spot and I go in I don't even Want other Hunters to know which way I'm Going I make sure I don't crush ferns Down I don't use TS I don't use ribbons I don't use trails in fact I might pass The same Tree on the way in and way out Of a 40-minute swamp walk into a funnel That I want to hunt might pass by a I Remember that walking by that tree in The dark or you walk in in the morning And you walk out at night you walk by End up walking by the same tree because I'm following a compass route now we Have great mapping Services we use Huntwise and uh and we have all the GPS Capability what if what happened if you Play you're playing with your phone all Day and you don't bring a backup battery Or a charging pack and uh and you lose Your phone I always in these de promote Areas have a compass hanging around my Neck so learn how to use a compass learn How not to leave the sign that you're Looking for because 99% of other Hunters Are going to notice that it was pretty Odd that that person he ended up being

In the up of Michigan he was kind of an Outlaw he'd been in jail for breaking in A bunch of homes and different kind of Family ended up uh staying on his good Side which was a good thing but uh it Was pretty odd that that was the type of Person looking out for um leaving tracks He specifically walked around that sand Trap that ID made on the other side of That Beaver Dam wondering looked odd to Him and he told his wife don't step in That she did he's like I told her not to Step in that be that kind of person and If you approach your hunting like that That you're looking out for other people You're trying to find out where they're At you're looking for those really good Heat map areas where you can find then You're going to be a better Hunter not Only planning your hunt on private land For where you put your food sources Making sure you have that depth of cover Where you have enough bedding area left Over you know 100 to 300 yards of Unbroken cover where a mature Buck can Go back and do or the oldest buck in the Neighborhood whatever that is and then Certainly on public land looking for Those Those Hunter hotpots and avoiding them Then you're going to find really good Hunting success going forward not only This season private public land but for Years to come I appreciate you guys

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