Unveiling the NEW 2024 Mathews Lift: QUICK BREAKDOWN

Unveiling the NEW 2024 Mathews Lift: QUICK BREAKDOWN…Quick rundown of the new Flagship bow from @MathewsInc #elkshape

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Hey guys what's up Dan here with Elkshape today's the day it's the launch Day I'm excited we've made several Videos this week uh hopefully you're uh Excited to go try or shoot this bow I Know that a lot of the flagship bows Have already been dropped and maybe You've been patiently waiting like is That it and I think it's cool to see Matthews come in last to show off what They've created for 2024 which is pretty Much everything new we're looking at a Sub 4B bow which is awesome that doesn't Sacrifice stability accuracy and it has Increased speeds with the switch weight X cams you're looking at a more Aggressive cam but still have a smooth Draw cycle and a solid back wall which Is important to me and now we can Finally get up to 80 lb mods and down to 55 which is a huge range and then draw Length with a 29 and 1 half you can go All the way down to 24.5 in and with the 33 1/2 you can go all the way up to a Draw length of 31 1/2 in quite the Spread lots of options the thing I like About the switch weight mods and the Switch weight X is that you can always Have your bow maxed out for efficiency So you're not loosening limb bolts like You are with other things out there this Is always set up for maximizing Efficiency energy and performance so the Skeletonized Riser you're going to

Notice it's cut out that's where they Saved a lot of weight all new cams limb Cups shorter limbs still has the Dampening axle assembly on top they have Cut out a lot of unneeded weight but Kept the in of a bow that's not only Bulletproof for out and whatever You guys do but it has the speed so Let's go ahead and roll the footage on What you need to know about this [Music] Bow your two options are 33 1/2 29 1/2 I Went with a 29 and 1 half just cuz I'm Elk Hunter shorter draw length 27 which Puts me right in the sweet swe spot with A 29 1/2 whereas with a 33 1/2 that puts Me kind of towards the bottom end of That bow so I always usually kind of go With whichever one's going to suit my Draw length and that's this and plus I Don't mind hauling around a little more Compact bow in the Elkwood so the Riser Finish is Earth that's what I chose I Love it as far as speeds go this is a 75 Lb Matthews phase 4 at 80% let off and It shoots my 425 grain Arrow at or Around 285 5 286 now this is at 80 lb Finally you have the option to get 80 lb Mods which I did obviously and I picked 80% let off and I'm shooting that same Arrow at 300 ft a second cams are more Oval there's going to be more potential Energy you're going to store more energy With that a little bit more aggressive

Cam you're going to fill it in the draw Cycle too a little bit so eat your Weedies if you go up to 80 but it is Fast and it's quieter than the phase 4 And and that's my personal opinion but I Believe it to be quieter and I know it To be faster and I know it to be lighter What did they change specs wise well the Brace height is still 6 in this ATA on The face 4 is 29 this is 29 and 1/2 so You got a/2 in longer axle to axle but Speaking of axles they've changed that Axle assembly so this one the axle is Running through the limbs whereas this One the axle is on top of the limbs it's Easier to get to in the bow press I Think it's easier to change out top hats Where you take the axle out take the cam Out and switch the shims much easier uh I think it's overall a better design for Working on your bow and I'm sure there's A bunch of technical reasons the Engineers did that but that's one of the Biggest things I noticed this limb Pocket angle different and then the limb Bolt is a lot smaller I think it's Saving a lot of weight right there as Well plus with Matthew's switch weight Technology you're not really ever going To mess with with the limbo at least I'm Not I'm just going to go up or down in a Mod depending on what draw weight draw Length and let up that's the cool thing About Matthew's bows and the switch

Weight technology is if you wanted to Use one of my bows all we got to do is Get the mods we don't have to order new Cams or anything so you could be a 30-in Right-handed bow shooter and you want to Shoot 60 lb at 85% let off there's a mod For that we'll swap it out and we don't Change strings or nothing pretty cool Speaking of strings these are match Strings I ran them for 2 months Thousands and thousands of arrows I just Put this bow in the drawboard checked Time we're still in time I've had zero Separation in the serving I like the Specs of the serving my knock fit is Awesome there's no slop it's not stuck On there like sludge or concrete and There's no separation anywhere these Strings are holding up which is huge for Me because I basically don't have to buy Custom strings anymore I can just run The match so so Matthews went with bcy 452x string material and they changed Every part of their process in-house for Making strings so now their Factory Strings are legit take my word for it Because I've been a Critic in the past Everything else you probably can figure Out still got Bridge lock accessories up The wazu so you can get your Bridge lock Stabilizers the V bar and the back you Can run the bridge lock with a lot of The sites which is great I chose to use The qad MX2 it's the integration so it's

Seamless it's small footprint honestly The qad I've been a harsh critic of it Is literally the best rest on the market When it comes to micro adjusting like Literally one baby click if you want to Get that perfect tear in paper or really Want to get that true fixed Broadhead Flight you're going to want that it's Going to make your life a lot easier the New EXO so these are the engaged leg Limbs that are different I think they've Improved the design overall to where It's more sleek and there's zero Vibration and then just head to-head This is a quiet bow in my estimation it Just seems to be like you don't even Notice it going off and you can still Run the two-piece or the one piece low Proo with Matthews bring everything Really close to the Riser go to a dealer Support your local dealer they probably Have this bow in stock today go shoot it For yourself and once you do come back Here let me know what you thought all Right guys now that you've watched all That I wanted to quickly just do a Little test here I ran the 80 lb mods at 80% let off all September and I ordered 75 lb mods at 85% let off and 80% let Off and I wanted to test the speeds and See the difference so with this Arrow we Were getting 300 ft a second with the 80 Lb mods at 80% let off I just took no Bow press needed I just took that out

And threw in 75 lb at 85% let off let's Shoot it through the Chrono the hs3 from Last Chance 76.3 3 at a holding weight of 12.8 we'll test it one more time reset It so again 76 12.8 so got the same Numbers twice so we will shoot this Through the Chrono get the speed of this 425 again we're at 300 ft a second with The 80 lb mods I want to see what the Speed is here and then I will take those Mods out throw the 75 80% let off and We'll test the speeds on that and uh I Got to tell you I'm probably going to go With u the 75 lb I just don't know which Let off but especially for white tail I'm going to use this for white tail and I don't feel like I need to pull 80 lbs For white tail but I definitely would go Back to 80 for Elk cuz I got a short Draw length all right let's go test this On the Chrono we'll be right Back 291 all right let's put the uh 75 lb Mods with 80% let off and see if we have Any speed Differential good Lord All right 75 lb 80% let off 291 we got the same speed 291 okay with The 75 lb at 80% let off let's test this with the hs3 Reset Says it's at 76 lb and the holding

Weight is 15.6 man that's a good wall we got 76 at 15.8 holding pounds so you got Options there obviously we didn't lose Any speed it's still pulling the same Weight so 291 ft per second with a 425 Grain Arrow which is my hunting arrow And then with the 80 lb mods we were Getting 300 ft a second that's awesome I Like the option of running the 80 lb Mods for Elk season I just like that Powerful punch at 27 in draw length for All my other species including white Tail I'm probably going to drop down to 75 lbs and I'm going to go to uh 80% let Off just I like a little bit more Holding weight but the cool thing is you Guys have the options so awesome excited Please go try the bow out go shoot it For yourself don't believe me don't Believe the hype go see if the hype is Real I've ran it it's got my seal of Approval if that means anything to you I Really believe in this bow and I think You'll like it if you're looking for Change check it out support your local Dealer go shoot it for yourself see what You think guys tomorrow we're going to Drop this entire bow build video be on The lookout for that and then the Following day we're going to drop our Hunt film appreciate you guys Separations in the preparation we'll Catch you on the next one

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