Want Better Deer Hunting? Do These First!

As deer hunters and habitat managers we are bombarded with information. Plant this food plot, buy this camo, buy this mineral, buy this supplemental feed, you need this call during the rut, and so on. But what we really need if we want to improve our deer hunting on our properties is start with some high level, low resolution habitat management practices that will have the largest effect on our deer hunting the quickest. In this video we go over the three things you need to do first to improve your property for deer hunting.

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So you finally got a hold of some Hunting land whether you own it and the Massive payment that comes along with it Or you have permission where the Landowner will let you do some habitat Work either way you have a lot of Decisions to make and there is tons of Information out there about habitat Management practices some of it is very Good some of it just won't move the Needle at all and it's kind of a waste Of time and money some of it is bad Enough that it will set your hunting Back for at least a few years the amount Of information out there alone is enough For anybody to freak out and not know Where to start and not know what to do Because this person says I should do This and this person says I should do That this person says I need these big Pieces of equipment to do all the Habitat management work because of soil Whatever soil stuff we won't get into That that alone is enough to make you Not get anything done because you just Don't know where to start analysis Paralysis is when you have too much Information and you can't seem to make a Decision because you're stuck thinking About all the different things that you Could do and end up doing nothing it's Like a score it gets hit in the road if You just pick a direction you wouldn't Get hit it can be so easy to get lost in

Tiny details that's why when you are First starting out you should focus on Those low resolution high altitude Management practices those are going to Have the biggest impact on your hunting The quickest so in this video we're Going to go over three things that you Need to focus on first when you start Improving your property for deer and Turkey hunting but before we go over the Things that you need to focus on do me a Favor and if this is your first time on My channel hit that subscribe button Make sure you click that Bell icon so You can be notified every time I upload A video and also go to inform.doors.com And show your support by grabbing a T-shirt or a hoodie or just let me know What you think of the designs and the First thing you need to do to your new Hunting property or your new hunting Lease is to figure out what your Limiting factor is the limiting factor On your property is your ceiling if your Ceiling is very low your hunting Potential the size of the deer you're Gonna be able to hunt or even just your Hunting quality is going to be very low It doesn't make much sense to try to Patch that hole and and the top of the Bucket when you have a giant wound in The bottom your limiting factor could be Food water or cover and I'm going to Guess for the vast majority of us out

There trying to improve our quality Hunting the our limiting factor is going To be secure cover and the good thing About increasing quality cover if you Increase that you're also going to Increase quality food so if your Limiting factor is secure cover and like I said that's most of us start opening Up the canopy in your hardwoods in some Strategic places and let sunlight hit That forest floor if you've got a lot of Open ground that's dominated by cool Season grasses like Fescue you can Convert those into more old field stands Where you've got forbs and Native Bunch Grasses growing in there not only is That good secure cover during hunting Season with the bunch grasses in there But it's also high quality food and it's Great fawning covers so you can recruit More deer into your herds and opening up Your canopy allows more Woody brows to Grow and so not only is that more secure Cover but that's also Woody brows that Is great high quality food during some Of the most stressful periods of the Year also thinner Timber allows Oaks to Produce more acorns and we all know how Important acorns are to our hunting Strategies I'll leave a link down below To a study by Dr Craig Harper about crop Tree release and the second thing that You need to do to your new hunting Property is you need to start focusing

On removing the invasives if you lucked Into a property that does not have Invasives then you need to either go buy A lottery ticket or give the previous Owner a giant hug and probably more Everyone has at least one invasive Species to battle and some of us have Four or five learn what the invasive Species are on your property and start Learning how to identify them once you Start finding them on your place you are Going to start seeing them everywhere Like we have giant walls of autumn Olive On the northern part of the property and In some old fields that we're starting To convert let them grow up we just quit Brush hogging them some cereza has Popped up and now I see that stuff Everywhere I can after a few years of Battling this Automall of I can spot Autumn Olive from a mile away learn to Identify the big ones for your area There are tons of them out there but if You can focus on the big ones like the Autumn Olive Bush Honeysuckle Multi-florose and cerisa lespedeza start Learning to identify those once you Start chipping away at them you're never Going to completely get rid of them but As long as you are doing something to Control them you're trying to do a Little bit every year you're going to Start getting on top of them and soon You will have a much healthier better

Hunting property by the end of it and The third thing you need to do to Improve your hunting property is you Absolutely need to do your best to Reintroduce fire to the landscape Prescribed fire is the single greatest Tool we have in our arsenal when it Comes to restoring habitat increasing Deer populations growing bigger deer and Increasing turkey populations there Might be things out there that are Better suited for specific tasks like Herbicides for invasives but nothing Encourages more growth than sunlight and Fire Start incorporating fire into your Hardwoods and you can provide three Times the amount of forage as you would In unburned Timber the flush of growth That you get in the Years following a Prescribed fire not only equals more High quality food but it also means that There's more cover available more usable Cover in that four feet and down range It helps keep those invasives in check It can reduce tick populations it Increases biodiversity the list goes on And on and on and I know that getting Started with prescribed fire can be kind Of scary I mean we all see those Wildfires and freak out that that could Be something that we could cause but Prescribed fire can be very safe if you Know what you're doing get the proper Training and get help out there with you

And you will see that the benefits far Outweigh the risks start out really Small for your first fires an acre or Less just to kind of get a feel for it And if you still are uncomfortable doing Prescribed fires you just you just don't Think you can handle that amount of Responsibility then you could always Hire a contractor to do your controlled Burns for you those first few Burns in The areas are going to be your hardest To do because they've got the most fuel Load available so once you reduce that Fuel load there'll be a lot less intense And easier to manage so it's three Things that you you need to focus on First when you get started managing your Property for better deer hunting if You've Incorporated any of this into Your habitat management or if you've Gone too far into the details or focused On things that you shouldn't have first Let us know how all that worked out did You have to start all over did it Actually work out pretty well for you or Did it all just amount to a giant waste Of time also if you like this video Chances are you're going to like one of These videos over here so give those a Watch hit that like button if you like This video share it if you found it Helpful it really helps the channel grow And make sure that you are subscribed so You can stay informed

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