Join us as we shoot TAC day 1 for the squad. We get to meet new friends and see some old ones as well, plus we have some really cool new products to showcase throughout the video! #ABT #elkshape #archery

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He's got the side plates With a little cut over tennis tape Aaron Do you approved Here we are in the wild to find out if a Bear really does in the woods just the Whole time pop whole time morning Primitive line Welcome to our day one of Total Archie challenge Chris's Day to You Great way to start the morning remotely Chris Cook this is my friend from California hi guys she's gonna outshoot Everybody today I don't know about that I'm going to try legend Big Mike Spencer From Whitener and then Keith ho that's How thank you Uh and Josh The only thing more beautiful than a Mohawk is the mohawk with the sunrise in The background Terrible lighting Keith great selection So like having people look at you all Day Josh can I be a big deal when I grow Up right now he's gonna let down No I'm just gonna put it in the middle Oh that is the truth my number one Question I get is how tall is Dan and Now looking at now born primitive here Is five nine for reference and Dan is Towering over him and Josh is 7-4 and Josh is set four Follow me on slap the trigger You're a squirter Chris is like I really just wait a

Minute Nice shot 40 year old break his ankle Somebody's Arrow up Let's take this Slap that trigger baby oh [Applause] Here we go the John Daly attack you Can't pull muscles that's why I've never Pulled the muscle There you go [Music] Yep Nope Conditioning I just bought brand new for The first time in my adult life 35 year Old man I just bought brand new matching Linen for my bedroom Clock Whoa [Music] Yeah Josh gotta do a lot of stuff he Ranges it and he's got to use his page Pierce app get his yardage and he does His clicks on his site you add that up Over 25 targets yeah You can shoot a whole another course but Tell you what I'll just stop pulling Everybody's arrows and I'll be ready for You he's pulled all our arrows he's Pulled all our arrows shots fired now You want that are you angry you like That Oh

Yeah Spencer yeah That's how it's done with one third Gravity there's no win-win situation Here nice shot thank you No pressure Dan everybody else in it You got so close to hitting the tree I Broke right that's like you're so close To that tree Rickshade that one off the tree here we Go Target 20. it's been a beautiful Morning mosquitoes are much less Foreign [Music] [Applause] Ty someone's been tree-night stuck it Right in it but you hit it dead center Middle I mean that that's that's like an Important shot so he won the uh we did It where did you do the giveaway on was It on Instagram oh YouTube YouTube so he Won the mag view see we do actually get Away they aren't Captain dude this is Sick that's cool so you guys are done uh We actually shoot tomorrow and Sunday Yeah okay we was here early we're from Arizona Bob and I drove guys [Laughter] Are you good I'm all right [Applause] Hey nice to meet you where are you from Uh Athens Georgia tell me you drove oh Okay okay This is my bodyguard Josh Jones

This is uh this is your village it's my Dude What's he do all day Yeah seriously he's always doing Something uh always networking Relationships he knows everything Oh where did you get a wait list for That sure virgin and then also tomorrow I want to make a lot of content with the B1 so I need you to kick me out are you Ready yeah we can do that here we go Guys so we're going to start with the Magnum phone plate that's the heart of Our system so this is held on by Adhesive it's going to stick on the back Of your phone or your phone case Whatever you choose so you're just going To peel it back off Get it on the back of your phone Drop it on there it'll stick on the back Of it and that's all it is so this will Allow you to hook up to both our B1 Binocular system and our S1 spy scope System so totally Universal Super Streamlined it's always with you it's Always ready to go did I lose the any uh Of my camera lenses uh so with our we Have a magi app which is called magview Gear it's free to download so if you Have a phone that has multiple camera Lenses like this one it's going to lock To Just One camera so you can zoom as Much as you want and it's not going to Bounce to different lenses we're gonna

Get Dan set up here with the V1 system This is also Universal to most finals That are out there we offer uh two Different sizes there's an XL version And a standard V1 most of Vortex is Going to be the standard V1 so we're Going to open that up it's going to come With one Maggie foam plate included and The B1 adapter here so we're going to Mount this up to his binos so all you Have to do to mount these on is loosen This little set screw on the side here And then you're going to slip it over The left side eye cup so it's going to Go right over top look just like this Slides right on there and you're going To tighten this little set screw right There so tighten that until it's snug And then once it's on there you can use Your iron Leaf just like you normally Would you can look through this with Your eyes just get these eye cups level And you can look through it so it's made To not impede the everyday use of both Your vinyls and your foam and we have a Grid system that's built into the app so You're just going to tap that button It's going to open this grid system on There and that's going to help you line It up on your binos So your foam plate is going to attach to The B1 system here and your camera lens Is going to look through the right side Optic so it's going to mount on your

Phone like that And to line it up All you have to do is hold it up to your Binos sir you find that beam of light in The center of your eye and then slowly Walk it on You can focus your binos And you can start taking photos or Videos through your vinyls so that's Pretty much it check us out on Magviewgear.com so this is our mag view S1 system it's Universal so it's going To fit 90 of modern day spine Scopes are Out there the way this one's works is it Has a dust cover you're just going to Flip it open when you're ready to Digi-scope the magnets of this system Live right here in the cap so that's What's going to attach to the magdu foam Plate once you have this open Hold your phone up to your scope find That little beam of light in the center Of the optic slowly walk it on until it Clicks onto the magnet and you can zoom In to get a full picture Use your focus on your scope just like You normally would and it's always ready To go guys I want you to subscribe to my Homeboys Channel what's the name of it Peaked out Adventures yep and this is His dad who is undefeated in arm Wrestling and he taught campaigns Everything he knows Back in the day I shot with them

He's got product in it yeah this guy's On the podcast this is next week Appreciate it thank you Mountain Underscore physio right Let's talk about Josh's bad posture poor Posture chronic overload pattern Overload right there look at that Kyphosis we got no glute activation he's Got no midline stabilization he doesn't Know what he's talking about shoot he Doesn't know what he's talking about You want to shoot How about tomorrow morning Um I'm shooting tomorrow morning with Levi and Aaron they suck shoot with us Why don't why don't we do two tomorrow Okay what uh what time are y'all Shooting with Levi now like six in the Morning that's what time we're shooting But what course are you guys going in no Yeah okay you did good man I listened to Your pod with um cam thanks That was good I like you were definitely Real and authentic I love that um and I Just want both those guys to know that I Had you on my podcast My wife Jenny hi Jenny nice to meet you Oh where's your boat I know he awesome Oh you're gonna be on our Channel this Is Sam he's from Michigan he just came Up and said what's up so will and Spencer where you guys from then Lehigh Okay He's a lot taller in person don't don't

Let the camera deceive I would assume When you put it on it's got about an Inch of stretch so when you're hiking And your belt you're not going to Constantly adjust it you set it once It's got a simple g-hook Buckle so easy On and off as Oak season progresses I Can just start like when you're hiking It's right here so that's where it Naturally wants to sit but then you get That stretch to get there so then it Just grips your pants really well Without okay that covers that last meaty Thing yes I'm Gonna Roll with Sig or Probably a Glock 20 okay 10 mm and I was Running an alien holster yeah no more Okay you want to go here yes okay let's Just real life show me how to do that so We have two size holsters yeah what size Do you recommend for the Glock 20. the Glock 20 this is gonna be our smaller Semi-auto There's our larger Magnum size this can Be for your bigger revolvers or longer Barrel guns like a big 1911 but if it's Better than this for this purpose you're Going to want a semi-automatic or small Size what's cool about these holsters is The entire inside is velcro okay so the Strap is adjustable you find The Sweet Spot of where your gun is so I can fit a Tiny little LCP in here and it had to be Nice and snug cool can you fit a Full-size Block in here you weave it on

Here go back you push down on the spine Of the holster there [Applause] Yeah I'm glad you took that out Yeah Push through Snap it on there And out solid so it's part of the pack It's completely woven through all the Way across so the other benefit about Ours so you can get a Kydex holster That's really good underneath yeah but They're super rigid you got to sit you Got a nice six pack like you yeah it'll Pinch you yeah this flexes just a little Bit when you go to sit or it doesn't Bind into you but it doesn't flop around Your run either Cody this is trell my Dude This is asiac I don't know this guy but He makes cool stuff check this out this Little guy makes a Garmin inreach press Down Clips in it's just the normal clip That should come with every garment in It yeah and that's what I featured in my Other video was that do you guys run the Tripod yep and then it just literally Just slides right in who's the kid Running this company Phoenix I think whoever you are you're Awesome yeah he sent me that I didn't Have that back piece so you have to if Yours didn't come with this you got to Go to Garmin and get the restaurants

Which is what I got to do now okay Trail Show them boys I heard glassing from a tripod is pretty Decent it's pretty nice decent it's Pretty nice it does offset the uh like To one side or the other which I've Heard a lot of people hate but I Actually like it kind of frees up some Added space Two ounces yeah we just had him in the Office [Music] Good show a lot of people big sexy That's right baby you want to buy some Pants I love some pants all right what Size are they I'm an elkish shape not Elk shape so I need a 34. yeah we'll get You a relaxed fit since you said elk ish Right so relaxed fit's gonna fit you a Little bit better we got here 34 33 boom Boom these are dumb you hold on to those Oh yeah these are the lights yeah I Definitely like that oh I like the Reinforced booty yeah what in the frick I gotta blur this out tease the new Pants oh we're doing a photo yeah he's In here take my phone uh let's get Aaron Snyder right because Aaron can you get a Photo of you please yeah I just bought a Shape charge so this makes me so happy You're showing Levi Morgan how to shoot 3D targets I did right there but I mean I'm just gonna you know walk away from That one yeah we're gonna shoot tomorrow

There'll be a lot of gambling uh is Derek wolf shooting with you guys I Think he might be he's pretty nervous he Should be this is Snyder we got big Announcements but we can't announce them Yet but guys I want you to be on the Lookouts man I'm not 100 sure just be on The lookout that's all I need to know Aaron Snyder chill nope I'm calling the Animals over here doing the moose call Who's here from Texas could go lasso Without being and ride it out of here You're from Texas [Applause] No loud sounds anybody quick movements He's got the side place with a little Cut over tennis tape Aaron do you Approved sketch sets it up the same way Qad and a great with lots of this stuff What's this stuff Aaron tape okay it's Like a basically a mold skin is what you Call it okay it's got that oh Dirty Dog you guys checking that out Does he do it on the front yeah two Ounces in the front And I can't tell how many he's got back At one time everybody six seven eight Possibly nine ounces in the back what's This Aaron like Yeah Oh I wasn't expecting that this is a Hundred setup yeah yep 20 to 60. yeah And then yeah I'm sure he's got about 130 on that you want me to add a couple

Clicks on this one he's not looking no Okay well right now I'm what's up dude I'm Dan Justin Hannah nice to meet you Yeah I watched online last week how's That whatever I watched your Shield I'll Be honest for sure it's all right you Know what I'm going up I beat you Last year oh you did His name's Jonathan he's like hey I'm Inventing stuff you want me to send it To you I was like no just tell the Viewer so guys you may be tears check Out his inventions how's it going uh my Name is Jonathan I have speed go archery And I'm making miniature serving jigs to Replace your Center serving any part of Your boat they're made out of carbon Fiber all stainless steel parts can hold 20 25 feet of serving on it and then There's also a d-loop pulling tool that Has Broadhead wrench so you can wrap This around your d-loop slide The knock in and then you have a T-handle to be able to cinch up your D-loop so if you have to repair either Your Center serving or your d-loop you Can do it everything weighs less than Two and a half ounces lightweight easy To do it so face down ass up And come home it's been a lot of hard Work so CT Junction right here kyphosis We're going to manipulate t-spine we're Going to manipulate CT um House here

[Applause] That was that was Bob and I this morning Whoa whoa whoa whoa why are you gloving Up John yeah what's going on here Oh my God We're going to the next round Two days of shooting they're sore and They're shooting another day they're Shooting another day and so friends this Is my good friend Blake Kidder uh the Outdoor group so all these cool Brands Uh you just got me super stoked on one Of your sites let's check it out take it Away this guy's a pro all right man so What we have here for uh 2023 is our Trek bro Check Pro micro 3v something That a lot of archers were asking for Like Dan uh but we got an inline three Pin Vertical site now that we're off in on Our Trek Pro mounting system What's unique about ours in comparison To maybe some other inline three pin Versions that you may see is that you Know we have two pins that are micro Adjustable with a set pin in the middle So my specific setup I have mine set up 30 40 50 dialed in my 40 micro tuned in The 30 and the 50. then through on my Sight tape uh CB offers site tapes it Can go all the way out to 130 yards that Are already laser engraved for you as an Archer so you're not having to fight to Find the right tape site in your 30s

Sign in your 60 use your metal sight Tape gates to fit tape that you need for Your setup and you're ready to rock [Applause] And we will end on that congratulations Man Thanks Yes Dudley go [ __ ] yourself yes yes

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