When To Cut Timber For Deer and Wildlife

Whitetails and many other forms of wildlife benefit greatly from various timber cuttings. In fact without cutting timber, woodlots become tinder boxes of lifeless habitats that offer zero value to nearly all concerned, including you and the local critters. Here is the best time to make sure that you are on target for creating beautiful timber cuttings for whitetails and wildlife…

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Now if you're comfortable cutting Timber And you have your eye protection chaps And uh head protection helmet then this Is a great time to get out and cut some Bedding areas on your lane there's Several reasons now you know my next Favorite time would be uh late summer But you have to deal with bugs there's Foilage on the trees and there's some Other benefits to cutting right now it Doesn't matter if you're cutting total Cuts or you're cutting down timber Leaving the logs and tops for the deer And other Critters and Wildlife or if You actually hinge cutting say on about Probably 10 15 20% of the parcels we go To we recommend hinge cutting we taking A tree of 6 or seven Ines in diameter or Less mostly hardwood species non Aspen Box elder Oak Maple they all hinge Fairly well the difference with hinge Cutting though is that right now if it's Extremely cold like today it's supposed To be high in the single digit it's Getting below zero Fahrenheit that tree can crystallize Almost so when you're cutting it can Almost shatter it doesn't bend over and Break as clean as it breaks too clean it Won't hold on so that's a that's a bad Thing when you're hinge cutting but if You're total cutting just cutting down Timber like we like to do around here Because we have that balance of high

Canopy where we're dropping that down to The ground to get sunlight down the Ground and we're putting those logs on Top this is a great time to do so it Doesn't matter how cold it is really Have to watch the Deep snows I've cut in Deep snow too with uh snowshoes and it Just makes it a lot more problematic to Actually get into a safe route and get Away from that tree uh when it's about To fall um it adds a little bit of a Level of rist to it so you have to be Careful but this is an incredible time Of the year when you're cutting for Regen if you're doing it on warmer days Where the temperature is above freezing For several days and you hinge cut Perfect time to do so or if you're just Total cutting whatever the temperature Then once spring Greenup takes place you Get to take full advantage of those Stumps sprouting or hinge Cuts growing Off the side or like a spin those shoots Coming out of the ground out of and and Coming off the lateral root system Thousands up to 10,000 choots per acre So great time to cut right now because You get to take full ADV advantage of The growing season also number two de Hungry during the winter time this is a Perfect time to cut a bunch of Timber Down and give all those tasty Buds and Tips of the tops to those deer they love Feeding on them immediately and right

Away also like I said be before there's No bugs there's no excessive heat and There's no foilage out there on the on The leaves so that's a really good thing It's easier to see where you're cutting Where you're dropping trees to me it's Safer and then you can do so at a time Where you're not getting nipped at and Sweating at the same time uh really good Time number four great spot for late Winter shed hunting and you'll find that You cut right now in January and let's Say the deer in your area like a lot of Areas now up north uh remote areas Wooded areas a lot of times are dropping More in January sometime late January Early February but in a lot of mixed a Areas in areas where there's decent Habitat the deer are dropping more mid To late February on average even early In March so when you cut in January You're putting all these tops on the Ground you create really good locations Within the woods and cover for deer to Feed and that'll gravitate them to those Areas a lot of times those branches can Knock antlers off they become really Good spots to find antlers Later and then great winter cover Immediately so not only do they come in And they feed then they have all those Tops and logs to bed behind I was on a Property a couple years ago late Wintertime Wisconsin area and it was

About a 40 acre Hollow Ravine system Where it's very very open mature timber In one area there's a couple trees that Blew over so it must had a straight line Wind or something these trees were a Little bit older probably 20 beds around Those Fallen trees there's no Regeneration it was simply the logs and The tops that they could bet against and Given that everything else was extremely Open in that entire Hollow it was a Perfect spot for deer to bet against and Actually have a place of protection for Him without there even being any kind of Brows to start with so this is a great Time of the year to get out in the woods Now why are you cutting timber in the First place I want to just go over that Real quick you want to get sunlight to The ground sunlight increases herbaceous Growth Briars Hardwood regener ation I Had someone ask what's hardwood Regeneration well it's all the new Shoots coming up the deer can feed on Rabbits will feed on it's cover for Grous lots of other Critters rabbits too So you're getting sunlight to the ground You're cutting so it increases hardwd Regeneration shrubs will start to grow In there's berries on shrubs for nesting Birds you can take a wood lot that is All mature Timber cut it down get Sunlight to the ground and it can just Explode in Wildlife potential and value

So that that's why we're doing it and People say well take those logs out you Can get them for firewood well if we Need the firewood yes but I don't want Someone else on the property dragging That out uh coming out whenever they Want but bottom line is those logs and Tops offer a Huge huge potential for bedding and Cover immediately so you don't have Anything regenerating or growing yet in Those logs and tops can give immediate Cover I caught with a client back in 2013 his name is Anthony and uh we cut For a couple days on his property and it Was early September I'll never forget on Anthony's land we we had a lot of open Timber and then he had some Mixed Field Autumn Olive apple trees you know pretty Good habitat for deer in there but in This Hardwoods which represented let's Say 15 18 Acres of the property he had No cover no Wildlife no deer use we cut A lot of that cover down within a couple Days you had some friends helping too it Was fun we got a lot on the ground it Was better best it was his best hunting Season ever because he wasn't just left To holding deer and wildlife in that Upland type cover he actually held deer Within that wood lot with zero Regeneration across a large scale held a Lot of deer in there because they Actually had a place to go and hide

Think of a big open wood lot no Different than a giant empty field we Look at it like w there's a lot of trees In there and there's canopy the deer Look at it like there's no cover at Their level there's no food at their Level and so there's very little value I Was on a client property Frank was his Name he had paid for bedding areas to be Cut on his property in lower Michigan to The tune of about $4,000 over a couple Days they made these bedding areas that Weren't that much bigger than this room Right here let's say 20 by 12 20x 20 had Several of them on the property they Didn't attract any kind of bucks or deer In general to beted under them but he Just had a cut in the back of the Property and when you select cut there's Logs and tops and debris that were left From The Cutting they took most of it Out but there's a lot of logs and when I'm out there in the winter time it was During we had several inches of snow on The ground we found dozens of beds in Those logs and tops back there even Though it was a fresh late fall cut and Zero beds in those quote bedding areas Because they had canopy the deer could Still B under him they could see for 100 Yards in some directions as opposed to Going back in those fresh cuttings Actually having side cover in the form Of logs and tops having Escape cover

Very very critical for deer even when They don't have brows they still relate To those cuting so right now for deer to Feed on for deer to actually use his Cover and certainly to put food on the Ground right now with the tips and the Tops of all the cuting that you're Creating to get full explosion of growth In the future this is a great time to Get out and cut and I hope you can take Advantage of cutting your Timber cutting Some deer bedding areas for wildlife in General right now I appreciate you guys Watching the YouTube channel but I don't Know if everyone knows everything that We have to offer whether it's on wh till Habitats solutions.com our website or Whhs Wildlife Blends our Seed Company Also Instagram you can check out I'm Very active in Instagram putting Strategies on there photos of what we do Every day uh much more active there than Facebook but our seed web classes books Clients articles I have over 600 Articles on whh habitats solutions.com Everything white tail strategy of course We have hats on there and then make sure To check us out on Instagram again but Lots of stuff to offer we're always Coming out with new things and this Isn't the end of it we have more things Coming soon make sure to check us out

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