Where To Locate A Deer Hunting Waterhole #deerhunting #deerwaterhole #deerhabitat

Where's the best spot for a water hole When you hunt we rely on water holes Greatly not only for hunting but Buck Identification making sure that we're Doing well on our property and knowing How the herd is doing in that area as Long as this bedding area is dry over Here and the deer moving through to that Big food source over there great spot For a water hoer moving from dry bedding Doesn't matter if there's water all the Way down the bottom they don't want to Go out of their way and we put a stand Location on very lowrisk spot for a buck To visit we do not put the water hole Out in that big food source you want to Separate the two of them means you have Separate stand locations this stand Right here great for morning or Afternoon that big food source stand up There is only good for the afternoon Separate those separate the movement Enjoy hunting these water holes are Highly attractive but know when and Where to put them and place them and You'll have a great hunt

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