Why I LOVE Growing Spike Bucks! #deerhunting #shorts

Spike bucks can be a very good thing, when they make it thru the deer hunting season! Here is why I love seeing them on my land…

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We love spike bucks and you should too You know it's always you get to this Time of year we're in mid-February we Love having the cameras out to make sure What bucks made it through and just as Much as seeing those big ones I love Seeing those little ones you never know What a spike Buck will turn into they're Spike bucks cuz they're a year and a Half old they're not Spike bucks cuz They're foury old and they're inferior But there's a lot of studies and Documentation that show these little Bucks will often turn into booners when They're let to grow old I don't care how Much antler is on the head of a deer When I see it make it through the season I'm really excited I don't care if it Was a little Spike buck that made a Little rub like this or a big giant we Love our spikes because they can turn Into monsters just need to give them a Few more years don't let anyone ever Tell you that a spike Buck is inferior Instead celebrate when they make it Through the season

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