Your HOME Pro Shop Needs This!

Your HOME Pro Shop Needs This! Dan is ditching his OMP vise for a BAKER and we are breaking down their offerings PLUS a major hack to get your 3rd axis doped in for TAC season! #elkshape #ABT

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Cool like are you a Utah mom right now Like what are you slanging a Utah mom Look at this look at this Utah mom Mother's Day is coming I'm going to be Stealing some of these is this for like Whisky and stuff I guess so he sent me a Gift package hang on let me find this Real quick excellent you don't even Drink though Sure I Do we're going to I guess we'll announce It on this video I'm I'm I'm probably Moov an elkshape HQ to what is that a th Yards away from oh no I can hit you with An arrow herey where's my range pler I'll tell you range it um let me look Here hang on Dan yes the 500 yard shot On film we can stand here and shoot at Your so I could walk out naked in the Morning and I can catch you on film and Put it on YouTube no one wants to see That oh no it's too far how far is it Your shop is 750 yards that's it so I Could pull out my rifle and kill you Further when you're I'm just point to The shop 645 to the fence line get him Both yeah yeah guys it's happening so I Don't know if it's a good thing but Josh And I might be neighbors yeah it ain't That far there's only uh one two two Pieces of property separate actually one Really cuz that's all Floyd get the deer To come from here by you if you don't Shoot am I getting the oh they first of

All almost all the deer are back there You know what oh gotcha yeah those Things those things those things are Back there and I like so I'm going to Buy uh like farm equipment yes and put In plots yes so like that'll be a plot That'll be a plot we're closing the Archer range down we're turning into a Food plot Sorry so Josh just turned me onto the Baker and I pulled the trigger and now He's going to break down the differences And the advantages the first guy I said Using B was old boy Dan Evans you heard Of him yeah Dan does and archery does Too hi Dan Evans I know he watches this Channel so what's the deal what's the Okay so basically they to try to make Their entire line that's kind of comp Complicated and convoluted real simple Break it down they make two VI okay There's a whole bunch of different Options but they make two vices they Make the Pro Shop Vice and the ball Vice Both of these are on floor stands which Are expensive like you can get this Bolted to a counter or an extension that Comes out of your last chance press okay So it's all in one unit if you want but This also does not naturally come with a Micro adjust unit right here so it's Just the ball head so this was very Similar to the revolution like OMP life Well that's like OMP right but it's it's

Tighter and you can adjust it so like if You loosen that you tighten that and it Makes it stiffer okay so you can control Where this stops at and how much Pressure it has on it and then you can Micro up and micro down your angle However and that flips up that's how it Bolts on to something right the assembly Comes off so but if you buy just the Ball BCE it doesn't come with that so That's a secondary part that's a Secondary part and then the floor stands A secondary part we sell them for K and Kits on the website in all different Options and they are going to offer this One so what's with the easy press option This is the floor stand option so it Will come with everything that you see I Haven't even put them on the website yet Because I I just brought them in they Come in a tall box like that this Actually those break down into two tubes That sits right next to it it actually Fits in a relatively small space when You're shipping it which is cool but This is what I started with and Personally this is not nearly as nice to Work with as this for 95% of what you're Going to do let's see it this is the Pro Shop model the Pro Shop model has Microjust integrated into it as it's Built okay so it's already like this it Doesn't have a ball head it only Rotates oh flip your bow around for fun

But you change your angle you want to Work on the bow at so if you're trying To set a level like like trying to get Something Square on here yes is super Quick on here so easiest way to show People the difference so you go ahead And set that on there my I dropped it And broke a bubble off of it so you'll Rotate it this way till it's Square Which is right about there tighten that Down so it doesn't rotate anymore okay And turn at this angle and move your Micro adjust till it reads the bub oh my God it's that fast now let's do it over Here and you'll see why I like this Better plus this has the advantage cuz You can turn the bow at any angle and Lock in place to work on it but the only Way I typically work on a bow is like This can you flip this over your real Quick so is this going to stay like a Peep in or whatever TI yeah you you can Adjust how much tension's on here by Tightening that screw okay so you can Make this to where it will not move no Matter what you do Allen that's an allen Wrench right simple allen wrench and a Lever right so you set it like that tie Your peep in now let's say you want to Get your modules out or work on the bow When it's flat on you can flip the bow Either way 90° like that so you can Still get it flat change out mod you can Still get it flat while free standing

Which is really cool so if we try to Level in this one you'll see why I don't Like this one as much it still works Really well and it's rigid and it's Tight and you can adjust the tension on Everything so let's start with it the Tension baby right just easing the tens Just easing the tension just tap it in Give it a little tappy so you roughly Guess about where you're at right let's See you string level this one so you put This on here as fast here's the hard Part right so if we're trying to set This angle yeah you have to loosen this And move it flashback to om by your hand It's just like an OMP and then you Tighten it down and then you let go a Bit and it moves a little bit I do not Like that just a little bit right not Into that just a little bit so you kind Of got to guess which way it's going to Move based off of gravity when you Preset it a little bit now when you go To set that it's the same thing if you Have the micro you turn it to where the Bubble gets level so what's the Difference in price for this floor kit Versus the Pro Shop floor kit I think This is about 50 60 bucks more than that Oh even better news cuz I saved myself 50 or 60 cuz it's already got a builtin It's got a built-in microjust so Personally this is all I'm going to use And I talked them into making one that

Goes in the Press too cuz they didn't Offer this in the press okay originally Cuz this is a newer Vice and show those Guys what you're talking about like just On this press so there's a you pull the Plug off here or here and it slides into It and sits right here on the end so This Vie would be literally sitting like Right that and it just stays on your Press so if you don't want to have a Secondary spot or you don't want to have To bolt it to your counter or you don't Want to have a floor stand that sits Somewhere in your room granted it's nice To be move it wherever you want but if It's your home Workshop you might not be Trying to take up as much space as you Can in the Pro Shop down there where the Guys are working on they're in the side Of the press so it doesn't take up as Much space in their workstation so that Will be an option for that here shortly They're sending me some and they'll be On my website I don't even know if They're going to put it on their own Website but you'll be able to get that With an easy press adapter slide right In good to go you can already get this That way or you can buy them just as a Standard bolt onto your counter I want To say they're around 250 bucks they They're each a little different but once You start adding the micro to this this Gets a lot more expensive I think this

One is actually like 20 bucks more than This one without when this one doesn't Have Micro so this is technically a Little more money but if you add micro To this the micro is like 80 bucks I Need the floor shop I need no ball and I Need the micro and I want it in the Floor so I can put it out of the way It's not a permanent fixture they oh I I I missed one thing they also do make These with a workstation so if you you Can bolt it to a counter but this Plate's still on it and it's like a foot Higher so this Plate's really cool cuz You can set your stuff on why you're Working on it your comes with this okay But they do make a uh they do make one That you mount to a counter that also Takes this plate and also what do we Know about this Baker guy he's in Idaho Yeah he's in uh I think it's Idaho Falls He's a cop law enforcement he's getting Close to retirement and when he gets Close to retirement this will probably Become a bigger deal but he makes all Kinds of stuff for working on your bow Which is really cool and has for a long Time he makes string building stuff have You met him before I've never met him Person what part of Idaho is the baker Dude comment below I think it's Idaho FSE I'm pretty sure I I can look it up But either way yeah he makes string Making stuff like stretchers jigs Etc he

Makes an adapter for a last chance for Their draw board that or makes his own Drawboard for it that supposedly offsets It right but still goes in the same way Um he's just really really really smart Guy and honestly he's still on a bit of A small scale as far as I know only Myself and Lancaster sell these like or You buy them from him like I don't think Any shops have them that's cool and I Don't think any other Distributors have Them either so well I just bought mine From Josh maybe you guys want to do the Same head over to his website put And then finally in the spirit of Sharing things on this video do you want To share this little invention and when It's actually going to be live you can Pre-order it on my website right now Okay and then so guys this is just Something that like we talk about on the Channel third axis we always tell you to Go out to like a course up here shoot Downhill and make your adjustments you Got to be shooting good it can't be Windy you got to be shooting really good And then you got to like make vertical Lines on someone's 3D Target it's it's An investment that I still want you to Do but there's a hat back to get way Closer yep Josh show us so we're taking A break from the baker nonsense because I wanted to do something while I'm at Josh's Archer range I batched up X10

Parallel pros and then obviously I've Been running these East and AIS long Range we have a pretty good gust of wind Right now shooting from the valley up And so we're going to be shooting into a Crosswind I wanted to shoot a Longdistance shot so we're going to go 125 yards check to see the group size And the Wind Drift kind of thing but uh We'll just do this we're just testing to See kind of Wind Drift group size is There a difference between the two and I'm just trying to narrow down which one I want to run this year so it's Definitely kind of narrowed down to These two but it's early in the year so Let's [Applause] [Music] Go This is awesome this is a group at 125 with these X10 parallel Pros uh I'm Digging them this is kind of my first Real day to shoot with them pushing them Too with the wind and the distance and That's a really good group for me Personally got you guys the slow-mo Pretty stoked on these arrows more to Cal we're just in the phases of um Figuring it out And what we're figuring out is what Gives us confidence and encourage you to Do the same final model this assembly Will look a little different but this is

As close as I can show you for now mind You it's on your Press get toor close to your draw Stop then you can grab this by hand and Physically turn it to where it barely Touches so you can see how close you Really are it's that easy to move I'm Not it's no force in my hand to move it And you can see that that one is Touching and that one's touching barely So for setting your timing it's super Easy you don't have to hold anything Against it or whatnot it's real simple To use and then when you want to do your Axis locked in holds you at a 45 degree Angle put a gen two on a flat spot on Here almost everything has a flat spot So you you rotate it to where that Bubble reads level and then just hold it There and rot your third axis here this One's already been set so it's nice and Even yeah right check out these bubbles Yeah but they're dead even with each Other and this Bow's at full draw Bubble Level full draw Bubble Level full draw So that allows you to get your third Axis as close as you're going to get Without your own hand manipulation in it It's that simple rotate it back down Till it hit zero and the other cool Thing that this will allow you to Do that no other drawboard will is when You get the height set correctly we just Slam this in here but you can actually

Move this height you can press your bow While it's still attached to it so if Your timing's out right you need a Twist In that cable set it back down don't Take it out of the drawboard press the Bow put a Twist in it put it back in Open the press back up pull the Drawboard back didn't never disconnect It save you a lot of time what you guys Think I told you it was Cool so you guys I do have that new last Chance it just three no it's a three the Bolts on and it's a bolt on and I was Thinking man where am I going to put This and then I just learned I was to8 Years old when Josh was like well check Out where I'm going to put it it goes Right in line with this so you every Time you pull your bobach it'll measure Your weight you can stop it at any given Point and the other thing that this will Get is this is going to be laser etched For draw length so every time you draw Your bow back in it it's telling you What your draw length really measures That every time not arguable definitive Y so if your draw if your bow actually Measures a quarter inch long every time You draw back you'll see it definitive Straight fact legitimate cool

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